Girls Share The Creepiest Things That Guys Do


Boys.... take some notes...

Gentlemen.... listen up. It's not hard to be normal. Women... and men by the way don't want to be treated like trash. It's real easy to not be creepy. So just be normal. Just do unto others as you want done to you. The ladies have a few things to say. And it's time for men to listen. You might learn something.

Redditor u/DudeManGuyLulz wanted all the ladies out there to shout out some issues by asking.... Girls of Reddit: What's something guys do that creep you out?

Scrub Off...


Shout at me from their cars. LucyVialli

You clearly don't want no scrub. Robot_fat_pants

Not Cool Bro.

My family was on vacation when I was a teenager, and my mom ran into the grocery store while the rest of the family stayed in the car. While she was in there, this dude walked up to her with a note insisting that she had dropped it. He left immediately after giving her the note, which basically had this dude's number saying something like 'you're a beautiful woman please call me.' My dad was livid when he found out and my mom had to talk him from going back and confronting the guy. jonahvsthewhale

No Expiration.


I work with elderly people and the creepiest thing is when old men like 80+ proclaim their neverending love to me. I'm 18 😫. Reddit


Refuse to back off after repeatedly being shot down. I told you that I do not like you and that I am not interested. Following me around like a lost puppy and talking to me constantly while I'm trying to work is not going to change my stance. Shishi432234

It's my Job! 

When I worked as a cashier: "playfully" hold on to the bills they were giving me so I had to play tug of war with them just to do my damn job. AugustaScarlett

I used to just hold my hand out and wait when that happened to me. If they said anything, I'd just lie and say I thought they were changing their minds about the purchase. ElizatheFirst

6 Feet Away! 

Stand too close. The feeling of someone invading your personal space, even just by standing those extra couple of inches closer than usual, sends all sorts of alarm bells ringing for me. Especially if you edge back a little, politely, but they just come back in.

Whenever anyone does this, regardless of how nice a conversation we might have been having prior to this, I just want to shove them out of the way and run like hell (and trust me, it takes a lot for this TubbyLittleTeaWitch to feel like running!) TubbyLittleTeaWitch

I am Woman!


If you message me on social media, please don't call me "baby girl." It's weird. Stackz_of_Lids

Check Please. 

When a guy you have no feelings for starts getting romantic for no reason. I had this happen to me recently and it was unsettling af. He started telling me that he remembers the days I wore a certain dress and calling me late into the night to 'check up on me' and making plans to move into my apartment building.

You can't just start treating me like a GF buddy, without at least checking with me if I wanna date you. Hikosuru89

Do you see that? That's my dad.


Had a guy try to hit on me at my dad's funeral. He was being super creepy, touching my waist on 'accident', invading my personal space, etc. When I asked him to leave me alone he still tried to hit on me. eventually I pointed to the casket and said "Do you see that? That's my dad. So show him and I some foolish respect and leave me alone" He left pretty soon after that. Men, don't hit on women at funerals. Not cute. RandomRedditor699

We owe you nothing!!!

I recently had a Lyft passenger who didn't put in an actual address but he pretended like he did. Spent the whole ride asking me out, then told me I went way past his address and that he wouldn't tell me where to go unless I agreed to out with him. Then tried to get me to go into his house with him.

STOP DOING THIS NONSENSE!! Learn that no means no. We owe you nothing. Kindness does not mean interest, especially if we are at work. thebicoastalbisexual

Define Happy....

Message me on FB, see that I'm married, then say "I gotta ask... are you *happily* married?" No dude, you didn't have to ask. Go off into the sun. foul_dwimmerlaik



Try to block my way. Have had men "playfully" stand in doorways and refuse to move and get upset when I get agitated.

Start calling me by pet names when we've just met. I gave my number to a really sweet guy, we texted and in about an hour he was calling me his queen and princess and all sorts of just... Really weird, intimate nicknames. I told him I was uninterested pretty soon after that. Hooooooboi

"Where's my hug?"

"Where's my hug?" Scrappy_Larue

My friend (who has never had a relationship so he's decently deprived of physical contact and recently told me he's unsure about his sexuality) has recently started saying "I don't do handshakes, I do hugs" and I hate it. I despise being touched unless I'm the one to initiate it. He knows this. It leads to a bunch of really awkward moments where he clearly expects me to apologize for not giving him a hug. Like we are both grown men, I saw you 2 days ago, you live 3 blocks away, stop trying to coerce me into a hug. MagnusTheBlack

Not Interested. 

When you make sure to tell them that you have a boyfriend and aren't interested or they either get agitated and say you're bullshitting and call you names or keep pushing further and further until you're cornered. Shining_Vulpecula

Uhm.... ok.


"Can I get a pic of you? I promise I won't ask for nudes immediately." That's not reassuring. IAmNotAWoodenDuck

So Beautiful...

Tell me I'm pretty over and over. Once is a compliment, repeating it sporadically throughout the conversation at regular intervals is weird as hell and makes girls uncomfortable. MissSangwitch

Musical Chairs.....

Probably not as bad as some of the things here, but there was the boy who I use to sit near in a few classes and we talked here and there cause we had a few of the same interests. Then one day he came out and said he liked me, I told him I didn't and we were still friends after that but he got a lot more persistent, he'd bring his chair a little too close to me, if I moved to sit with someone else he'd drag a seat near us, if I spoke to any other guy he would literally start yelling at them and when I told him to stop he just said he "being protective of his girl."

i was super uncomfortable the whole time and had to switch seats or transfer out of any class we shared because my anxiety would shoot through the roof when i saw him, guys (and girls) don't do this it's seriously awful. _Aesukii


When I was 16 I honked at a poor girl because I was 16 and she flipped me off. It was the first and last cat call ever attempted.

Thank you anonymous girl for not just looking down and shuffling off and showing me in a very exact way how my behavior was received. DukeofDouchebaggary

Wake Up Dude! 

I recently had a guy who drove his truck by my house as I was bringing my garbage cans in from the curb. By the time I turned around he had backed his truck up and said I needed to find someone to do that for me. I just kind of laughed and said "I'm good" and grabbed the last garbage can. I thought that was it but then he was still there when I turned back around. "Are you taking applications?" he says. I just say "I'm good, thanks." and head into my house.

The dude sits there for another minute and then leaves.

It's creepy enough having something like this happen. But for darn sake, don't ever hit on a woman in front of her house! It made me so extremely uncomfortable. My husband couldn't even believe it when I told him about it. Costner_Facts

"Just like her mommy"


I'm going to say guys trying to hit on me through my daughter.

"Omg your daughter is so beautiful!" Yeah I mean she's 2 but she's pretty cute.

"Just like her mommy" ... Ok we're going to go. Boobyjuicy


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