People Break Down The Harsh Truths That Society Finds It Hard To Accept


Like it or not, there are some harsh truths about life that are true pretty much across the board.

It is true, for instance, that society values "attractive people" far more than average looking ones, just as the most competent people aren't necessarily the ones selected for the job.

After Redditor xavierdc asked the online community, "What's a harsh truth that humans refuse to accept?" people weighed in with their own observations.

"Not even acknowledging..."

Pain is inescapable. Not even acknowledging that pain is inevitable and preparing for it ahead of time can lessen it.

You will be taken by surprise, you will be hurt, you will not enjoy it, you will not be able to numb it, and there is nothing you can do except take it on the chin.


"Saying that they don't matter..."

Mistakes do define you. The little ones don't, but if you make a big mistake, it will alter your life to an extent. Saying that they don't matter is a lie that will prevent you from diagnosing life problems later down the line.


"All human beings..."

All human beings are capable of being viciously immoral. There's a point where we can be forced or force ourselves to become completely animalistic. We can perpetrate murder and genocide, as just one example, and if justified to ourselves correctly, we will feel no remorse. We like to think that the only people capable of such horror are a minority but the truth is that we are all capable of it given the right circumstances.


"People tell you..."

Some people just don't get a happy ending, some people never find happiness or satisfaction. People tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel but for some people there isn't, they never get to see any light, just darkness.


"Some people change..."

Sometimes things just stop working, out of no fault of yours or theirs or anyone's, but just because. Some people change, and some people don't, and inevitably, some things between those changing and unchanging people will stop working.


"Getting a job..."

Getting a job comes down to whether or not the interviewer liked you or not.


"That's why..."

You're the bad guy in someone's story, so many of your enemies will never admit to doing anything wrong, but the thing is neither will you in some situations.

People justify their own behaviour to themselves. That's why so many people can't apologize and double down on the shitty things they do.


"The world is nicer..."

Not everyone will turn out to be a superstar or super successful in their lives.

Beauty and money matter a lot. The world is nicer to rich and beautiful people.


"I find that truth..."

That most of us aren't really that special.

I find that truth to be very sobering and comforting, but it seems many would disagree.


"Some people..."

Some people just can't be saved; you could give them every benefit in the world and they still could choose to throw it all away and you can't do anything about it.



Sometimes things just stop working, out of no fault of yours or theirs or anyone's, but just because. Some people change, and some people don't, and inevitably, some things between those changing and unchanging people will stop working.


"You can be..."

You can be a good person your entire life, and still have a bad life. This is probably the most depressing.


"If you have an opinion..."

If you have an opinion on how to change the world, its either everyone agrees or nobody does. The third option is for half the world to agree with you. And then it would be a matter of if people choose another perspective or not.


"If an effective treatment or vaccine..."

The coronavirus pandemic will likely last years.

If an effective treatment or vaccine isn't produced soon, it's likely that corona is here to stay through 2022-23 and we will probably be social distancing, wearing masks, and locking down intermittently for the next few years. People complain about online school and social distancing like it isn't gonna be another 2-3 years of this.


"That even if there is a god..."

That even if there is a god with a reason for everything, there is absolutely no evidence that he is good or that the reason is for our benefit. And suicide disproves the statement that people are never given more than they can handle.


"The global ruling class..."

The global ruling class has already decided that doing anything substantive to combat global warming will be too inconvenient for themselves and their oligarch masters, and therefore have decided to write everyone else off.


"The idea..."

That we're a species of conflict. No matter how far we advance, or how much we grow, at our very core we will always look for a reason to create conflict.

If literally every single issue in the world was solve overnight by a magic fairy, every illness cure, all bad people turned good, homeless given homes, etc. more issues would arise as humans seek out conflict.

The idea that humanity will ever become a perfect society where everyone is truly equal and happy is a fairy tale.


"That no matter how much..."

That no matter how much you try to convince someone they need help, or when you're trying to help they just give up and you have to either watch them degrade into nothing, or leave them and hope to forget.


"They just don't."

Trauma isn't an excuse to be a dick. I get trauma can cause psychological disorders and/or change the way you think, but still, most people have the ability to control themselves. They just don't.


"Even if every human..."

Even if every human was identical, spoke the same language, made he same amount of money, looked identical, we would still find ways to segregate ourselves and hurt one another. Tribalism is human nature.


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