People Imagine What They'd Do If God Gave Them Admin Privileges On Earth
Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

If you dealt with network or system management, you're familiar with admin privileges.

If not, well basically it means you can change or delete anything in that system.

Sort of God-like powers really...

Redditor ValenFrost wanted to know:

"What would you do if God gave you admin privilege on Earth?"


"Invert controls."

- aphexakira

"Honestly this wouldn't be too bad, of course there'd be a lot of car accidents but after a year or two people wouldn't be able to notice much happened most likely."

- WillTFB

"Imagine wanting to lift your right arm up and end up pulling your left arm to the ground. could you really get used to it?"

- Main-Consideration76


Hard Reboot

"[Start New Game]"

- graperwave

"Message pops up [Are you sure you want to boot EARTH.V5794615.exe?]"

- Vitalis597


Dentistry Is Finished

"Make people have teeth like the crocs. When a tooth is injured a new one always pops out."

- BeeOnAutotune

"Motherf'kers that paid to get their wisdom teeth pulled about to be mad as f'k."

- BigPimpin91


Give a toot, don't pollute.

"Anyone who knowingly litters, sh*ts themselves."

- Eat_Carbs_OD


Empty recycle bin, too.

"Start deleting all the corrupt human files."

- Mediocre-Band9131



"I'd switch the taste of sugar and salt, then lay back and watch the reign of chaos."

- c_changedusername


The Buzz

"Ban mosquitoes."

- the_old_gray_goose

"Why? Just make mosquitoes suck fat instead of blood."

- tfngst

"Great, now we have to deal with morbidly obese mosquitoes now."

- lgndk11r

"We won't have to deal with them very long if it's morbid 🤷"

- mint_tea_0_0


Green New Deal

"I would take the forest grow tool and regrow all the missing forests that some of the NPCs cut down. The system should use the available carbon to satisfy this thus fixing the overabundance of CO2 in the atmosphere."

- Akul_Tesla

"Also, salt marshes! They capture 25-50 times as much carbon for their size as some forest types."

- Finn1sher

"They're on the list. It all depends on how long I have admin privileges for."

"I also got to fix the coral reefs they're major carbon sinks."

- Akul_Tesla



"Set everyone's greed level to 0."

- ArguablyTired

"Empathy to 10."

- Corgiboom2

"Just remove the drive to horde wealth. Nothing wrong with wanting a better life for yourself or your family. It's the impulse to enrich yourself at others' expense that's the problem."

- Tsukikaiyo


Live Long and Snuggle

"Resurrect Harambe."

"Increase the lifespan of dogs and have them stay healthy for much longer."

- ThunderStruck115

"Also cats."

- A-Nery

"Ever since Harambe died literally nothing ever got better."

- Cooldudeyo23


People certainly had a lot of diverse ideas.

So, what would you do?

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