Grownups Share The Most Childish Things They Still Enjoy

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Adulting is hard, but who said it can't be fun too? Heck, many things are even more fun as adults, even if they were intended for kids, like candy, water parks, or just acting like a goof. At least we're not alone in our childish weirdness.

Googunk asked, Grown ass adults of Reddit - what is the most childish thing you still enjoy?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

I knew I wasn't the only one! Not sure how much the cats like it, though.

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Running up my very steep stairs on all fours like an animal.

If there are boats involved, consider me trapped. Especially if there are jets.

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As a grown man, I love bubble baths. I have a 2-year-old son and his toys have started to infiltrate our master bath. Now I play with his toys when I'm in my bubble bath.

Is there any other reason to wear a long coat?

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When I'm walking down the hallway at work, I flare my lab coat out like a cape and go "whoosh."

Honestly, they are so good. Especially soaked in vodka.

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Fruit Snacks. Why don't they make them in adult sized servings?! A whole damn box of those isn't even an adult size serving.

Everybody does it.

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Picking my nose. You know that s*** feels good

If anyone deserves these treats, it's adults.

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All the snacks and sweets targeted for kids, I am a grown man if I want animal crackers I'm eating animal crackers.

Nerf wars, but with beer.

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Nerf wars.

You're never too old to build with Legos.

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Lego. My wife thinks I play with it because of the kids.

Giant trampolines never get old, and they are great exercise.

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My buddy got a big trampoline for his kids and I helped him set it up.

After the kids had tuckered themselves out, we got wasted and made that trampoline our b****.

You can jump so high when you're an adult, it's like being on the moon or something

Forever and always.

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Laughing at farts.

Playing make-believe while adulting is essential.

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I'm never not playing make-believe.

I'm not swapping SD cards in a printer, I'm recalibrating isolinear chips before the warp core breach consumes the Enterprise

Basically, I'm always riding a dragon, tailing a double-agent, exploring an alien landscape, making a secret rendezvous.

It's just better.

Especially if it's chocolate chip.

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Raw cookie dough.

Naps are sacred and wonderful.

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This seems like a great way to get away from the kids.

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Once a summer, my husband and I leave our son with a sitter and go to the local water park and ride water slides and relax in the lazy river to our heart's content - just the two of us.

String cheese is a healthy snack for all ages. And it's so delicious.

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String cheese. Yes I pull it apart while I'm eating too.

Trolling is an art that gets better with age.

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Using alt accounts with edgy usernames to troll Reddit.

This is fun to do on the express train too.

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If a little kid is staring at me from a school bus, I give them the finger.

Take that, Random Kid!

A timelessly tasty snack for all of our inner kids.

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Mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs in it. And it has to be the really cheap kind with the powdered cheese.

I'm 51 years old.

You're never too old to have a stuffed snuggle buddy.

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Sleeping with a stuffed animal.

The moral of today's story? Keep your childhood alive.

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Childish humor. What's the point of growing up if I can't take the best parts of childhood with me?

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