Guys Share The Thing That Last Made Them Cry


Big boys DO cry!

Emotion is a difficult thing to process. Too often we internalize and refuse to allow ourselves to feel the worst and the best. That alone is a reason to cry. Someone's fear of trauma, emotion and the expression of it all is tear worthy for sure. For men and many boys it's the most arduous. Boys don't cry! That's the mantra. What a toxic sentence.

Redditor u/cc0011 wanted the men out there to be brave and share..... Guys of reddit, what's the last thing that made you cry?

Love you Grammy... 


I was basically raised by my grandma so it was quite a blow to the heart to see her pass away. college-tool

Thankfully my grandparents still alive, but I was also raised by them and even just thinking about it gives me a heavy heart. I'm sorry for your loss and hopefully your memories of them give you comfort. fluffyman275

The Rain heals... 

There is a brief scene in the movie "The Florida Project" where a desperate and impoverished mother dances with her child in the rain. I grew up poor as dirt, and my Mom used to do this with me- it struck me very quickly how simple and inexpensive this was for her, and how magical it was for me as a little kid. I became outraged at how complicated my new pursuits of joy were, and the cost they exacted upon my life, and how the events of my own existence had forced me into a struggle to stay entertained. When did I begin to require so much from the world, when basic, beautiful vignettes were all around me, all the time? Buckets! horrific_svu_episode

Job well done! 

Last day of my last job the owner gave me a hug and told me he was proud of what I had accomplished. Neither of us are too emotional and he was tearing up. stoicjester46

Same for me yesterday me (m) being the one leaving behind the most incredible work colleague (f) I've ever had. Had a bit of a panic attack too when I got home and the obvious hit me that I won't see her every (working) day. joesdad68

Night Tears....

Sleep deprivation. I wish I could cry because of emotional thunder, I just can't. Sucks. But keep me awake for 46 hours straight and I'll cry like a baby. GallantGentleman

3 of the last 5 times I cried were after pulling all nighters. kickpuncher2

Glass Half Full... 


Girlfriend of 6 years dumped me a few weeks ago. Cried daily up until two days ago. I planned on proposing this year. In a lot of ways I am better now than I've ever been. I have motivation like I've never had to be a better version of myself and clear idea of what I want for my future. I've also learned how loved I am by friends and family. Had a whole support network I didn't know about. So, while I feel like a shell of myself without her, a lot of other things have changed for me. friendliest_sheep

Pick up the phone.... 

I'm not looking for condolences, but my dad an I haven't had the closet relationship the last couple of years. I call him maybe once a month. He passed away on December 14 I swear I cried the whole 4 hour drive to my hometown. This has been literally the hardest thing I've gone through in my 33 years. Considering seeking out counseling to try and get through this. 1dsmer

Love is brutal! 

The woman that was my first love. She meant many worlds to me. We lived together and I helped raise her daughter from an infant to a toddler. She called me her daddy.

2 months away from our wedding day I caught her cheating on me with the child's father (who found out his child was calling someone else daddy, finally decided to show up)

Screwed me up for a while losing all that man. Her excuse was that she'd always have love for her child's actual father. HeLsel

Love is also Beautiful! 

This will hopefully be a bit of a change of pace from the other comments in this thread.

My girlfriend made a bunch of letters labeled things like: "for when you're sad" or "for when you need a confidence boost." And it gave them to me for christmas. It was one of those overwhelmed with emotion cries, from feeling so loved and supported by someone so close to you. I love her. fyan6

Don't drown it out! 

Too much alcohol brought back vivid flashbacks of watching a young man burn to death, screaming for his mama. I broke down in front of my dad and brother and had to tell them what I'd seen. I'd never told them before. snufflesthefurball

Happy Tears!


I have a daughter with a disability. she walked for the first time ever (not much and with a machine assisting) and it was really special (to me anyway). 70sBulge

Way to go to your daughter, give her a high five from me. That's sounds truly special. cc0011

Congratulations to both you and her! Quixotic9000

The Rainbow Bridge... 

This past May, we had to put my cat down. I had her from ages 12 to 30, and my home life wasn't the best. Except for her. She was my best friend. I decided to tough it out and be there when it happened, and I didn't eat for three days straight because I was so upset.

Gonna change my answer. Most recent cry is now. RestingBitFace

Oh HER.... 

Spike Jonze's film Her. It's incredibly touching and reminded me of how lonely I was before meeting my girlfriend. godstwat

It reminded me of how lonely I was after she out of nowhere decided to leave me. d_loserman

We Love you Mom... 


Thinking about my mom, 75 years old, how much time we have left together, how I've become too distant dealing with my own rough times. Thedirtyjersey

Mine is in her 40s and even though she's definitely a younger mom, I get super stressed on thinking of how much time I have with her and all of my family too. Toxlc-Rick

A Joy Cry! 

After being laid off two years ago, I got a job far better than anything I've ever had yesterday. It's a dream job. I didn't cry but I was damn near close. This changes my family's life. AllSodiumDiet

Life is beautiful... 

Realized I no longer have self respect, friends, or the ability to say I'm a good person. Im a totally different person than I was 10 years ago. Existence really is pain. Husukuriku

Sounds like you're in a tough spot, man. I'm sorry. I was in that same spot a while back. It took a few weeks of withdrawal, some time in the gym, a couple good people and moving halfway across the country for me to get out of it, but it's possible.

Every small step feels like a huge leap. I don't care if it's cliche or whatever... I genuinely hope you don't have to fight that hard to get away from that stuff in your head, but I swear, you can do whatever it takes. credd707

Never Forget....

When my grandpa died when I was 12. Am 28 now and have never had an experience like that happen to me that made me feel that emotional. Woe2TheUsurper

I lost my grandad a few months ago. I can imagine what you were going through. Stay strong. lynch0211

The last time I had a serious cry was on my way home from work after a really bad day a couple of weeks ago. My depression had been really bad around that time and that day was unbearable, not just from the depression but it was also just a busy day. I spent the last few hours of my shift just wishing I was dead and I was contemplating ways on how to take my own life. When my shift was finally over I get in my car and just sit there for a few minutes. As I'm driving it just hits me, the weight of everything I'd been holding onto as well as the realization that I didn't want to die that night. I just cried for like 3 minutes straight while trying to drive home. Superg25

No Tears left to Cry.... 

Earlier tonight I panicked and made my boyfriend leave before he wanted to, and I could tell he was upset with me when I walked him to his car. Once I was back in my apartment I got in bed and cried for a solid 20 minutes. Then when he finally got home almost two hours later he sent me a text about how upset that made him, and I cried some more and tried to sleep but I couldn't because I was crying. StylishSuidae

St. Jude's for kids... DONATE! 

About 15 minutes ago. I was sitting on the couching trying to rock my 11 month old daughter to sleep and a commercial for St. Jude's hospital came on TV. It showed parents talking about the moment they found out their child had cancer, children laid up in hospitals filled w/ tubes, hairless girls playing with long blonde haired barbie dolls. Breaks my heart. I just couldn't imagine the suffering. NjStacker22


Toy Story 3! I was sitting in the theater with a bunch of family and my God I was choking up over that damn movie. VaperhamLincoln


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