Pet Owners Divulge Which Habits Their Fur Babies Have Conditioned Them To Do

couple sitting on sofa behind large white dog
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It takes people no time at all to realize how much their life changes when adopting a pet.

First and foremost, of course, is the joy they bring, be it snuggling on the sofa, or going for a walk in the park.

Overtime, however, we might begin to notice how our own day to day routine might have changed since bringing home our puppy, kitten or guppy.

Indeed, sharing your home with a pet might result in you making changes to your diet, exercise regime or cleaning habits without even realizing it.

A recent Redditor was curious to hear how pet owners lives changed after bringing home their furry bundle of joy, leading them to ask:
"What has your pet accidentally conditioned you to do?"

They Know When Their Water Isn't Fresh

"Change the water in her bowl."

"It can be all the way to the top and she’ll stand there staring at it until I take the bowl, dump it, and refill it with fresh water."- bippityboppityhyeem

No More Chance Of The Mailbox Getting Full.

"Check the mail every day."

"He's so excited to walk to the mailbox with me it reminds me to actually do it."- cap_blueberry

Can' t Squash Them!

"Sleep with my legs a cat-length apart."

"She likes to sleep in between them."- zool714

cat sleeps GIFGiphy

Always Leave Some For A Doggy Bag

"Before I run in the morning I usually scarf down a banana."

"Ever since we got my sweet dog, I scarf down about two thirds of my banana and he gets the last part."

"It’s become our little thing, an unspoken agreement."- oksandwiches

Just Can't Get Them Out Of Their Heads...

"Weaving his name into any song I can for no reason whatsoever."- jasonwilczak

No Need For An Alarm Clock

"To press on my bladder to wake me up early so they could eat early."

"Living lots of food by night didn't solve it."- IseultDarcy

Wake Up Cat GIFGiphy

Newfound Expectaions

"Two things."

"My dog Rusty always puts his front paws on me and I always hugged him so now when he’s anxious he’ll give me a hug and I’ll hug him back."

"The other one is when I get ice he always begs for one so now without thinking I always toss him an ice cube."- Kenivider

Always There For You

"Calm down when I start to lose my temper or get frustrated."

"Whenever he hears me sigh or swear, he runs to me, rests his chin on my arm or leg and looks up at me with concern."

"This has made me so aware of how my energy can impact those around me and I have really gotten my anger under control since he started doing this."

"He's one of the goodest boys and I am grateful for him every day."- The_Atlas_Moth

Go Deep!

"I have a cat that plays fetch, very insistently."

"She brings me her toy mouse, and if I don't throw it for her, she sits on my laptop keyboard."

"Of course this all started when I would throw the mouse to keep her from sitting on my laptop."- Mortambulist

fetch guru studio GIF by True and the Rainbow KingdomGiphy

Unplanned Eating Schedule

"My mother's dog tells her when it's time for her evening meal."

"As in my mother's evening meal."

"The dog knows she eats after my mother, so when she starts to get peckish she goes and bugs her to start cooking."

"When I go back to visit, we'll be sitting chatting and the dog will sidle in and become a presence in the room for maybe 30 seconds until my mother casually looks at her watch and says 'I suppose we better think about eating'."

"She's completely unaware of what triggers her decision."- prolixia

The benefits of owning a pet are too many to name.

As you might find your diet, fitness and cleanliness drastically improve without any real effort on your part.

And the evening cuddles don't hurt either.

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