People Describe The Funniest Bathroom Graffiti They've Ever Seen


Bathroom graffiti is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sometimes it's crude, sometimes it's ridiculous, sometimes it's obscene, and sometimes it's funny.

Like... really, really funny. And clever, for that matter, as we learned after Redditor mashyoo asked the online community, "What's the best bathroom stall graffiti you've ever seen?"

"At my college..."

At my college someone started one of those "Describe your poop with a movie title" lists.

I just hope whoever put The Thin Red Line went to a doctor.



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Then a long list of random people over the years.


"A complicated..."

A complicated mathematical derivative equation, written line-by-line in several colors and handwriting styles over the course of two weeks.

Upon completion someone else wrote "Are nuts the derivative of trees?" below it.


"And below that..."

Next to the sink somebody had written: "Think."

And below that next to the soap dispenser somebody had written: "Thoap"


"In Paris..."


In Paris I once saw a text in Arabic saying "This is only here to scare people who are afraid of Arabic."


"It's the only..."

"Support bacteria! It's the only culture some people have."

  • Seen at the University of Louisville, late 1980s

"Underneath it..."

"My mother made me a lesbian."

Underneath it someone replied:

"If I give her some yarn, can she make me one too?"


"Written on the wall..."

Written on the wall above a urinal: "Why are you looking up here? The joke's in your hand."


"I had met a friend..."

I had met a friend that I hadn't seen in years at a Chili's. I ordered the Monterey Chicken and it tasted fine. We chatted, had a beer, caught up and after a while, I got that old familiar feeling like something wasn't sitting right.

I excused myself to the bathroom and proceeded to have one of the worst experiences of my life. I was sweating, my stomach hurt, it felt like the mighty Mississippi was flowing for a solid 10 minutes.

After several courtesy flushes, I sat there stewing in my own misery, head in my hands and I looked up to see written on the door in front of me, "That wasn't chicken."

I never laughed so hard in a public bathroom stall in my life.


"I work in construction..."

I work in construction as an electrician. At my current site, someone took the time to draw handle bar mustaches on all of the little mirrors on the doors. Apparently I'm the same exact height as this guy, and I can't walk out without laughing my butt off when I catch a glimpse of myself.


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