I've always let go of people too late.

Because I ignore the warning signs.

Half of the time I can sense something off and I choose to get closer because... "that'll fix the problem."

Not all friendships are meant to last forever.

That can be a difficult truth to hold.

People grow apart or become evil.

You just have to pray they don't come back with blackmail.

Redditor TreyTheEyeball wanted to hear how great friendships came to an end and asked everyone:

"What made you unfriend/hate your best friend?"

The less friends the better.

Cheaper for Christmas.


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"Realized he wasn't just roasting me as friends do but was treating me like a human punching bag in front of other ppl to make jokes."


I have never looked back...

"He was a pathological liar, manipulative and told all of my most trusted secrets to everyone because he wanted to feel powerful and like he controlled me. Haven’t spoken a word in 5 years and I have never looked back."


"Had a friend just like that. Eventually tried to drive a wedge between my fiancé, me, and all of our friends. Our closest friends kind of let me in on what was going on behind the scenes, which we could already tell, and I eventually booted him from my wedding altogether."

"10 yrs later I was going to be moving back into the state he lived in, and I reached out to see if he’d grown up. He apologized for everything, owning it all seemingly. Then a few hours later informed me he was a realtor and to let him know once I’m house hunting. Never spoke to him again after that."


15 Years Gone

"I let her and her little dog move in with me and rent a room while she got back on her feet. It was a double wide trailer and she had her own bathroom across from her room. She was nasty, dirty and a drunk. I knew she liked to drink, but not like what I experienced."

"She would leave used tampons on the bedroom floor, plates of half eaten food pushed under the bed and liquor bottles and beer cans all over the place. She would lock her dog out of her room so she could sleep in or nap and it would terrorize my animals."

"I found out from a neighbor that she would sit out on the back porch drinking and instead of coming in to use the restroom she would relieve herself in my little patch of backyard at all hours of the night (she admitted that she did this). The last straw was when I came home from a shopping day out with my daughter and she saw the purchases and said 'well I guess you don’t need my rent then.' A 15 year friendship ruined."


Damn Craig!

"I was trying to quit weed. I asked him 1 thing. If you wanna hang out this week while i'm in the early stages could you not bring any over. He FREAKED out. Kicked up a massive fuss about how I should have willpower. Finally I said fine just don't come over for a couple of weeks while I get my head straight. So he apologised said he was wrong. Came over. Sparked up a pre rolled joint 2 minutes in. F**k you Craig."



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"He got my gf pregnant and congratulated me as a new dad at birth. Didn't figure it out until a few years later."


This is all a mess of scandal.

Different Sides

"He started being an a**hole for no reason, I swear. One day he just started to be mean towards me, even to the point that he insulted me many times. I still think about how we went from being 'best friends' to ignoring each other. What did I do to him? It's like he became a totally different person from one day to another."


4 to about 12...

"I wonder if childhood best friends are more a result of proximity, rather than affinity. It seems more common to drift apart once your lives take off."


"I’ve come to realize this too. My best friend from age 4 to about 12 was really just because our parents hung out we lived close and once we got older had much different interests and proximity and in the early grade school years had mostly boys in our classes and we were the only girls that knew each other for several years."


Things got hard...

"Drugs, we'd been neighbors and friends since we were a few months old."

"At college we met new people as you do. We'd always had other friendship groups outside of each other so I didn't really know her new friends. She started off smoking weed with them, not my thing but pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things."

"Eventually she started taking harder drugs when we'd go out. It was always me that got her home safe."

"It just got to the point where I'd had enough, I couldn't watch her destroy herself like that. I tried to get her help but she wouldn't take it. So I just left, cut all ties and moved away (the move was planned already). No idea what happened to her or if she managed to turn it around, I hope so."



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"She only called or texted to brag or because she needed something. Everything was about her, all the time."


Not every relationship is meant to be forever.

Be at peace about it.