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Gymnast Jordan Chiles Wore A Wonder Woman Leotard At The U.S. Championships—And It's Everything 🙌


At the 2018 US Gymnastics Championships Jordan Chiles' stole the show in a floor routine while dress as Wonder Woman.

It wasn't just the glittery costume that fired up the crowd, the routine was choreographed to the music from the Wonder Woman movie. It didn't stop there, Chiles also incorporated the famous superhero crossed arms pose. Although the competition didn't go her way, placing 11 overall, Chiles still managed to win over the crowd, and the fans on social media.

One Twitter suggested there was a position as a side kick available.

She sure looked like a superhero to us.

Twitter agreed.

Although the games didn't go her way, Chiles had a message for fans that she wasn't giving up.

People can't wait to see more from her.

We can't wait to see more from this wonder woman.

H/T: Marie Claire, Pop Sugar

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