People Who Trusted Their Gut Instinct And Saved Themselves Reveal What Happened


Your gut is always telling you something or the other.

Listening to your gut is encouraged when you have a strongly negative feeling about something. Either about a situation you're in, a person you're around, or something that doesn't seem quite right....

u/xandrenia asked:

When did your "something is very wrong here" gut instinct turn out to be right?

Here were those stories. Trigger warnings: sexual assault, violence.

Yeah, We Were Right


My freshman year, my math class had a substitute teacher who we all agreed was really weird and creepy. He really only talked to the girls and made inappropriate comments. (For context, this man was easily in his 60s)

Well, when our teacher come back the next week we complained to him about the sub (and talked crap about him) being a creeper. The teacher was very upset.

He said, "I will not stand Sub being disrespected like this! I have known this man for a decade and he is a kind, good man who would never do anything to a student, or any person"

One week later Sub was caught, in the middle of the night, breaking and entering a college girl's apartment.

Teacher came in the next day and apologized.


By That Much

Driving with a friend of mine through a pretty remote forest road. Couple of guys in the middle of nowhere tried flagging us down. I almost stopped for them before an alarm went off in my head and I stepped on the gas. My friend started saying "what the fu..." and at the same time there was a shot and a bullet hit the back of the car. We made it to a police station. Turns out there had been a bunch of people and vehicles going missing in the area that same week.


Speed Theft

I was walking home and a woman approached me to ask for directions. I told her how to get where she wanted to go, but she didn't walk that way, but instead walked beside me and kept pace with me. This made me incredibly uncomfortable, so I said "Have a nice day" and doubled my speed (not running, but outpacing her significantly.)

A moment later, I heard running footsteps. I must have instinctively gripped my purse strap, because I held onto it as she ran by and tried to snatch it. We ended up tussling for a moment. I shouted very loudly "Help! She's stealing my purse!" Neighbors came outside, causing her to walk away.

She did not get my purse.


A Bucking Buick

Freshman year of college, a friend and I were driving across town and he stopped for gas. It wasn't a dangerous part of town or anything, just a quiet gas station with an old Buick out front. But this feeling came over me that we needed to get out of there. I tried to shake the feeling by making a joke: "this feels like somewhere an axe murderer would hide out." My friend immediately gunned it out of there without filling up. He said he had the same feeling and me bringing it up too scared the shit out of him. On the way home there were about 20 police cars outside. It turns out some guy shot 2 people in a carjacking and robbery. The Buick was the car he stole.


In The Nick Of Time

I had a bad allergy season which turned into a bad sinus infection which turned into bronchitis. It wasn't getting any better, so I got into a gp. He said it could be bronchitis or something worse, he couldn't call it. As much as I hate hospitals, my gut was screeching at me that something was wrong.

Went to ER just in case. I had multiple pulmonary embolisms. One in three people with 1 undiagnosed PE don't make it to the ER.

The doc said my lungs glowed in the cat scan.

On the upside, I have a strong heart, so I have that going for me.


Caught My Eye And Threw It Away

I stopped off at a dollar store to get last-minute stuff for my niece's birthday party (foil or napkins or something). I went to the one I had never been to, in a seedy part of town. There weren't many other people there, since it was a Sunday afternoon. A luxury car pulls up and this gorgeous man gets out and starts trying to catch my eye, like he wanted to ask directions. Dream come true, right? Except my gut started screaming RUN for no reason.

I pretended I didn't see him and got in my car and left. The next morning I see on the news that three people were murdered in Charleston, they were all connected to one dude, one of their cars was stolen, and the serial killer was on the loose heading west, through my area. Guess who the suspect was? Yep, the dude I'd seen. They arrested him after he'd kidnapped a girl in Augusta the same night I saw him, and she managed to escape.

Still gives me goosebumps. What if I'd stopped and talked to him?!


Why Don't Doctors Just Do The Dang Tests

I'm a type one diabetic. I began noticing that my kid was having a tough time potty training. He was drinking a lot and peeing a lot. I spoke with his ped about it and she dismissed it, saying we live in a warm area and toddlers are likely to drink more, and therefore pee more, and that I shouldn't "hear hoofbeats and assume zebras". He had no other symptoms whatsoever, happy healthy looking little dude. I tried to calm myself down, but I just knew something wasn't right.

Finally I took one of his massively full pull ups and used a keto strip to check his urine, and then proceeded to head right to the hospital. He was diagnosed with diabetes* in November 2015.

Got him a new pediatrician immediately.


Not A Filet Today

I pulled into a gas station around 8-9PM, that wasn't in a ghost town or anything, but it was insanely dark due to the time of year. As I pull towards once of the pumps, I see this dude slowly pacing near the entrance of the convenience store, and we make eye contact. I quickly pulled the car to another pump towards one of the entrances to the gas station, trying to be safer but thinking I'm probably just being paranoid. Once I sit there for a minute and decide to put my car in park, he quickly rushes to my car. By the time I'm back in drive and peel out through the entrance into an oncoming lane (luckily no traffic), I saw him pulling out what looked like a large knife out of his jacket...

I'm glad I didn't disregard my gut.


Another Saved By Super-Gut

Not me but one of my best friends growing up, her mom told me this story:

They had just bought this house that had a built-in swimming pool. My friend had a little brother who was under the age of 2 at the time. Everyone was taking a nap but unbeknownst to the rest of the house, the 2 year old had woken up and decided to go outside on their deck. I guess the mom woke up and had this terrible feeling come over her. Without hesitation she quickly checked on her children. Panic set in when she couldn't find the 2 year old. She found him facedown in the pool. He did survive the whole ordeal. If she wouldn't have felt that gut feeling to wake up, that little boy wouldn't be here today.

I wish I could give more details on the story but it was only told to me once when I was about 12.


Borders Of My Country


Not me but I got told this story from my doctor.

He was an aviation doctor in Australia, a pilot got recommended to visit a doctor because the company said he wasn't "acting quite right". My doctor couldn't diagnose him with any disorders or illnesses; thus sent him on his way. The company wasn't sold that he was all there and ended up paying him out. A few years later, my doctor got a call from the pilots wife warning him to "be careful" and apparently he's on his way back across the country for reasons his wife couldn't explain. My doctor being the paranoid Pete that he is, called the AFP (Australian Federal Police) and got them to check his bags and his overall mental state at the border. Turns out he had a few guns in his luggage with a note containing names and addresses. One of which was my doctor.


Storm Watch

My aunt's dog always gets anxious during storms and hides in their basement. There's not much she can do to comfort him, so at this point, she doesn't usually bother trying, and just waits for the storm to pass. But one night, about two years ago, there was a really awful storm while she was reading in her bedroom. She got a feeling that she had to go check on the dog right then, and went down to the basement. While she was down there, a huge tree fell, smashing half her house. The bedroom she'd been reading in was completely destroyed.


Utility In The Most Useful Way

There was a rural highway that had a few driveways on it. The car in front of me was making a left turn into a driveway and was waiting for cross-traffic to stop. I kinda leaned back and took a deep sigh, and then immediately felt impending doom. My thought was "wouldnt it be freaky weird if i got into a car accident?"

Then a dump truck rear-ended me at 70mph. By all means i should be dead but i actually walked away with nothing more than shattered glass ending up all over my face. Because a utility truck between us i was saved from death.


A Bear Of A Time


I was away on a trip in the mountains with my school. My roommates woke me up at like 3 am and wanted to go skinny dip in the pool. I was fine until we got outside. It was pitch dark, and the woods were abnormally silent. I've been camping and hiking a lot in my life, so I knew to trust my gut feeling and the sounds of the forest.

I practically had to drag my friends back inside, being sure to make noise the whole way. The next morning, we were kept inside for the morning, because a huge black bear was outside strolling around. The prints showed that he had been there for hours, including the time that my friends and I were out.


Avoiding The Slip

Not me, but a friend of mine. One night my friend was at a bar, and he noticed he was getting the eye from a girl across the bar. Later on, when my friend was half-drunk, she came over to him. He said he got serious red flags when she came over. Ripped jeans (like knife rips, not ones that come with the jeans), and she looked seriously stoned. My friend got up to go to the bathroom, came back out, saw her slipping something into his drink. He left right then, and there. And I'm sure he's glad he did.


Near Misses

Not sure what would have happened. It was my tenth birthday party and me and two friends were walking my neighbor home down the block. It was dark outside and getting a little late. The whole walk I had a bad feeling about getting kidnapped. We even talked about it while walking her home.

When we dropped her off a car slowly started driving down the hill, and it turned its brights on. One of my friends wanted to hide behind a car, but I didn't wanna do that because they'd already seen us. The car pulls up, it's two guys maybe in their late 20s or 30s. One is driving, the other is in the backseat. They pull up, the guy in the back gets out, and we take off running up the hill from behind the parked car.


Dishonest Undertones

Serious bad vibes from my step-dad. Nothing specific, I was only ten but I was never comfortable around him. Eventually ended up moving to my bio dad's in another state.

Fast-forward three years, my mom left him because he got fired for having a ridiculous blood alcohol level at his job as an arson detective. Turns out he had had an alcohol reliance the whole time my mom knew him, and drank vodka like it was water.

He met someone new, they took his son on a trip, and when they stopped to look at a waterfall he stayed in the truck, wrapped a towel around his head and shot himself.

I trust my instincts every time, now.


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