People Break Down Which Habits Scream 'I Have Zero Self-Confidence'


It's a sad thing when someone obviously doesn't believe in themselves.

We all have things were self conscious about. But some people have trained themselves to not show their insecurities off. Others, however aren't so fortunate and make it obvious how much they don't believe in themselves. Maybe it's their personality, or just having been beaten down by society for so long...

Redditor u/ asked, "What screams 'I have zero self confidence' ?", and people called out the tell tale signs that make them describe someone as self conscious.

10. People who think they're the worst...

"Expecting the worst from yourself and putting up impossibly high standards for your goals and achievements.

Which basically translates to constantly thinking 'this ___ i made sucks' while wanting to improve but feeling like you can't."


9. They assume it's always their fault

"I have a co-worker that routinely does so poorly, you could honestly walk up to him, make up a problem and he will think he did it."


8. Everything is taken personally

"Interpreting every social interaction as a personal attack."


7. You know what they say about bullies...

"Belittling those below you."


6. They can't accept good things about themselves

"Taking the blame automatically in every bad situation, even if all evidence shows they had no contribution towards the problem. And not even putting a fight about, just assuming they're wrong always.

Also another one is if you compliment them, even casually, they will find it extremely difficult to actually believe that you're being sincere and it's not a joke.

I know these two because I was this way."


5. It's hard to not want approval from others

"Someone who acts to please everybody and must be surrounded by friends bc they only have confidence through others' approval."


4. Isn't that what social media is all about?

"Clicking my reddit profile to see if any of my comments have gotten new upvotes."


3. Your own, sad theme song

"Walking with slumped shoulders while Charlie Brown music plays in the background"


2. Having a filter addiction 

"Using 80 filters and hiding your face when posting a picture in social media."


1. We all do this at some point

"Liking someone and immediately thinking 'he/she would never go for someone like me.'"


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