People Imagine How Gordon Ramsay Would React If He Had To Cook In Their Kitchen


Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares...two small pieces of the empire Gordon Ramsay has built on criticizing people's kitchens.

Any day, he could come for your kitchen. And would you be ready?

u/CatsAreLiquid1 asked:

If Gordan Ramsay had to use your kitchen, what would he be most angry about?

Here were some of those criticisms.

Crash Bang Boom

He opens a cabinet door and 6,000 mismatched tupperware containers and lids fall out all over the floor.


Get some deli/quart containers, maybe a cambro or two if you make big batches of food. No more having to match lids, it's life-changing.


Bye Bye Baker

I don't own a mixer of any kind. And the whisk just broke. I do everything (EVERYTHING) by hand


I don't think most top chefs would have a problem with this. Beyond good knives the majority of chefs aren't really the use tools to automate things type and things like a mixer are generally more used for baking than cooking anyway which I don't think Gordon is so big on (I'm sure he bakes very well too though)


Dull Dull Dull



"These knives are so dull, ITV is airing a documentary about them!"



The only spices I have is cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper.


When I got my first apartment after college my parents came down to make Thanksgiving. My dad was cooking and asked where I kept the spices. Pointed to the cabinet and he said "it's just sprinkles and a unopened can of Mrs. Dash!"


Well This Is Dangerous

The off button on my oven is broken. I'm sure he'd be cool about it because I'm a scrawny teenager who doesn't know shite about cooking. We found a loophole around it, cook duration which basically shuts the oven off after an inputed amount of time.

You've got to remember, Gordon Ramsay is only mean to overconfident people who think that they are the best. Ramsay knocks them down a peg and puts them where they belong. He doesn't pick on kids or nervous people.


How Do People Live Like This

"Why are all the pans just thrown into a cupboard? When did these knives get sharpened? Why the f**k is there a sheet pan in the microwave?"

I have roommates with 0 ideas of how to keep a kitchen organized.


Pots Forever

We don't own a ladle so we use little metal measuring cups to serve soup and we also only own one nonstick thing and it's a pot, so we cook all of our eggs in a pot. Not even a "can't afford to buy it" thing, just haven't gone out and bought them


Upside Down Spice

My mom puts spices in the cabinet upside down because she thinks it keeps them fresher. I could see him yelling at her for that.

Mine are alphabetized. Because I'm insane. I don't think he'd have a problem with that, though.


It's Like A NYC Apartment

"This kitchen is TINY! It's like trying f**k in the back of a VW beetle! I've rented flats with larger walk-in closets than this!"

"How the F**K are there ants in here? Every single surface is wiped clean, the trash is empty, and there are still ants running around? And you PAY for a service that's supposed to keep them out? Blimey..."


A List Of Anger

My kitchen is awful; 20 year old, dirty, dilapidated cupboards, broken drawers, worn out surfaces that haven't been replaced since as long as I can remember, old AF freezers, an unstable breakfast bar, a faulty, second hand oven that randomly switches off when it wants to, an out of date fridge that has been there since they bought the house and the bottom fridge is broken and last but not least, a dirty, damp, water damaged floor that hasn't been replaced in over a decade and currently no plans to do so. It's so bad that I don't even want to walk barefoot on it anymore.

Gordon's got a LOT of be angry about.


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