Harry Potter Fans Imagine What Teenage Antics Went Down At Hogwarts That Didn't Make The Books


Oh you crazy kids....

Kids are always gonna be kids, no matter who they are, whether they are mere mortals or wizards of Potter World. Haven't you ever wondered what kind of sorted, sinful details J.K Rowling may have left out of the text? You know you have your own ideas. Hogwarts had magic and chaos running rampant, now throw in the emotional instability of tweens.

Redditor u/The_Dork-uh-Whale wanted all you Harry Potter heads to share some thoughts asking... What kind of teenage bull crap probably happened at Hogwarts that wasn't mentioned in the Harry Potter books?



I would say 'having sex in poorly concealed places during off hours,' buuuut Snape finds a pair of kids in the 'snogging' in the bushes during the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire and deducts, like, twenty points each. ih8pkmn

The Fashion Wizards....

You know every year there was that student who refused to follow dress code.

Full length robe.. don't shame me... I am going thigh length.

Wizard hat on sideways. 20SidedDice

I mean halfway through the films they just give up and all the kids are wearing jeans and sweaters. Does that count? 137288

Whose Looking?

Voyeurism involving the paintings on the walls. Reddit

Those bedside photos of relatives are getting turned round... Robestos86

Sing Out!


Lots of loud, angsty music. During Harry's time at Hogwarts you get the feeling there'd be a constant echo of The Cure drifting through the corridors. RudolphClancy88

Say No to the Dust....

Wizard drugs. Fred and George were definitely slinging that fairy dust. bluegill420

"Don't be a Hero[in addict] Harry!" killer3james

Fly a Straight Line... 

FUI Flying Under Influence. Ghipoli

Apparating under the influence probably leads to a lot of splinching. jokeaboutmyboobs


It's a school with a hundred "empty classrooms" and abandoned spaces with hundreds of horny teens running around. I want to know more about wizard birth control. They've gotta have better stuff than we do. jeffdmich

You also have to remember that. EVERY STATUE IS ALIVE! Azhero

Throwing Punches...

There was definitely a Hogwarts Fight Club. Not just the DA, which was more of a secret self defense class, but a legit, underground dueling club with betting and stuff. zbeezle

There was briefly an above board dueling club during the second book, so I wouldn't put it past them to have had several over the years. orionmovere

Game Of Potter!


So many pranks/harassment. When you can jinx somebody from across the room, and make them vomit slugs? That place would be packed full of a**hole kids. Luckboy28

Well that's Love..

Couples making an unbreakable vow to stay together and then either being miserable their entire lives or dying 6 months later. Meepweep

I bet there was some cautionary tales. "Your grandfather made one of those vows with your grandmother. And you know how that ended up!" svak

Oh that magic Mary Jane...

Harry and the gang getting high off wizard plant. pot8oez

Probably got it from Neville, he's good with herbology, after all. AmeriCossack

Hufflepuff puff pass.... spookz

That Polyjuice Devil....


People talk about having sex using Polyjuice Potion, and while that'd be creepy, you could also really mess up someone's life or reputation with it.

You could polyjuice into someone you hate and break the rules/commit crimes/just be a dick, and they'd have to deal with the fallout. KingOfTerrible

Mr. Nice Guy... 

James Potter was the one to pass on the Invisibility Cloak onto Harry. Going off his reputation in the book where he was portrayed as a bad boy rebel teen who was popular amongst his classmates, I think it'd be safe to assume he was DEFINITELY getting some butt back then. It must've been so easy for him to be sneaking girls back into his dorm and banging them.

The girls could remain anonymous too because he could sneak them out just as easily as he brought them in. If there ever were an STD outbreak in Hogwarts, I'd definitely put my money on James as the culprit.

It's not hard to see why a nerd, like Snape (RIP OG), would be mad Lily was hanging with James. Nice guy syndrome anyone? sexking9669

Quiet Ghosts.... 

The ghosts are probably the most concerning.

Moaning Myrtle was killed at the school. Losing a student and classmate is traumatic, but having them come back as a ghost that haunts the school? That's some next level horror.

Dumbledore essentially had a permanent reminder of his failure to protect one of his students. I can't even imagine what her parents went though. Would they visit the school constantly? Beg their daughter to leave the toilets to come home and be a ghost in their house? Kandoh

Do Gaga instead....

Using Umbridge's weird cutting curse to cut themselves while listening to My Potion Romance. In_My_Own_Image

Um, it's My Alchemical Romance actually. Davedamon

Damn Kids... 

More student deaths, lots more. You have a bunch of idiot kids running around with literal weapons of mass destruction in their back pockets, with seemingly no jinx active to prevent certain spells. MunkeyFish

Cheers to the Undrunk... 

Wild parties where people use magic to "undrunk" themselves so they can drink even more and the insanity that ensues when those spells go wrong. greenlightning

Trying different things... 

Well, if it's anything like many British upper crust private schools, probably a lot of homosexual experimentation. To quote the Lord Grantham character from Downton Abbey, "If I shouted blue murder every time someone tried to kiss me at Eton, I'd have gone hoarse in a month." DunebillyDave

Let's get freaky....


Sexual adventures in basically every secret room/passageway/hideyhole, but especially in the room of requirement, imagine what creative experimentations one could do in a room which molds itself after whatever you want it to be. Best part is, anyone who doesn't summon the exact manifestation of the Room you're having fun in, will end up in a different manifestation and therefore no-one who doesn't know exactly what you're planning on doing there will be able to find you there. It gets even freakier when you consider that it can summon animated physical projections of creatures in there too, which will do what you "need" them to do, which with the broader-than-normal imagination spectrum of a wizard could get really, really weird. tychog99

The Girls be shady.... 

Girl students can just blatantly steal from boy students since there's nothing stopping girls from just walking into boy dormitories. The students are grouped by years and have classes in those groups, so an older or younger student would be free to just stroll on in while they're off in potions and filch stuff. Texual_Deviant


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