People Share The Funniest Things They Actually Believed As A Kid

People Share The Funniest Things They Actually Believed As A Kid
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When we're young we'll believe anything. That's because we rely on the adult world to guide us.

Why would we doubt what we're told?

Once you hit a certain age though, it's astonishing when you look back and realize... "Lord how gullible was I?"

Santa, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, a fair democracy... we really thought anything was possible.

I miss those days, even if they were a facade.

RedditorCuriousGeorge2007wanted to talk about how easily we were entertained when we were young, they asked:

"What is the stupidest thing you believed as a child?"

I think the Easter Bunny is my most shocking... "You actually believed that?!" I had to though, that's how I got the Cadbury eggs!


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"I asked my parents how the bottles with the child-proof locks knew that it was a child trying to open them." ~ itsaanya

So Fancy

"For some reason my brother and I thought the smaller the salt and pepper shakers, the fancier the restaurant. McDonald's- big shakers, not fancy. I told this to a friend and he bought me some exceptionally tiny salt and pepper shakers when we moved to a new apartment to make my home as fancy as possible." ~ sensualsqueaky

The whole package.

"Once when I was two I climbed a chair and took my sister's meds. The whole package. Needed medical attention and everything. Growing up, my sister always told me that her medicine capsules were filled up with pepper. I hated pepper, so I wouldn't even touch it. I kinda wondered why she would need pepper everyday, but believed her nonetheless. To me, all capsules were pepper." ~ OphrysAlba


"For a long time I had a weird superstition about twitches. When I'd be thinking about something and got a twitch on my right side I thought that was my subconscious giving me an affirmative answer. Left side was negative. It got to a point where I'd flat speak to it directly. Asking yes/no questions."

"But at some point it seemed to start messing with me. Always leading me astray. So, it flipped. left become yes, right became no. But it eventually figured that out and started freaking with me again. So it became a thing of trying to trick it, but eventually I just couldn't trust it either way and stopped listening." ~ Gr1pp717

"no exit"

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"That "no exit" signs on certain streets meant that once you go down the street, you can never leave. Needless to say I had a full on meltdown when I found out the house we were moving into had a "no exit" sign on the street. I equated it to basically being imprisoned." ~ Horror_Lumpy

Kids, kids, kids... always question authority! Nobody told us that as quickly as they should. I'm sure that's part of the plot though.


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"Steel wool comes from sheep that graze in iron-rich pastures." ~ Back2Bach

The Large Hole

"I thought the Easter bunny lived in the sewer drain pipe next to the local gas station. My logic was that bunnies lived in holes, I thought the Easter bunny was human-sized (person in a rabbit costume) and thus needed an appropriately large hole to live in most of the year. The largest hole I knew was the drain pipe (the kind that looks a little cave in the steep grass area next to the road)."

"I thought it was the gas station one specifically because there was always candy wrapper trash thrown into that area. So essentially I thought of the Easter bunny as a homeless guy dressed up in a rabbit costume, bumming it in the gas station sewer." ~ sneakylilthang

Show me your teeth...

"It's not that I didn't believe in the tooth fairy, it's just that I thought I had a better plan. Instead of getting a dollar every time I lost a tooth, I decided to save all of my teeth and then cash them in for around $20. $1 couldn't buy anything, but $20 could buy a pretty cool toy. By the time I was old enough to have all my baby teeth, I was too old to believe in the tooth fairy and my parents refused to give me the money. So instead, I have a jar full of baby teeth." ~ NeedsMoreTuba

I Hear You

"I believed everyone could hear my thoughts. So I would try and regulate my thoughts in the presence of other people. Some coincidences used to happen that made me feel like it was all true (for example I would have a rude thought about a teacher and they would turn around and mad dog me, or I would have funny thoughts and randomly some person in my vicinity would start to laugh)."

"This went on from ages 9 to 15, and I didn't bother to speak to anyone about this because I assumed they would all lie to me anyway. I became a very paranoid person with a schizoid type personality." ~ Outrageous-Monk-6281

Just Walk

drunk GIFGiphy

"Drinking and driving referred to all drinks. Used to be so scared when my parents had a soda or something." ~ Lameguy95

Drink all the soda you love. Just remember, sugar is not your friend. And have a good laugh at the person you used to be.

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