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A Character From NBC's 'Good Girls' Just Came Out As Trans In A Truly Powerful TV Moment


In a wonderful example of how coming out can go right, Good Girls character Sadie (Isaiah Stannard) came out to his mom after finding out his baby brother had been born.

After Sadie's mom Annie (Mae Whitman) assists her ex-husband's new wife, Nancy (Sally Pressman) with delivering her baby, she goes upstairs to check on Sadie.

After uttering the phrase "it's a boy," Annie goes to leave the room to take a shower but Sadie stops her.

After a poignant pause, Sadie says:

"So am I."

Annie's reaction is what has Twitter feeling all emotional. She pauses for a beat and begins to smile, then gives Sadie a hug.

Season 2, Episode 8: Sadie Reveals a Truth to Annie - Good Girls (Sneak Peek)

There's no tears, or questions of "are you sure?" or "why would you do this to me?" that are all-too-common in other coming out portrayals. Just unconditional love and acceptance.

Good Girls tells the story of a trio of suburban moms who hold up a local grocery store after life leaves them little other option. The show follows them as they deal with the fallout of their crime, and the effect it has on their relationships.

There was, understandably, quite an emotional response to the episode on Twitter.

The visible (and oh-so-positive) representation of trans guys on television meant a lot to folks.

As GLAAD points out, this is the kind of loving response every child deserves.

Unfortunately, that isn't the reality for many trans folks.

Trans representation in media is nearly non-existant, especially for transmasculine folks.

If there is a trans character in a show or film, they are almost always played by a cisgender actor.

Sadie, a transmasculine character, being played by a transmasculine actor, Isaiah Stannard, is an amazing step forward for the entertainment industry.

It's an exciting step for many.

Isaiah posted to Instagram to thank fans for watching, and for their supportive comments.

If you haven't checked out Good Girls yet, you can watch it Sundays at 10 p.m. eastern on NBC.

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