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Hilarious moments are blind to timing. They seem to strike at the absolute worst times, when laughing would be completely inappropriate.

But when hilarity strikes--maybe because someone misspoke or some Three Stooges-esque physical comedy erupted out of nowhere--us humans are defenseless.

We cackle and guffaw with the same sudden impulse of a sneeze or blinking.

Only after that initial chuckle do we have the wherewithal to suppress it under a covered mouth, rocking shoulders, and even tears.

rockosmodernbuttpug asked, "What's the funniest thing you've seen someone do that you weren't allowed to laugh at?"

Thankfully, Crying Can Look Like Laughing

"Great Uncle's funeral.

"The vicar was doing his thing, but when he said 'our soul,' in his posh-ish accent it sounds just like 'arsehole' and it got me. I managed to keep it together the first time, but after the second one I could barely hold it back...."

"It was something like, 'our soul is something we should cherish, it defines who we are...'"

"I was stifling laughter to the point of tears, my mum said after she thought I was crying."

-- F***TheseNewPlastics

One Man Show

"A guy was acting as his own attorney. He was questioning himself in court by standing up, asking a question, then sitting down to answer it."

"The judge finally looked at him and said, 'Sit down, Mr. X.' I almost lost it, but managed to hold my court demeanor."

-- Hellabore

A Dick Manifesto

"At my friend's grandfather's funeral. The first sentence of the pastor's speech was 'We are all here because we love Dick so much.' His name was Richard."

"This holy man gave a 15 minute speech about his love of Dick and how Dick changed his life. My wife and I did not make eye contact through the entire thing for fear of busting out laughing in a quiet crowded church."

"It took me about a year to ask my friend his thoughts about it and apparently he was close to losing it too."

-- TigerGuitarist

Til the Very End

"A friend of mine who was always late to work died after an epileptic fit. The undertakers and vicar got delayed and he was late to his own funeral and it was the most fitting and hilarious moment and he'd have loved it."

"But obviously you can't burst out laughing when the staff at a funeral tell you that he's not there yet."

-- Miraclefish

Corpse Slapped

"I was in a cadaver lab for an anatomy class, and that week we were learning hip and upper leg muscles. My group were at the table and one of the guys proceeded to roll the cadaver leg over, from looking at the hamstring to study the quads."

"We didn't realise that the leg belonged to a male until its manhood slapped him straight on the back of his hand."

"Entire group was breathing super hard trying not to laugh and appear disrespectful in the eyes of the tutors, but I honestly reckon the guy would've been laughing with us."

-- code1520

Taking It in Stride 

"Paramedic here, watched a drunk falling down a bunch of stairs."

"He then just screamed at his friend to get him a new beer because he dropped his. Nearly pissed myself."

-- Sir_f***_off

She Knows Not What She Doesn't Know 

"Just two nights ago my picky daughter was telling us that she didn't like meat loaf, no way, no how."

"Then she described a Japanese hamburger steak that she wanted to make: hamburger, bread crumbs, egg, ketchup, soy sauce, etc."

"When she was done, I said that she described the exact thing sitting on her plate, and she got really mad. Laughing only made her madder. Couldn't stop laughing though."

-- GooberMcNutly

Nothing Else to Say 

"I was watching hunger games in theaters and the Rue death scene caused a reaction from the person behind me that left me laughing so hard I thought the people who didn't hear her would think I was a horrible person."

"Right when the spear hits her I heard this 'O DAMN' from behind me like the most stereotypical dumb reaction gif sound effect of a dude getting kicked in the nads."

"It clashed with the scene so much and was the only time the person ever spoke it just cracked me up"

-- nightbrother42

Committed Revenge 

"Helping a Grade 2 class (~8 year olds) and one of the kids was just so loud. He was running around the class when one of the girls held out her arm and clotheslined him."

"I was able to keep a straight face for that but she kneeled down and yelled, 'Boom!' at him."

"He started crying, they both got a detention, and I almost bit through my tongue."

-- asolitarycandle

Growing Into It 

"My step Dad was an Italian from Manhattan. He had the classic Italian mobster accent. We all live in Minnesota, born and raised. So his accent was definitely different from what we're used to."

"My brother loved to playfully make fun of him by imitating him by saying classic Italian mobster exclamations along with the hand mannerisms. Stepdad was a laid back guy and found it funny and the banter between those two was very light hearted."

"So, one day, we were having a small get together at our house with my mom, stepdad, my brother and a few friends. We were all hanging out outside when my 4 year old daughter excited started saying 'Uncle Pauly, Uncle Pauly! Watch this!'"

"As everyone watched, she went over to a piece of dog poop, pointed at it by shaking her open palmed hands, and exclaimed in the most perfect Italian Mobster accent 'What the f*** is thiiiis?!' She even did the head bob perfectly."

"We all stifled laughter."

-- Spookyredd

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