People Break Down Which Things Get Hate For No Reason
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We really are quick to judge.

We love to love, but boy do we love to hate.

We'll crap on anything we can, and feel great about it.

So much so that others can't help but ask...

"How about showing some love?"

We need to just let each other like what we like and dial down the drama.

Redditornuser_already_taken wanted to discuss all the aspects of life that seem to be the victim of great disdain.

They asked:

"What's something that's hated for no reason?"

All of these tv apps. But people love them. But that's just me.

Real People

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"Actors because of the characters they played. I read that the woman who played Brian Cranston's wife on Breaking Bad still gets hate mail."


The Go-To

"I always thought it was really weird how in the 90's, every other cartoon's go-to target of hate were mimes."


"Mimes were just inexplicably popular in the 90s for some reason... even Pokemon had to include a mime. It's really weird now that I think about it, right up there with the fixation on dying in quicksand."


"Being a mime means never having to say, 'I'm sorry.'"



"Building lego sets according to the instructions. People would always sh*t on me for 'not using my imagination' and 'ruining what the sets could be.' Motherf**ker I paid $50 for a spaceship, so let me build my go**amn spaceship!"


"My wife and I bought the $180 Space shuttle Discovery with the Hubble space telescope."

"Of course we made that according to the instructions. Which was really fun too. We'd switch who read the instructions and who would actually build it. So when it was her turn to build, I had to accurately describe what was in the instructions without her seeing them. That made it extra challenging and fun!"



"Wile E. Coyote. Personally I hope he blows the Road Runner to pieces."


"Fun story: I got to write my college admissions essay on why Wile E. Coyote kept buying ACME products when they never worked against the Road Runner. The instructions said that 'any answer including the word 'because' would spontaneously combust.'"

"I wrote a 3-4 page essay and, instead of writing an actual conclusion, I wrote, 'Finally, Wile E. Coyote continues to buy ACME products because...' and burned a whole through the paper. I was pretty proud of my creativity on that one."

"Edit: for everyone asking, yes I got in. This was 10-15 years ago, though, so I don't remember much else about the actual content of the essay."


Use Pants

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I do like a nice cargo pant. Leave me be.


Black Cat GIFGiphy

"Black cats. They are so sweet and funny. But psychos go out of their way to hurt them or some people think they are 'bad luck' so they're less likely to be adopted."


Class is in session...

"Dunno how broad this is but teachers who are just trying to do their job."


"I had the sweetest teacher who was made the victim of a nasty instagram account making fun of her body (she was a little overweight) students would take photos of her without her knowledge and zoom in on areas and post to the instagram. I never knew about it till the principal talked to our whole class. The creator, followers, likers, and commenters all got in major trouble. that teacher never came back to finish the rest of the year… makes me so sad…"


Hi Guy

"Guy Fieri. Dude has donated millions to charity and done phenomenal things for the world but because he has spiked blond hair and is a meme people hate on him."


"He's the reason I became interested in cooking. He makes it look fun, not like a chore. And how can you hate a guy who just wants to cook great meals for all of his friends? Plus, Guy Fieri is the Mayor of Flavortown. If you don't respect the man, at least respect the office."


What's Abnormal?

"Guys liking 'feminine' things. I grew up in Vietnam and lived there until the age of 15. I’m a guy who played dolls and house with my elder sister (who is 6 years my senior) when I was 5-6 and subsequently received so much flak and jeering from fellow elementary classmates (both boys & girls)."

"As well as homeroom teachers after I accidentally blurted out about my 'abnormal' playing activities to the world (or my small world). Luckily, my parents just let me be. My dad later told me to not reveal my interests to anyone whom I do not know well out of concern that I might be bullied. He personally bought me a Sailor Moon action figure."


Hi Tommy

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"Liking things meant for people way younger than you. My 17 year old brother likes Thomas the Tank Engine, has a huge layout with buildings, trees, storylines the whole thing. My dad and his girlfriend refuse to buy it for him and actively ridicule him for it. Like.. WTF is it to you?"


Age range...

"Anything that girls between 12 and 16 like."


"It wasn't until I was older that I realized how many things are looked down on solely because they're liked primarily by teenage girls. Even The Beatles were heavily criticized and seen as a joke until their fan base expanded beyond teenage girls. Then they magically became critically-acclaimed legends."


In the pot...

"Beans in chili. People are either super against or all for."


"I hear all the time about beans not supposed to be in chili. I live in a state where they take great pride in 'no beans in chili!' To me they are a great filler, I enjoy them and I don't see why people get so upset. I add them all the time when we make chili just because it makes it a larger pot honestly."


When at Tim's...

"Vegetarian options."


"Haha ya the thing I don’t get is the morons who, for example, when Tim Hortons began offering the impossible breakfast sandwich start commenting on their post 'you just lost a customer.' Like wtf, nobody is forcing you to order or eat it, they simply are offering it to anyone who might enjoy it."


"There was similar outrage when Cracker Barrel offered impossible sausage as a side. Again, they didn't take anything away, just added a new item, but damn did some people vocally lash out on social media."


Not SO Bad

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"Nickelback. I don’t care for them but they’re hardly the worst band out there."



“'Basic b*tch aesthetic' — not my style, but let people do their thing!"


"People are so lacking in self-awareness about this that even when Bo Burnham released 'White Woman's Instagram' poking holes in this kind of shallow mockery, people couldn't believe it and started going through mental backflips to say that no, Bo is just saying that basic bitches are stupid and fake! He holds up a mirror to his audience and they say, 'Hmm, can't be me. Anyway.'"


Newer is Better

"Using a computer for its intended purpose even if it's old as long as it still works. I’m going to specify what I mean. Basically I use older computers as old as 12 years old and I use them to run applications that a chrome book can’t run. I bring some laptops to my school but there are some people who are bothered on how old the PC is and often bug me to buy a new one."



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"Cosplay. it’s just makeup? and acting? literally everyone does it on halloween but once you put a name to it it’s 'weird?' Or it’s just an art form sure some people can be cringey but the actual art itself isn’t."



"Nuclear power. Coal kills more people every year and releases more radiation. Also coal kills the planet. Almost all accidents can be solved by automation and using different kinds of reactors."


"It’s also a necessity to have in order to move away from coal and other fossil fuels. Solar, wind, and hydro are all amazing, but besides for geothermal plants nuclear is the most consistent and the only one that can be operational nearly 24/7."

"Edit: source. Also turns out I made a mistake: nuclear is more consistent than geothermal."


Let's just be kinder. No hate.

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