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Lady Gaga's Las Vegas residency opened at the end of 2018 with rave reviews causing her shows to quickly sell out.

This left Twitter user @boybehindbricks, AKA Whit, in a bind when she attempted to purchase tickets for herself and her grandparents for her 21st birthday in September.

Recently, however, a new block of tickets went on sale and Whit's grandma snatched up 3 tickets for May 7, 2020.

Whit was undoubtedly thrilled, but she knew that someone special might be even more excited about the concert.

That special person is Whit's grandpa and she had the foresight to film his reaction when she told him about the tickets.

Whit first asks her grandpa what he's doing May 7, 2020. He proceeds to look at his calendar on his phone and jokes that he's busy all day.

She asks if he's busy at night, around 8:00 p.m. When he finally admits that he "think[s he's] open" that night, Whit asks if he'd like to go to a concert.

Grandpa must have had Gaga on his mind, because his face is already stunned even before Whit shares whose concert they're going to.

He proceeds to cautiously (and hopefully) ask:


Then he adorably adds:

"Oh my gosh. I just got goosebumps!"

The video ends with heart melting laughter of joy from both Whit and her grandpa.

Twitter's heart is bursting at grandpa's adorable reaction.

A campaign for Lady Gaga to meet her big fan has also already begun.

Hopefully @boybehindbricks updates the internet with fresh videos of grandpa's reaction on May 8, 2020.

Lady Gaga's critically acclaimed big screen acting debut in A Star Is Born is available here.

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