Teachers Share The Funniest Excuses Students Have Given For Late Assignments

Often times you learn just how creative a kid is when they're being deceitful.

Homework and assignments are going to be late sometimes.

It's a part of the school cycle.

Instead of getting miffed, take solace in the off-the-wall, nonsensical excuses students come up with.

Back in my day, that first 10 minutes of class was practically a comedy hour.

I mean talk about Oscar worthy performances...

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Redditor blobbytheblobfish2 wanted to talk about all the reasons behind students turning work in off schedule.

So they asked:

"Teachers of reddit, what's the funniest excuse for being late, not doing homework, etc... you've ever heard from a student?

My go to was always killing off family members.

My life was a massacre for awhile in high school.

Mr. G

Baby Boomers Ok GIF by Originals Giphy

“'Not gonna lie Mr. G, I got in an argument with ****** in the hall. He wants to fight me at lunch. I don’t wanna wuss out but I’d lose that, can you come stop him before he starts s**t?'”

“'Uhhhh…. Sure!?'”

"9th graders are wild."


In a What?!

"I was late once cuz someone threw my bike in a tree. There was no room in the rack so I just threaded the lock through the frame and both wheels. Someone must have tried to steal it and then got frustrated when it wouldn't ride and threw it up into a f**king tree. It took me a while to get it down and untangle the bike lock but luckily I had a photo of it in the tree to show my professor."



"Not a teacher, but I remember in 7th grade a kid walked in a few minutes late and the teacher asked why. Kid said he was looking for a screwdriver because his belt broke. Teacher said he wasn't buying it and told the kid to sit down. Kid said fine, took 2 steps, then his pants fell to his ankles in front of everyone. It was freaking hilarious and perfectly timed comedically."



"My mother was a high school teacher over a decade ago, and once had a student come in half way through the first class and say he was late because he was 'escaping from the pigs.' She didn’t really think much of it, and ignored him. However he was arrested before school ended. It’s one of her favorite stories to tell. 'Sometimes it’s scarier when they don’t lie to you.'"


What about your Safari?

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"I had the same kid, tell me twice, that his dog ate his chromebook. He said he used his chromebook as a plate to eat a steak and the dog ate it."


Know the details of your lies kids.

Burgers next time

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"My first year teaching, it was 4th grade, and one student informed me that she hadn’t done her reading the night before 'because we had pizza for dinner.' It’s been 20 years and I’m still confused."



"The kid’s homework sheet was ripped in half. He said his sheep ate it. I asked why he had his homework outside with the sheep, and he said he didn’t. The sheep was in his kitchen. I asked why and he said they usually let it in the house. He said this in a tone that was like, 'duh.'"

"So later, I asked another kid, who lived next door to this kid, if his neighbor really had sheep in his kitchen. He’s like, 'yeah. That’s why my mom doesn’t let me eat dinner over there anymore. She thinks it’s unsanitary.'"


Miss. Potnineo

"My friend and I used to walk to school together and one day we arrived a bit late and my friend was able to truthfully say 'Sorry we're late Miss. Potnineo got hit by a car.' We had been crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights and the light changed right after I stepped off the curb, and I guess the driver was so focused on the green light that he didn't even notice I was still passing in front of his car."

"He started to pull forward, hit me (very slowly obvs), I wasn't hurt but was very startled so I screamed and slammed my hands on his car bonnet to steady myself and not fall under the car. The driver proceeded to yell at me for hitting his car and then drive off. We were already running late anyway and the car incident was over within a few seconds, but it made a great excuse."


Mooooove Along

"Cows got out last night and I had to chase them home all night. I knew the kid and the family so it wasn't a lie. Good kid who was obviously tired. I told him not to worry about missed homework."


"I used to be the manager of a fast food place in a rural town. There was once a cow in the drive through. It did not respond to me yelling at it. I didn’t get paid enough for that sh*t."


You're Excused

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"'Please excuse Janet from class today. She is in the hospital having her baby' (brought to me by a sibling)."


"'Please excuse Robbie for yesterday. He was home with the Shitt*ns.'"


Poor Fish

"Once one of my classmates was late because their pufferfish had escaped."


"Escaped where? It’s a fish!"


Cat Problems

"Our cat set my son's 3rd-grade homework on fire by knocking over a lamp. I had worked on it with him earlier, it was finished, he was in bed, and the cat wanted to join him. Knocked over the lamp where the bulb was laying on the papers."

"The smoke alarms went off, my son ran screaming from the room, my wife grabbed the baby and ran outside with the son."

"The fire was JUST getting started, and I was like, may as well try... so I spit in my hands and patted out all the burning paper."

"I packaged up the burnt paper with a full note to the teachers."



"It isn't funny but it is the one I remember clearest. He said he was too tired."

"Kiddo was at school till 2, then would go to german lesseons from 3 to 4:30. Then had English with me from 5 to 6:30. Then he would have to go to French from 7 to 8:30. He was 8."

"He was too tired in my class to even sit up. I got to know a lot of bad parenting styles as a teacher."



"We had a student that got chased by a pack of wild dogs as he was getting out of his car and making his way to the building. He ended up hiding in a tree for like 2 hours and missing multiple classes. The teachers did not believe him until the school administration looked at the security footage and saw that he did indeed get chased by a pack of wild dogs. I should also add that it was in a suburban area"


It even happens to teachers.

"It wasn’t a student, it was me, the teacher. I was marking a students exam and I had a brand new puppy. The ONE time I leave work on the sofa to get a biscuit, Persie (poochie) chewed the whole thing. That was embarrassing to explain the next day. A few years later my then one year old drew all over an entire class worth of books. My husband was watching her btw 🤦♀️. Again, it was mortifying trying to explain that to a class of laughing children!"


Kids are funny. Until they're crazy.

Do you have any hilarious excuses that you or your classmates have used? Let us know in the comments below.

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