People Break Down The Theories They Know In Their Gut Are True But Can't Quite Prove

Ever have a theory that might seem rather farfetched... but you feel in your heart it has to be true? For example, I'm pretty sure none of those women, particularly the brunettes in BOSS BABE midriffs with "business proposals" likely concocted during meditation beside the shimmering sand dune featured in their respective profile pics actually have business proposals. The kicker is that I'm too lazy to find out, unless there truly are Stepford influencers out there who want to change my life and whose efforts I keep impeding.

Whether they veer into the more lighthearted or turn considerably more serious, people had plenty of ideas after Redditor ArtisticRX asked the online community,

"What do you know in your gut but can't prove?"

"Now I know better."

My washing machine requires a meal of one sock every fortnight or so. I used to save the odd socks in a drawer waiting for the day they would be discovered at the bottom of the laundry bin or under a bed. Now I know better.


"At some point..."

At some point when digital cable became a thing, there was a meeting with the networks where they said, "Make it difficult to change channels. Make it so that you have to go through the guide and when you do tune in a channel it takes like three seconds to load. Not enough to annoy people, but enough to make it not worth it to flip over during commercials."


"That my sister..."

That my sister is a narcissist and doesn't actually care about her kids, it's all just an act.


"He studies me..."

My cat understands the gist of what I say to him.

He studies me intently with his intelligent-looking deep green eyes, and "MROW's" at strategic points, as if to indicate "understood."


"I was maybe 10 or so..."

That I saw a UFO while camping in Utah. I watched an object descend from probably cloud level to maybe 300 feet over my head and hover for a few minutes before rising back up to cloud level and disappearing. I was maybe 10 so when I told my parents and the family friends we were camping with they chalked it up to an overactive imagination, but I know what I saw.


"She figured that either the marriage..."

Wallis Simpson encouraged Edwards abdication, and it backfired on her. I believe that she wanted him to threaten abdication, unless he could marry her. She figured that either the marriage would be allowed without abdication, or that he would give up the crown and the British people would be so unsatisfied with George, they would demand Edward's restoration no matter who his wife was. Either way, once he gave his throne up for love of her, she had to marry him, crown or no.

I also believe that she was conspiring with the German government, in order to set Edward back up as king of a vassal or puppet state to Germany. Hence why they were sent to the Bahamas after their little vacation to Berlin, and why his governance ended in 1945.


"Donald Trump's only major intention..."

Donald Trump's only major intention, in originally running for President, was to build his personal brand... a motivation that can help someone who comes close but doesn't actually win (as he expected), yet hinder someone who actually wins and must handle the associated responsibilities.


"That the universe repeats itself..."

That the universe repeats itself every time it ends. That's where deja vus come from, for a moment you remember your past life, and then move on with your day.


"World resource scarcity..."

World resource scarcity is a facade created by the rich and wealthy to keep the masses busy and scratching for survival so they never realize the truth of our massive manipulation.


"She moves to a small town..."

Angela Lansbury was a genius serial killer in the TV show "Murder She Wrote".

She moves to a small town and suddenly there is a murder every week, which she happens to solve. I say she was killing the people and with her high IQ was able to frame other people for each murder.


"That conscious life..."

That conscious life on an inhabitable planet doesn't just happen randomly for no reason.

The simplest (and Occam's razor therefore says most likely) universe to happen by random chance would probably be no universe at all. The next most simple would be spacetime without any matter in it, just a big empty nothingness. After that, maybe a uniform spread of hydrogen atoms, one atom every few billion miles and that's it. If we're talking a totally nuts, really interesting universe, maybe hydrogen, helium, and lithium atoms with some photons and sometimes they run into each other- and honestly, that still seems pretty unlikely to just randomly happen compared to nothingness.

So...come on man! I'm supposed to believe that matter popped into existence, inflated into a space growing faster than the speed of light, clumped together into stars and exploded in supernovae multiple times over to create a bunch of types of matter that have all come together to create me, a piece of matter that knows it exists and is connected to every other piece of massive matter in the whole universe through the force of gravity (and probably other forces as well), and that all just....kinda chance?

Sorry, no. It's not random chance, that's just a cop out because it's something too amazing for our tiny human brains to comprehend, so we say it's random chance instead of admitting that something amazing and purposeful is going on, but it's beyond our comprehension.


"I can't explain it..."

I'm going to try a tragic death. I can't explain it but I've had the feeling ever since I was little. I do tarot so a few months ago I did a reading on if I'd live a long life and my last card was the tower card (every tarot readers worst nightmare when doing a reading lmao) and it basically means that there's going to be a catastrophe or accident.


"I would bet..."

My stepmom is literally a psychopath. Years of tormenting me, my siblings, my mom, and sometimes my dad. 13 years of her doing terrible terrible stuff to our family with no remorse and narcissism. She was married 3 times before my dad and was left for faking pregnancies, making false claims of abuse, and some other stuff. I would bet pretty much anything on it. She's a psychopath.


"There was a much advanced..."

There was a much advanced civilisation before us, that even had space travel and tele communications.. they lived in a perfectly balanced relationship with nature.


"I have always wondered..."

I have always wondered if Chamberlain was merely trying to but time for England, as opposed to appeasing Hitler. He knew they weren't ready for war.

If so, he is a true hero. Had to have known he would be remembered as The Guy Who Appeased Hitler.


"Most of the time."

Yes, my cats understand me. They also come when I call them. Most of the time.


"I don't think..."

I don't think there's really an illuminati or group of lizards controlling things, but God damn some events make more sense as a grand conspiracy.

I mean Covid comes along right when America is at its most divided and vulnerable? Yeah, could be coincidence, but holy crap did a lot of bad things line up "just right" for it.


"He's so weird."

My dog literally hates my mom. No reason why, but he just HATES her. He growls at her when she pets him, but when my dad and I pet him, he doesn't care. Literally EVERY OTHER DOG IN THE WORLD loves her. He's so weird.


"I was on the job..."

That my firing from my first job was planned before I was employed. I was on the job for seven weeks and was gone soon after joining. I had a guy feeling that this was all out in place since it was a busy time of the year. As soon as it quietened down, I was gone. I can't prove this unfortunately, but my gut tells me it was a set up.


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