Grateful Adults Confess How Disney Movies Saved Them When They Needed It Most

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

At least, that's what Disney has taught us.  A few brave people came to Walt Disney Confessions to share the moments where their hearts made a wish, and a Disney movie came through for them when they needed it.

Trigger warning: this post could contain sensitive content, including suicide, drugs, and alcohol.

You Can't Order Me To Stop Dreaming

I was born with mild Aspergers and believed for a long time that said diagnosis was the reason I kept loving Disney well into my teenage years, since no one else of my age did and teased me about it. Call me surprised when the internet came around and I learned just how normal it was for teenagers and even adults to like Disney, without having any diagnoses. It made me feel a lot less abnormal and moved me a lot. [x]

No Matter How Your Heart Is Grieving

I wish so many Disney characters were real just so I could embrace them when Im lonely and suffering from my severe depressive disorder, like Genie, Cheshire cat and Mad Hatter, Flora Fauna and Merryweather, Pongo and Perdita, Duchess and O'Malley, Sebastian, the list goes on. It breaks my heart that such memorable characters are fiction, an many of their voice actors are dead and gone.  [x]

That Was Fun

I'm going to miss Russi Taylor (the current voice of Minnie) when she finally passes away.  She is one of those voice actors who really becomes part of your childhood.  I do remember listening to a podcast by Geekdad a while ago where she said what her last words would be on her deathbed.  She said "Oh well that was fun," referring to her voice acting career which was very sweet and positive.  Then she can finally be with Mickey (Wayne Allwine) again who was her husband. [x]


Hakuna Matata

My father is currently in hospital, Im really scared of what could have happened to him. It helps me to watch the Lion King because its one of his favorite movies, he quotes Is that a challenge? every time and I think his favorite quote is Hes gonna get bigger from Timon. Its really nothing but It always made me laugh and right now it comforts me a little. [x]

You're My Best Friend Copper

Recently, my cat passed away. During the time she was sick and afterward, I kept thinking of that song from Fox and the Hound where Tweed lets go of Todd. The song already brought me to tears and now it does more, but it helps too. It reminds they live on in memories, never truly gone. On the side note of healing, I now watch Disney movies with family on Saturdays and that has helped a lot, though Im still not ready to watch Fox and the Hound yet. [x]


I'm Wishing

Anxiety and Disney are things that I have had since childhood. My dad, stepmum and stepbrother throughout my childhood visited Disneyland a lot when I was growing up. Even up until now, they spent last christmas there. Ive always been invited but because of my travel anxiety I never went and probably will never go to the happiest place on earth. It is too late. [x]


Are You Satisfied With Your Care?

Big Hero 6 saved my life. 3 years ago, I was in a horrible mental place all alone. Every time I had an urge to end my life I would watch the movie and cuddle my Baymax doll. Im in a brighter, happier place now - one I never would have expected or believed can happen - I am so grateful Baymax saved me so I can experience it. I watched the movie with the love of my life the other day and it made me so happy to watch it with him for he loves it too - he is my Baymax. [x]

On The Ceiling

Ed Wynns scene in Mary Poppins made me smile for the first time after a very long period of depression. [x]

Keep Pushing, Bunny

I finally watched Zootopia and I felt like I am practically Judy. Ive been trying so hard to be a locomotive engineer and I just keep trying. I really hope I do get to work as one, but my parents keep telling me to take other lines of work, much like Judys parents trying to coax her to be a carrot farmer. For my birthday, my girlfriend sent me a Judy plushie as a reminder to keep on trying even when it gets tough and my dreams seem too far away. [x]


The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

As a kid, I always wanted to be like Tigger because he's so much fun.  Lately, I've been feeling depressed and scared, and whenever I have fun or make people laugh I feel like it's a lie and I'm in denial.  What helps me is thinking about how Tigger can be very sad or afraid, but that doesn't mean he isn't capable of being happy any more, or that his happiness is fake.  He gives me hope that eventually it will die down and I'll be able to enjoy life again. [x]

Don't Let Them In, Don't Let Them See

Ive never seen a Disney movie like Frozen before. I know its become passe for a lot of people but for me, it stands as the one Disney film that really felt like it was telling my story at a time I didnt think anyone understood me. Someone struggling with so much fear, anxiety and stress, who has parents that mean well but cause more stress through their ill efforts to help, and who felt isolated for years because they learned to anticipate negative reactions. Looking back all those years later it still means the world to me. [x]


Swift As A Coursing River

When I go to depressive episodes I cant listen to any music- with one exception, Disney music. Its the only thing I can listen to that makes me feel joy. So if you ever pass a 27 year old with jet black hair in a 95 Corsica screaming obnoxiously to Ill Make a Man Out Of You like its my job, give a little wave cause yup thats me. [x]

Dinner Is Served

My favorite Pixar movie is Ratatouille, I love Remy so much and I relate to his passion for cooking and food. Its because of this movie I realized my passion for cooking. [x]

Rapunzel Would Be Proud

For health reasons, I have had to keep my hair short the past three years. Now I am much better and plan to grow it out! Watching Disney Princess movies inspires me to patiently wait for the day, and to give me ideas for cosplay. [x]


A Jolly Holiday

My mother went to jail for a few years when I was a kid, and my Dad usually was never home. I used to wish Mary Poppins would fly in on her magical umbrella to give me a better childhood. When my mom was released, she gave me a really pretty Mary Poppins doll and I still have her by my desk. [x]

When Somebody Loved Me

When I was a kid, Jessie was my favorite. I had a costume and the doll and I always wanted to watch Toy Story 2 more than the first one. As Ive gotten older, I still love her so much and have come to appreciate her even more. I relate to her in a lot of ways. I kind of forgot how much she meant to me until Toy Story of Terror came out a few years ago and I watched it, saw myself in her, was inspired to fight through my fears, and just fell in love with her character all over again. [x]


It Calls Me

As a female asexual/arromantic, I was really happy after watching Moana. I know that there has been other Disney flicks that havent feature any romance, but at a time when I am indecisive about who I am, Moana came out at the right time and encouraged me by saying yes, a young woman can concern herself with other things and be happy all the same. [x]

Fate Is Kind

I look forward to my annual trip to Disney because its the one place where the voice in the back of my head telling me Im useless either shuts up or the Magic there is enough for it not to matter. When I leave, the voice comes back and leaves me with a whole new meaning to Post-Disney Depression. [x]

A Whole New World

I had an eye infection as a kid that landed me in the hospital when I was five, and it was a traumatizing experience at first. But Aladdin came out on VHS while I was there and my Dad got it for me, and as soon as I watched it, I felt so much more relaxed that I think it helped my healing. [x]


Joyeux Souris

Earlier this year, I visited Disneyland Paris during the off-season and had the best ever meet n greet with Mickey Mouse, my favourite character. It involved hand holding, lots of hugs, and the boss himself kept asking me for kisses. Later on, during Magic On Parade, I waved and cheered for Mickey when I saw him, and he blew me kisses in return. I dont know if it was the same mouse friend, but it sure felt like it! Either way, that mouse made my day twice and I love him even more for it. [x]

For The First Time In Forever

One of the highest compliments Ive ever received was when I was staying in Disney World with my family and my dad was explaining how Anna reminded him so much of me. It started with him commenting about how we have the same eyes, and then he ended up telling me that Annas big heart and determination was what really hit him as being me. I almost started crying at the table because he could see things in me that I couldnt see in myself at the time. That was by far a great moment in my life. [x]

Almost There

I can related to Tiana in the princess and the frog because her dad works long hard and never even though he never got what he wanted. my dad work 12 hour shift and has been working for long time. when she said My Daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed. He had love. He never lost sight of what was really important. that hit me , my dad could have fancy things , but chose us instead. that what Tiana is my favorite. [x]


A Culinary Cabaret

I struggled with acid aci issues for 10+yrs. I barely felt hunger& had little will to eat. Thinking of"Be Our Guest" helped because Lumiere was so excited about the different foods and making Belle feel comfortable having a tiny bit of each plate. [x]

You Are My Brother

Im 23 and have an 11 year old brother with autism. Some days I get very exhausted and agitated with him. But whenever I think about Brother Bear, and Kenai & Kodas relationship, it brings me closer to my brother. [x]


I would love to have a Disney heroine who is betrayed/ abandoned by her best friend and ends up having a better friend in someone shed never expect. Id love for Disney to show kids that your best friend sometimes isnt even a good friend to begin with and that you shouldnt judge a book by its cover (friendship wise). [x]

Mother Doesn't Know Best

Rapunzels my favorite Disney princess but I cant watch the movie because I get panic attacks when Mother Gothel starts singing mother knows best. Especially whenever she says you know why I keep you in your Tower. and I get flashbacks to my childhood. I wasnt to leave my house there was no food and no heat. While my mother did not abuse us, she did neglect us a great deal. It stuck with me and I hate it. [x]


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