Straight Guys Reveal The Stupidest Thing They've Ever Done Over A Girl

When will boys learn?

Don't be stupid... you know I love you... or I don't. Love is crazy. It makes do things we SWORE we'd never do. But even when the plan fails we tend to do it all again. It's love! What else are we going to do? We may need to reign in our ideas of grand gestures... nobody wants to look THAT crazy.

Redditor u/pm_me_your_chokerr wanted men out here to fess up about some actions they may regret by wondering.... Guy's who did something stupid for a girl, what did you do?



I got on my bicycle and rode 18 miles to see my gf.

My girlfriend lived 28 miles away.

If you haven't done the math yet, my tire popped at 18 miles. Onlytheinternetknows

Valentine Surprise! 

When I was 20, I was dating a girl my own age and was absolutely in love with her (for a while). For Valentine's Day, I brought home a large sheet of cardboard from work and cut it into a giant heart. I bought a red sweatshirt and some various paints, and made my most embarrassing outfit to date. I painted the giant heart red and cut out an oval in the middle. I wrote on the heart 'Will You Be My,' then wrote 'Valentine?' on the shirt. I painted my face red, stuck it through the hole in the cardboard, and then showed up at her job to surprise her.

Fortunately, she thought it was cute. So did her gay co-worker. palad


Not me but back in middle school a friend of mine made a graffito on the wall of a girl's house in the middle of night, saying he loved her. He misspelled her name. Ppudds

The Crash. 

She crashed her bike going down a paved road so I did the same to impress her (or to make her feel better, I really don't know my reasoning). She landed in the ditch. I did not. Paranoid_Arachnoid

Um... Stalker?


Enrolled in the same Uni, she stopped talking to me 2 weeks later. :(. shady7899

Damn Tim. 

I knew this guy that was breezing through a 3-year electrotech college course while the rest of us struggled.

I tried to talk some sense into him about this girl he was "seeing."

Left hand raising a finger for each con:

  1. She's addicted to crack
  2. Her "uncle" is in the mob and has a questionable relationship with her
  3. She has a kid
  4. She's pressuring you to drop out and support her
  5. You're throwing away your future.

Right hand, pros:

  1. She's incredibly hot

He dropped out. Tim, you're an idiot. Oronoguy

The Extra Mile....

Traveled an hour and half multiple times a week to go see her, she never did the same for me and she eventually ghosted me.

It was probably one of the most pathetic and cringey times in my life but I learned a lot from it.

t's crazy how many replies and DMs I'm getting from both men and women that have experienced almost the exact same thing.

Best advice I have for anyone going through this is never go the extra mile for someone who doesn't or wouldn't do the same for you. It's never worth it. KelvinCastle

Creepy Times...

A girl was leading me on, but also being obvious about it. I was stupidly believing I could change her ways and get her to actually date me. She had revealed she always wanted a giant teddy bear. So for her birthday/Valentine's day I bought a giant bear costume from Amazon and like 90 roses. The idea was one for every day I had know her. Creepy and cringy af looking back.

Anyhow, she called me drunk the night before and screamed mean sh!t at me and I finally broke down and told myself she was a crappy person, because she always was terrible to me and I let myself think I could change that because I was desperate to not be alone.

In the end I created a sign that said "free bear hugs and roses for Valentine's" and wore the bear suit onto our college campus on Valentine's day to give away all the roses. It made so many people happy that it was one of the best things I've ever done. So many hugs and girls were crying because they didn't have to feel so alone on a crappy commercialized holiday. It was cool. Plus the football players all took a flower and hugged me, which was surprisingly wholesome. milkandcookies21

So Stupid!

This girl I really likes ages ago didn't really know who I was. I gave her a Wii for her birthday and it was probably the creepiest thing ever to her. I thought it was a sure fire way to win her heart, get married and all that Disney crap.

15 year old me was stoooooopid. Captain-butters



Did it yesterday, after her telling me she doesn't know what she wants and that she doesn't think she wants a relationship right now, I left flowers on her doorstep with a card thanking her for the fun times we've had. Mr_Bloodliker


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