Goat Is Officially Sworn In As Honorary Mayor In Vermont Town—Celebrates By Taking A Dump On The Floor
MyNBC5-WPTZ/YouTube // @katy_fit/Twitter

Meet your new mayor.

The town of Fair Haven, Vermont, has sworn in its honorary mayor––a three-year-old goat named Lincoln.

According to town manager, Joseph Gunter, the "position" of pet mayor was conceived as a fundraiser for a playground and evolved into an opportunity to impart a knowledge of civics to young children.

Lincoln was fitted with his very own mayoral sash when his handlers took him to the town hall for his swearing in. Town Clerk Suzanne Dechame and the select board were on hand to deliver the oath of office.

Oh, and Lincoln defecated on the floor during the ceremony, which is peak 2019.

That's a rather bold move immediately after taking office, and clean-up was left to the police chief and other attendees.

Goat starts term as pet mayor www.youtube.com

Lincoln's already ignited quite the conversation on social media.

Again, this is peak 2019, ya'll.

No context is the best context.

We see what you did there.

Goats for America!

Oh, gurl. You dodged a bullet, didn't you?

Don't be hatin'.

We wish Lincoln well as he serves the rest of his term, and unlike his famous namesake, we hope he avoids theaters in the near future.

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