People Divulge Which Things Gen Z Isn't Ready To Hear Yet

Enjoy your youth while you've got it, Gen Z.

Reddit has a thing or two to share with you and we'll be honest, it's a little bit of a buzz kill. So if you're currently enjoying being young and cool, you might want to just keep right on doing that.

But if you're already jaded and feeling hopeless, then sure why not pile some more on that?

Reddit user TreatAlternative6908 asked:

"What’s something Gen Z isn’t ready to hear?"

and yeah ... some truth bombs were dropped. Thing is, we're not really certain any of this is stuff Gen Zers don't already know.

It's very possible they just don't care, which is honestly kind of admirable.


simpson abe GIFGiphy

"That one day you too will be outdated"

- yesiknowimsexy

"I used to be with 'it', but then they changed what 'it' was. Now what I'm with isn't 'it' anymore and what’s 'it' seems weird and scary. It'll happen to you!"

- heridfel37

"Oh this! Clothing style, vocabulary, everything of me is outdated. I'm the crotchety old man complaining about people whipping their phones out to twittledee twat this and that... and I'm only 35."

- Kuli24


"Just like harry potter/disney/anime/lol comic bacon culture millennials, you, too, will one day be an embarrassment in the eyes of teens and anyone else who isn't chronically online."

"Quit seeking the most moral and respectable of interests - just be f*cking cringe! Just enjoy sh*t even if it's not cool!"

"Be a decent person, but enjoy tiktok, or youtube gamers or sh*tty music or anime, or whatever."

"Nothing matters! Enjoy your hobbies and shed guilt from your guilty pleasures"

- puzzlekitty

"Best thing about growing up is enjoying hobbies and interests more openly, not giving a f*ck what others might think."

"As a bonus, you'll also meet people with shared interests since you're broadcasting instead of hiding it."

- MoistDitto

"💯 This is literally THE BEST thing about being an adult."

"I'm 45 and I like comic books and Halloween. And IDGAF who knows it because I'm happy when the pumpkin spice comes out!"

- Icelegion3000

Choose Wisely

"The choices you make today matter. You are not invincible."

- YourFatherHere1

"Especially bad health choices."

- Academic_Snow_7680

"Yes please take care of your teeth too."

"You don’t want to be 25 trying to get braces or fillings and have to pay it yourself. Things get really expensive and you’ll find ways to put that on the back burner. Which only makes it more costly"

- idk-though1

"I’m in my late 20s now and my friends who have neglected their health have night and day different living experiences compared to others who try to eat healthy and exercise."

"I’ve seen some friends who were fit and healthy leaving college turn into big unhealthy lazy slobs because of the poor choices they made."

- TGrady902

Yay For Average!

What Are You Celebrating Fred Armisen GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

"You don’t have to strive to be famous or to go viral. It’s perfectly ok to be average."

- AHotColdBrew

"Average is ok. Ok is average."

''You should be so lucky as to live an average life with a family, job, friends, home, etc."

- the-zoidberg

"Totally agree. Being average is underrated"

- SalmonellaPox

"This is actually very comforting advice."

"I feel like everyone my age is obsessed with being famous or making a name for ourselves and that causes a lot of anxiety for people. Especially when they don’t have a lot of followers or don’t 'make it' by a certain age."

"This is definitely something myself and a lot of people needed to hear."

- RedQueenoftheGay


80S Dancing GIFGiphy

"The 'cool' clothing you’re wearing now will look silly in five years."

- jessek

"But might be cool again in 30 years."

- chillin1066

"And silly in 32 years"

- CaptZombieHero

"I feel like the actual stuff that was in style didn't really come back, just the niche subculture stuff."

"Like Emo style is huge now but you're not seeing too many people walking around with cargo shorts and pink polos with the collars popped, or cartoon characters drawn like gangstas."

"Come to think of it, studded belts were almost universally seen as cool and those aren't really back either."

- Maninhartsford

Happy Is Good

"It's not uncool or irresponsible to be hopeful, joyful, gracious, or to happy with yourself."

"Take a break from the news and the internet if it's making you too anxious to really live. It's cliché, but I mean it! "

"Turn to your community and make change and relationships where you can see them in real life. Let yourself be inspired and don't listen to older grumps who want to yuck your yum just because the world keeps turning."

- Material_Marzipan302

"Lead with light and love."

- cynbad89

"As a gen z kid, I actually really needed to hear this. Thanks."

- CrazyComedyKid


Will Ferrell Lol GIF by NBAGiphy

"I’m in gen Z, and I would say that one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that it’s okay to not be opinionated."

"It is far more beneficial to yourself and others if you take time to listen and understand multiple viewpoints instead of seeking to form a concrete opinion."

"Along those same lines, it is okay if your opinions change. That shows that you are growing and learning about what you value most in life."

- megstheace

"Yes people. You are not a hypocrite for changing your views."

- GrimKreeper098

"And you don't have to form an opinion right away."

"You can do the research, listen to those multiple viewpoints, and meditate on how you really feel about the issue. It seems that we are judged on how quickly we can make snap-judgements, which often leads to just conforming to public opinion out of fear."

- RasaraMoon

Positive Isn't Positive

"Toxic positivity isn't positive."

- Punkstarbabe

"Can you help me wrap my head around the idea of 'toxic positivity'."

- Amethoran

" ' Good vibes only '."

" 'But my dog just died and I'm worried about-' "


- camp-void

" 'Good vibes only' people stunt emotional growth and healing. Not every experience is a good one. Things can be traumatic and we need to be honest about them to process and move forward, otherwise we stay stunted and in denial."

"That can make a person really unstable, especially when their perfect 'good vibes' world is shaken a bit."

" 'Good vibes only' people have decidedly bad vibes, honestly."

- [Reddit]

"Ironically, the exact same people that do this also make long virtue signaling posts about the importance of mental health."

"Like 'Don't be afraid to speak up, but also I'm going to bully and shame you if you do. Good vibes!' "

- Blahblkusoi

"THANK YOU as a member of the Gen Z I know too many people like this and they all think I’m a d*ck because I won’t go along with"


Hustle Culture

frustrated homer simpson GIFGiphy

"Do not kill yourself a la hustle culture. Once you've damaged your mental and or physical health, it's very hard to get back to where you were."

- Educational-Candy-17

"So much this. I burned out three years ago, just at the beginning of COVID. In spite having the luxury of being able to rest as much as I needed to to recover, I am now only say 75% back to the energy levels I used to have, and it's much harder to just 'roll with the punches' in the way I used to."

"Do not do it to yourself."

- Jiktten

"I’m a millennial and this is the mentality my father planted on me. Mental health wasn’t a thing in his vocabulary."

- 1millionkarmagoal

"I've never seen anyone benefit from the hustle culture. Eventually they burn out and mad/sad how all that work didn't do sh*t to their lives and what they really wanted they never got."

"They eventually quit that job and find a better one in their mid 30s believing they ruined their life doing non-stop work in there 20s and ruining every relation they had in the process."

- ghigoli


Secrets Of The Dead Biology GIFGiphy

"The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

- nanorhyno

"And dissociation of BCL2 results in the formation of a BAX/BAK channel that releases Cyt-C from the mitochondria, which result in activation of the apoptotic pathway."

"Thus the mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell as well as the bringer of destruction."

- mh078

"Knowledge is knowing mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell."

"Wisdom is knowing mitochondria ARE powerhouseS of the cell."

"Oh I’m sorry, let me rephrase so people can understand!"

"The commonly repeated phrase 'the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell' is wrong because ‘mitochondria’ is actually plural."

"So people who repeat this phrase while rolling their eyes saying that they didn’t learn anything useful in school are actually revealing that they didn’t pay enough attention and don’t know as much as they think they know!"

"Moral of the story, for further on-topic discussions, is this: Gen Z, you may think you know something, but it often will be wrong."

"Don’t get overconfident. Stay humble and curious because making assumptions will lead you astray in this world."

- ghostly-smoke

"You are my hero this day good person."

- MusicalAutist

Let's flip the script a little in the comments.

Now that Reddit has dropped some wisdom for Gen Z - what would Gen Z like to say back?

Sound off!

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