The future is now...and it's pretty darn creepy. Meet Harmony, one of the most advanced sex robots in the world. She's been outfitted with an anatomically correct "body" and artificial intelligence that allows her to have small conversations. When filmmaker Jimmy Mehiel met her, he suspected she might fall into the "uncanny valley" for many people. To test how attractive the average man would find Harmony, Mehiel set up a Tinder profile for her and watched as the matches flooded in.

Harmony was manufactured by sex-doll company RealDoll, and has been outfitted with a "brain" to help develop a more genuine emotional connection with her owner.

RealDoll's first sex robot took me to the uncanny valley | Computer Love

Mehiel pretended to be Harmony on Tinder from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on a Friday night. Alongside three photos of Harmony, he wrote in her bio:

"Hi, I'm an anatomically correct, sexually capable robot with the most advanced AI available. I'm on Tinder to find out if guys are interested in me."

Within those two hours, she accumulated 92 matches, with 56% saying they would "definitely or possibly sleep with Harmony."

Harmony was already fairly active on social media,, as her Instagram regularly posts pictures of her development and repairs.

Abyss Creations, the team behind Harmony, works constantly to improve her. She will likely be featured at some point in "robot brothels."

Twitter wasn't so sure Harmony was as life-like as Abyss Creations wanted, however.

To each their own! Perhaps you're one of the Harmony fans who swiped right. Or, you could be like many others who think she needs a little more work before she stops terrifying us.

H/T - Brobible, YouTube


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