People Share Their Funniest 'Sir, This Is A Wendy's' Experience
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Ah, yes, we are in the age of the unsolicited non sequitur outburst.

You know the kind, where you mention the weather and someone launches into a rant about Jewish Space Lasers causing wildfires.

It's time to bring them back to reality and say, "Representative Greene, this is Congress."

Redditor darodori asked:

"What’s your 'Sir, this is a Wendy’s' moment?"

If your wife was treated here...

"Not me, my daughter. She answered the phone, appropriately, 'Radiology'."

"Guy on the phone was looking for some test results, but she couldn’t find his name, or his wife’s name anywhere. Long confusing call."

"Finally she asks for the name of the animal."

"'What animal? I’m asking about my wife’s test!'"

"'Sir, this is a veterinary hospital'."

- Sparky-Malarky

What was the answer?

"My wife was doing an interview and the interviewer asked her 'How she would handle a situation if there was an elephant in the room'."

"Not being familiar with the phrase she proceeded to describe in detail all the things she would consider to help get the elephant out of the room."

"The interviewers allowed her to finish and she didn’t realize it until she told me about it later."

- Overrated_22


Coupon Clippers

"I actually work at a Wendys, and someone tried to use an Arby's coupon."

- QwertytheCoolOne

"I worked at A&W and someone gave me a McDonald's coupon for a Big Mac."

"Sir. I literally can't make this for you."

- Opening_Wafer_3952

"Similar story, I work in an auto shop. A customer came in with a coupon for Jiffy Lube trying to get us to use it."

"After a few minutes of arguing I actually looked at the coupon. It was only $1 less than our regular price."



More Coupons

"One time this older dude rushes up to order and slams a coupon on the counter saying 'I want this!'."

"I pick it up It has menu items for KFC. I ask him 'What exactly would you like to order?'”

"He instantly gets disgruntled with me for not reading his god damn mind and shakes his finger at the coupon and said 'Well Whatever is on the coupon, obviously!?' in a condescending tone."

"I just look at him for a minute an say word for word 'Sir, this is McDonald’s. I don’t know what you want me to do with this KFC coupon'. He looks at me dumbfounded."

"Then looks behind me at the menu and around the store, yells 'Awh, Shit!' (Like this isn’t his first time walking into the wrong establishment), grabs the coupon and storms off."

- Apprehensive--Toe

9-1-1, what's your problem?

"Former police/emergency dispatcher."

"People would call for all sorts of things, like settling an argument over the rules of Monopoly or other board games, answers to crossword puzzles, complaints about the weather, etc..."

"My favorite over the years:"

"'The power's out, can you have the fire department come over and hook up a generator? I need to watch the ballgame'."

- Faelwolf

That won't fit in the book drop.

"I worked in the tech department of my university’s library. Some guy called and asked who he needed to contact to donate his body to the medical school when he died."

"I was like 20, and I had no idea how to respond especially since the medical school is another campus."

"I explained to him that he needed to contact the medical school, and he told me he already had."

"I was like… okay… I can’t really help you. This is the tech service department of the library."

"I was on the phone with him for like 35 minutes."

- spiderlegged

Did she see cars?

"A woman came in our shop demanding to help her fix her car because it was our job to do so."

"I worked in a pawn shop. I told her that the car repair store was at the corner of the street and she got the address mixed up."

"She looked ashamed and I never saw her again."

- Ok-Age3061

Driving Them Crazy

"I used to work at a drive through coffee stand. Two guys came through, clearly high af, asking for cheeseburgers."

"We explained that this is a coffee stand, we have breakfast sandwiches, but if they want cheeseburgers they’ll have to go down the street to Jack in the Box."

"It took them a solid 5 minutes of us re-explaining this to them before they understood."

"Another time it was super early in the morning, working at the same coffee stand. A woman rolls up and it legit looks like she’s sleeping."

"She orders her coffee and hands me a punch card for a different local coffee stand. I said oh wrong card (happens all the time).

"She looks at the card, looks at me, looks around, and says 'what, where am I?'"

"And I’ve just realized neither of these people probably should have been driving, yikes 😬"

- pnwrdh

First ExxonMobil Trust

"Had a guy scream at me over the phone because I told him I can't transfer money from his savings to checking."


"I work at a gas station."

- Jaycket

At least it wasn't your core warranty.

"I work at a nuclear power plant."

"A few years ago, the control room emergency phone number got out to telemarketers."

"We get a call on the emergency line. One of the reactor operators picks it up 'xxx power station emergency line'."

"He hears a click [of a person being connected]. Then some dude is asking if we want to upgrade our home security system."

"The reactor operator is like 'Do you have like, microwave or infrared detectors? Oh no, we do. Do you have an option for hand geometry scanners?'."

"This goes on for a few minutes and he’s finally like 'Dude you called the control room for a nuclear reactor. You don’t have anything that could upgrade what we already have for security. Never call this number again.' and hangs up."

"I was dying laughing."

- Hiddencamper


The Origin?

"This is really weird that this became a meme, because I swear this is true. In about 95 I was driving from New England to Florida for a college spring break trip."

"Somewhere in South Carolina we stopped at a Wendy's. Near the hallway to the bathrooms they had a big map of South Carolina and I said to a person 'Can you tell me where we are?"

"I was pretty clearly indicating the map."

"The lady said 'Honey, you in the Wendy's!'"

- SabinaDrumm


We've probably all been on one side of this situation as either the confused person or the victim of their confusion.

What's your story?

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