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You know what we should do? We should normalize giving men compliments. So many men are not used to this and don't know how to handle it. And if we normalize that, they'll be more likely to compliment other men in turn!

After Redditor SpacedGeek asked the online community, "Men of Reddit, What's the best compliment you have ever received from a girl?" the men of Reddit delivered.

"I used to work a dirty job..."

I used to work a dirty job that also had me staying in hotels. Walked by a pretty girl at the front desk, we nodded heads at each other as I went to my room to clean up. When I came back through to get something to eat in their restaurant she got a shocked look on her face and said, "damn, you clean up nice!" Still remember it 25 years later.


"I was wondering..."

"The kids are really lucky that you're their dad."

I was wondering if I'd been doing well as a dad and felt kind of depressed, but hearing that from my sweet wife reaffirmed that I'm doing okay.


"I had three girls..."

I had three girls in college and two girls post college change their deodorant to the same brand as mine because they liked it so much. Speed Stick Fresh Scent. So strange. Girls absolutely went bonkers over it. Not sure if they still make it, it may be Ocean Scent or something now.



Honestly it was one time I got a new haircut and a girl I was talking to at the time said "before you were cute, now you're handsome."


"One time..."

One time a buddy of mine was making fun of my hat and a random hot chick said "No! It looks super good on you."

I wore that hat almost every day after for 3 years until it wore out.


"21 years old..."

21 years old at the orthodontist's getting a retainer fixed. Nurse who was probably only a few years older than me told me I had really nice blue eyes, while her fingers are all in my mouth. I'm gonna hold onto that one for a while.


"A coworker..."

A coworker who I would walk to the bus station with said "I feel safe with you" and as a big hairy dude with resting murder face and a deep voice, that was something absolutely new to me. It's been 6 years and I still think about that compliment.


"Didn't find out..."

I volunteered to go on a field trip with my son's class. One of the other moms was expressing her worry to my wife for her son being far away for so long. This was first or second grade. My wife mentioned that I would be going and her son was assigned to my group. Other mom immediately felt at ease and said essentially "Oh good. I know he's safe then."

Didn't find out until afterwards but made me feel 10 feet tall for some time afterwards.


"My really sweet..."

My really sweet young teenage niece told her mom (my sister) that I was the kind of guy she wanted to marry one day. All very innocent and it melted me.


"Early on in our relationship..."

Early on in our relationship my now wife told me that she usually didn't sleep well, except when I was there and then she fell asleep easily. Which is especially impressive at the time given we were cramming me (6'3") and her (5'11") into a standard twin bed.


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