Inflation rose again this month.

Things are getting out of control when it comes to charging the customer.

So what do we do?

Cut back of course.

Sacrifice... spend the same for less.

At least for now.

Redditor ubewankenubi wanted to chat about how we spend and all the risks involved.

So they asked:

"What have you given up because of inflation?"

I've tried giving up vegetables. I'll only pay so much for corn.



"Ordering any kind of takeout. $20 for one person for a mediocre meal. No thanks."



"Chicken wings."


"This has been my big one as well. Wings at restaurants are well over a dollar each. Some places are closing in on two dollars. I like wings, but I can literally buy steak at those prices."


"I went to the grocery store and a pack of chicken wings was $24!!!! Ridiculous, needless to say I got the drumsticks instead."


8 Months

"I haven’t purchased anything relevant to any of my hobbies in around 8 months."


"I run a local club for my hobby and the first half of the meeting was people sharing what new things they bought and tried (or haven't yet tried). Now the time set aside for that is halved and most people get up and talk about what they 'rediscovered' in their stash."


In the Freeze

"I've started tossing out significantly less food. I'm lucky that I've been able to afford a chest freezer before inflation hit, and it's been a life saver. Any leftover scrap just goes in there. It's mostly for proteins for me as well. Normally I'd just go beach fishing and take at most two or three flounders, turbots, plaice or sole home at the end of the day, but now the entire catch is ending up in the freezer. Great fish to have in stock."


Go for Water

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"Quite a few branded products like Pepsi. Also don’t eat out out much these days."


"Seriously. Soda prices have jumped so much, i hate buying it but we have a Coke problem in the house lol."


There is no issue with generic for most things anyaway, even soda.


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"My husband and I have given up our expensive hobbies and date nights so we can still afford to pay for our kids extra curricular activities. We would live on rice and beans before we made them give up their passions. We had a date night at home last night while they were with their friends. Frozen pizzas and Netflix in sweat pants. It was still fun to us."


paycheck to paycheck

"Just when I started to live comfortably, inflation hit hard and now I’m back to scraping by paycheck to paycheck because, like always, my pay doesn’t keep up with inflation."


"Exactly that, I moved out from my parent's house nearly a year ago, and at first I had a lot of leftover money to buy new furnitures and even a 3 grand computer that I built myself."

"But since a few months now inflation went right into my a** and my groceries went from costing me like 50$ a week to 100$ a week. It's absolutely demential these days, and I can barely live now."


For Fun

"Slowly but surely giving up little side purchases and funsies. It's just now getting to me how expensive essentials have become. My depression specifically makes it difficult for me to meal prep and cook for myself and with both groceries and takeout rising in price I've just been eating less overall."



"My hair. I just cannot afford the splurge on the amount of products it needs to be healthy. Chopped it all off."


"Been cutting my families hair for years now. My husband, lucky likes wearing it short. My kid is in college, and really doesn't care. And I just hack mine to shoulder length now and then. Normally a salon appointment would be $90- tip included. It was hard before all this. Now? I just can't pay that."



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"Moving out of my parents. Even if I get a job in my field with my degree I just received, in my area there's no entry level jobs that would permit me affording an apartment, barely scraping by with a roommate as well. Jobs out of state or across the country don't seem to be hiring either."


Well this is depressing. We need some hope.

Which dropped luxuries would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.