People Share Confessions They Need To Get Off Their Chest
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Everyone harbors a secret of some kind, from someone

And even though these particular secrets might be of no harm or consequence to others, many still can't quite find it in them to reveal the truth.

Even if it's something they once did as a child.

Redditor kyyojust gave the Reddit community the opportunity to come clean about their long harbored secrets, by taking to Reddit to ask:

"Whats is a (minor) confession you would like to make today?"

They had it coming!

"I pissed in my bully’s shoes on a field trip to the public pool when I was 10."- eddieswiss

She needed the help

"I entered a Halloween coloring page contest as my little sister and won first place."- drspachemmon

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Making Lemonade with unwanted lemons

"I have a shopping cart in my back yard."

"A homeless person left it in my front yard."

"He took everything out of it, so it was empty."

"It had a "call this number and we will retrieve this cart" phone number on it."

"The cart belonged to a BIG STORE chain that everyone has heard about."

"The person who answered, asked me to identify the cart."

"It had some sort of number or word on it, I don't recall."

"The employee told me the cart came from the store a good 15 miles north of me."

"And to call that store."


"The sign on the cart said to call this number."


"They don't do that anymore."

"Call the other store."

"I called the other store."

"They said they were not going to come and get it, because I was outside of their 'range'."

"Instead I should take the cart to their closer store."

"Me take the cart?"

"Dude, I'm doing you a solid here just by telling you where it is."

"Okay, call the local store."

"Local store says they don't pick up carts that don't belong to them."

"Tells me to call their cart recovery service, who will deliver the cart.'

"Okay, now we are going somewhere!"

'I call the cart delivery service."

"They tell me that they will pick up the cart and deliver it."

"If I pay them $20."


"You should pay ME!"

"'You know it is against city law to keep a grocery store's cart?'"

''You could get arrested for it'."


"Thank you for that advice."

"So, on the advice of the cart delivery service, I removed identifying signs from the cart.'

"It now serves as an aluminum can holder in my back yard."

"I bolted a can crusher to it.'

"When the cart is full, I crush the cans."

"When I fill a 35 gallon trash can with crushed cans, I toss it in the bed of my truck and cash out."

"I get about $30 bucks or so for it, a couple of times a year."- calladus

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I just couldn't bear to face them

"There was a 3 week period of my life where everyday I would purchase a large Dairy Queen blizzard, then park and consume it alone in my car."

"One day I finished my Blizzard but wasn’t satisfied, by this time I had been going to the same Dairy Queen for so long the drive through workers recognized me."

"Instead of pulling through the drive through again I shamefully drove 20 mins away to the next Dairy Queen and got another there."- Complete_Fox733

False pretenses

"A friend I hadn't talked to in a while hit me up with a DM on twitter and I was like 'oh, yay! I haven't talked to them in a long time[ only to found out they were pitching their kickstarter, so it made me a little sad."- Digiko

Ignorance is bliss

"Currently eating an ice cream sandwich and intentionally concealing it from my 2 year old so he doesn’t demand a bite."- flappinginthewind69

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I just didn't want it to end

"I could have finished my entire workload today in maybe two hours flat."

"But I dragged it out."- misterpickleman

A for effort, or E for evasion?

"I didn't attend one of my courses when I was studying abroad in Spain."

"I looked for the classroom on day one, couldn't find it, just didn't go for the rest of the semester."

"They chalked it up to an administrative error and i got full credit for the program."- takethecannoIi

Carrying a secret can result in stress and anxiety, so getting them off your chest will feel like a huge sigh of relief!

Though, there's also no shame in hiding those ice cream sandwiches...

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