Arguments are a part of life. As humans, we argue with everyone: the people we love, the people we hate, and the people we have no real opinion about.

Sometimes these arguments are frivolous. My brother and I often fight about which DC superhero is the best (Batman, of course).

Other times, the arguments are more serious, like when my parents fought about what kind of punishment would be better for me learning my lesson about lying.

Arguments, although a part of life, are rarely ever productive, especially when the person you're arguing with is hard to get through to no matter what.

Redditors have a lot of experiencing arguing with those kind of people, and shared their experiences.

It all started when Redditor Connect_Conclusion49 asked:

“What’s the hardest types of people to argue with?”

I Can't Hear You

"Someone who is listening only for their turn to speak."

– CommonCheeseFan

"I sometimes tell my mother, when she repeats a point that I just countered: "ok but did you hear what I just said?""

"It's hilarious to watch how she then focuses, remembers my words from 5 seconds before, and this time properly registers them. The idea of actually listening completely throws her off."

– zyygh

I'm Right And That's That

"The people that derive conclusions about you from the wildest assumptions. Makes you have to backtrack and tell them how it really is, putting you on defense and then all the sudden you’re no longer working towards common ground, you’re just trying to prove that you’re not something they assume you are."

– frozeneskimo02

"Is the prosecutorial approach for me - when they stomp down hard with their wild assertions and stare at you with these dead eyes and you become fully aware that they’re not even listening to you or what you’re saying."

"Like, who hurt you bro? We were just having a conversation about boats."

– hashtagsugary

It's All About Me

"Narcissists. Hands down."

– FlakyAd1193

"100%. There’s no changing their minds. Even if they say they agree, in their mind they know they’re right."

– kyle_rose

"My god they are the most life draining human beings on earth. Do you think they know they’re wrong and its all an act or do you think they honestly believe they’re right?"

– SexNoises69

"Fighting with a narcissist is like trying to dry an ocean with a tissue"

– Working-Ad-1769·

A Drunk


– tcarrot0813

"They probably can't remember what you said on the next day anyway"

– Fuxy83

"Arguing with my dad when he was drunk was like talking to a brick wall!"

– scorpioqueen94

Over And Over Again

"This. It's incredibly frustrating having to have the exact same conversations over and over with the other person getting mad every single time because they just don't actually care about what I have to say. They just get triggered in the moment and want to whine about something so they go off. It doesn't matter what the situation is, or if they're wrong or right."

– Hungry_Treacle3376

"This is my pet peeve istg"

– Mrkitcoon

I'm The One With The Problem!

"People who have a victim mentality."

– Glittering_Life9425

"I know someone who is a narcissist with victim mentality. It's impossible to argue. Everything you say is wrong or they have it so much worse than you so you have no right to argue or criticize."

– volzutan_smeig

"That would be my dad… He’s never been there for me (or my siblings) and would often argue with us when we were kids. Anytime he’s been called out on his behaviour, he manages to make himself the victim in his head."

"So yeah, I don’t talk to him anymore"

– NOTZawp

"The Narcissists prayer"

That didn't happen.
And if it did, it wasn't that bad.
And if it was, that's not a big deal.
And if it is, that's not my fault.
And if it was, I didn't mean it.
And if I did, you deserved it.

"I have had the good fortune to get fed up with people at step 2 and be able to just stop arguing with them (or interacting with them at all in most cases). Once you know it, you recognize it, and can deal with it."


Bang My Head Against The Wall

"Stupid people"

""It's hard to win an argument against an intelligent person, but it's much more difficult arguing with a dumb@ss""

– DavosLostFingers

"Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon. They just sh*t all over the board then strut around like they won the game."

– Dustyoldfart

My Way Or The Highway

"People that believe that anyone who disagrees is a bad person. For better or worse, they shut down the moment you don't agree, meaning you're basically talking to a brick wall."

– MiracleSpherical

And Louder And Louder And LOUDER!

"People that think being louder makes them right."

– Low_Organization_903

"Nothing makes someone like that angrier than remaining completely calm. They yell to subdue or get an even great reaction. They freak the f*ck out when you take control of your emotions."

– Front-Ad-2198

The Argument Barely Starts

"Worked for one, the CEO of a Healthcare startup. He loved to end conversations with "I'm not gonna argue with you.""

– dug99


"People with authoritarian personalities. There's a lot of psychological research into this. Instead of thinking critically, they prefer to let their leaders tell them what to think. This is rooted in a deep desire to conform with their social group. It is next to impossible to get them to abandon a belief their group holds in common, even if that belief doesn't define their group identity."


Out to Pasture

"Political sheep. No matter the party, ideology or organization, if they blindly believe they are supreme and have no room for discussion, thinking and fully researching the problem, they ARE the problem. USA is good example of that, most of democrats and republicans are worth each other in stupidity."


Bill Murray

"It's hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it's damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person" - Bill Murray


Vulcan Mindset

"People who use reason and logic to defend their positions, sans emotion. Not only are their arguments usually well thought out, but they can easily spot logical fallacies in counterarguments, which makes it ever so difficult to argue with."


The -ism

"People who love using whataboutism as an argument."

"Okay I did this but what about that time when she did it?"

"Yes innocent people are dying but what about that other time when innocent people died also?"



"I’m not a vegan but what are you trying to argue with them? I think that morally they are pretty admirable. I guess you can have disagreements over whether meat is or isn’t necessary in a human diet but the few vegans that I’ve talked to about that have been reasonable and respectful in regard to that debate."


Peer Review

"Obviously, people who believe that they know everything, but also people who "don't believe" in science. You can show them all the peer-reviewed studies and they will think that their "research" is more believable."


Yeah, that would make it hard!

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