People Describe Their Absolute Funniest 'So That's Why That Rule Exists' Experiences
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Rules are generally meant to maintain some semblance of order and to keep people in line.

However, that doesn't mean people necessarily follow them.
Rebels might say rules are meant to be broken, but they eventually find out the hard way when they refuse to abide by them.
Just like how you conveniently didn't see the "Do Not Trespass" sign, right? Oops.
Curious to hear some examples of why we should adhere to recommended protocols, Redditor latinx-the-great asked:
"What was your 'so THATS why that rule exists' moment?"

These incidences involving parents lead to unpleasant consequences.

Blinded By Love

"Why can't I go in my parents bedroom at night… I WAS 12!"


Do Not Disturb

"Uggh same. Only with my grandparents. My memory is puposely fuzzy on this, and I'm not really sure what I saw, but it was their anniversary. That's when I learned why you knock."


Swing And A Miss

"While camping I was chopping wood into kindling when my dad says, 'Honey, you NEVER chop wood in sandals or flip flops. You need to wear proper shoes just in case you swing and miss. Wouldn't want to chop off your toe.' I say OK Dad! Take a big swing, miss and the damn ax lands right next to to my big toe in the dirt. I've never seen my dad smile so big."


Ignored Warning

"My mom told us not to try and climb up the water slide we had that slid into the pool. I figured it was because she was a fun-hater. Really it was so that you didn't slip, fall face first into wood planks, almost break your nose and eye socket, then get the skin on your eyelid glued back together causing a permanent scar between your eyelid and eyebrow. I learned the hard way."


Why The Scar?

"Whenever I would open or break down cardboard boxes, I would always sweep the knife or scissors toward my other hand that was holding the box still. I was told at least 100 times to not cut toward myself by my mother and grandparents."

"I now how a pretty large scar on my left hand from accidentally stabbing myself with scissors and I no longer cut towards myself."


Workplace hazards abound.

The Crash Pad

"Working retail, one of the racks in the back room had a giant wad of foam stapled to it."

"What's with the foam?"

"Oh, you'll find out..."

"One day, in too much of a hurry, I turned around quickly and smacked my face right into the foam. Broke my glasses and cut my nose open."

"Would have KO'd me without the foam..."


It Makes Scents

"I work for a warehouse that manufactures different products; one product is made with pure peppermint oil. The stuff we get is very concentrated (literally go home every day smelling like Christmas). The restrooms are on the other side of the warehouse so my boss had a sink installed so people could easily wash themselves off if they got any oil on themselves."

"One big rule that is HIGHLY encouraged is to wash your hands before you leave that area of the warehouse to do anything, even before going to the restroom. Every single person has only broken that rule ONCE, because it only takes one minty private area to learn WHY you wash your hands first."


What Blow Dryers Are NOT Designed For

"Did you ever see the tag on a hair blow dryer that says 'Do not use while sleeping'? Silly, right? Well... I met someone whose family all sleeps with a blow dryer ON in their bed. They still do it after the daughter woke up to a scorched bed and the mom says sometimes the blow dryer 'sparks'!! Incredibly stupid people."


No Cellphones

"No cell phones while on the clock at work, has been the rule for the last two jobs I've had and there's been no exceptions to it. I'd need about fifty pairs of hands AND feet, and NO I'm not exaggerating, just to count the number of people fired because they were caught with their cell phones on them."

"The two major reasons for this rule have been because a couple of people were on them constantly and not doing their jobs, and about three or four people were caught taking pictures of customer's credit cards. So now if you're caught with a cell phone while clocked in, it's an automatic termination."


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Sounds Fitting

"Clothing stores have signs posted that read:"

'LIMIT - no more than 3 items allowed in fitting rooms'

"When a store manager was asked why, he said:"

'Shoplifters will often take many items into dressing rooms without any intention of trying them on. They do this in order to stuff one or two items into bags, switch labels from more expensive to less expensive items, as well as to distract sales people in the fitting room area.'

"Often, shoplifters will leave items they don't want inside the dressing room so sales associates can't tell which ones they've taken and left behind."


For Back Protection

"Lift with your legs, not your back. I am not a fitness expert but I did do some temp work warehouses where having proper form is important. I do not want to get any hernia discs or anything."


The things kids do can lead to painful consequences. Which is why these rules were set in place.

The Reason For The Rule

"I guess this is cheating since I'm the reason for the rule."

"When I was like 9 I went to kings island in Ohio, there was a restaurant in the park that had bars laid out for people to queue in. My family was literally the only customers there, so as they were waiting naturally I decided to run back and forth under the bars. I was young and short enough where I just had to bend a little to run under them. My hands came up a little, and I was running full speed. My arms caught the bar, which pulled my head up just enough to knock my two front teeth clean out spewing a bloody mess:"

"Fast forward over two decades later I'm back at the park. Same restaurant now has chains instead of bars and a sign saying don't run underneath them. I chuckle to myself and ask one of the workers what the story there was."

"Oh like a decade and a half ago some dumbass kid f'ked his mouth up running into bars that were there."


No Running

"No running around the pool. My friend split his head open chasing someone around the pool deck."


Young Daredevil

"They taught me to never jump off spinning chairs at school, so out of spite, I jumped off the spinning chair THE SAME DAY they talked about the dangers of standing on a spinning chair."

"I ended up spraining my leg. It was a really fun experience explaining to my parents, doctors, and teachers what I had done."


Extra Precaution

"Remember the simple 'look both ways before you cross a road'. I still do that, even when the pedestrian light is green for me. Case in point, walking across the street when it's green for me and almost getting my foot flattened from a car driver that wanted to rush over his changing traffic light when it was already yellow."


Mind They Fingers

"Back when I was in 8th grade we had a tech class that would cycle to different rooms for different learning. Well one of the rooms was woodworking and my teacher for that room told us to 'make sure your fingers are clear of the band saw and to never give the wood a final extra push at the end'".

"Well I was always curious why he said that at the end there and then at the end of the school year he told us that about 10 years ago he had a kid cut part of his thumb off by giving the block of wood an extra push on the band saw."


I learned my lesson about not running a long time ago.

I used to be a part of a young adult performing group where we rehearsed and performed in a mall food court. During one of our lunch breaks from rehearsal, I needed to use the restroom so bad, I ran to beat the other kids from getting to the toilet first.

When I rounded the corner, I slipped in a puddle of urine in front of the urinal and fell. Needless to say, I had to use the sink as a makeshift bathtub to rinse myself.

I'm grateful I didn't break any bones from falling that day, and the embarrassing incident prevented me from racing to get to the bathroom since then.

That's why we don't run, kids.

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