Fast Food Workers Share Their Funniest Customer Experiences

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Fast food restaurants attract a wide and varied clientele.

Owing, of course, to the fact that they are speedy, relatively inexpensive, and often delicious, if seldom nutritious.

With so many fast food restaurants to choose from, often situated right next to one another on major highways, it's easy to become confused as to which items are on what menus.

Or if we're really in a hurry, we might find ourselves driving up to a drive through window and ordering a cheeseburger and fries, only to realize we're at a bank.

Ludicrous as the idea might sound, such encounters have definitely happened.

One simply needs to ask an employee at any of these fast service establishments for proof, and they will likely share their stories with glee.

Redditor YangWenli1 was eager to hear the most ludicrous encounters ever experienced by employees in the fast food industry, leading them to ask:
"Fast food workers, what is your 'Sir, this is a Wendy's' moment?"

Always Look For The Golden Arches

"This is really weird that this became a meme, because I swear this is true."

"In about 95 I was driving from New England to Florida for a college spring break trip."

"Somewhere in South Carolina we stopped at a Wendy's."

"Near the hallway to the bathrooms they had a big map of South Carolina and I said to a person 'can you tell me where we are?'"

" I was pretty clearly indicating the map."

"The lady said, 'Honey, you in the Wendy's!'"

"I was like.... thanks ok."

"So no big Macs."- Wobblebut

Sorry, We Don't Accept That Here...

"One time this older dude rushes up to order and slams a coupon on the counter saying 'I want this!'"

"I pick it up It has menu items for KFC."

"I ask him 'What exactly would you like to order?'"

"He instantly gets disgruntled with me for not reading his G*d damn mind and shakes his finger at the coupon and said 'Well Whatever is on the coupon, obviously!?' in a condescending tone."

"I just look at him for a minute and say word for word 'Sir, this is McDonald’s'."

"I don’t know what you want me to do with this KFC coupon."

”He looks at me dumbfounded."

"Then looks behind me at the menu and around the store, yells 'Awh, Sh*t', like this isn’t his first time walking into the wrong establishment, grabs the coupon and storms off."- BALD-HEADED_HOE

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Seriously, Is It That Hard To Read the Menu?

'"You don't have tables?'"


"'I'll just have the general chicken'"

"'This is a Pizza Hut'."

"'Fine, just a few egg rolls'."

"'How about a pizza?'"

"'Why would I order pizza at a Chinese restaurant?'"

"'You're right, that would be stupid'."- mochablendedfun

People Still Use Checks?

"Dude came to drive thru."

"I open the window, 'sir, how can I help you'."

"'I'm outa checks', "he replies calmly."

"'Not sure I follow you', I say."

"'I'm outa checks', he says again more impatiently."

"'Right, I heard you but I don't know what you want me to do about it'."

"You can pay with cash or card too'."

"Dude gives me a weird look then says, 'Oh this ain't the bank'."

"And peels out away from the window."

"I'm a pharmacist."- avatarlevel

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Make The Most Of It...

"I used to work at Target and they hired a new girl, who had previously worked at Walmart, to work the fitting rooms, and by default the intercom system."

"A few days after she started she was about to make an announcement over the intercom and I guess habit took over because she started the announcement with 'Attention Walmart shoppers'."

" She realized her mistake and made a good recovery with 'you are in the wrong store'."- Yodajrp

"Another One Bites The Dust..."

"I was working at Braum's and this guy went on a whole rant about how Queen and all the bands from the 70's-80's are working with government to erase memories."

"All because he heard a lyric wrong."- InfiniousBeatz·

Level Your Expectations

"Y’all wouldn’t believe the amount of disappointed rich people who come to Panda Express and find out we aren’t serving authentic Chinese food."

"Once a well traveled rich woman came into Panda Express and stood at the buffet line for about ten minutes, critiquing our 'mistakes' and explaining how Chinese cuisine doesn’t actually have fried wontons with cream cheese filling."

"Ma’am, we just fry what came in the bag from a warehouse in California."- Upstairs_Cow


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