Be it for an office bonding trip, a birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party, or just a fun outing with friends, it's hard to beat a good escape room.

Searching your themed room inside out for clues, hoping you'll make it out before the timer goes off.

Of course, there is little more frustrating than being told you've run out of time.

No matter if you were one or twelve clues away.

As a result, super competitive players might go to desperate lengths to find a way out.

More often than not, only finding themselves getting even further off track from the clues in front of them.

Redditor nervousbeekeeper was eager to hear the most absurd and hilarious things people thought would help them get out of an escape room, leading them to ask:
"Escape Room workers of Reddit, whats the most absurd thing players have done?"

An 11th Hour Save...

"So this isn’t necessarily absurd on the players side, but instead from the Game master."

"One time our players were doing the bank heist theme, done in the dark and you have headlamps, and about 4 puzzles in one of my employees realized they had an item in their pockets still."

"So we brain blasted for a couple minutes and decided the best course of action was to pretend the employee was a 'security guard' and walk around the bank."

"So we went over the room intercom and warned them to hide cause it looked like the security guard was coming to them."

"Seeing all of the players hide in complete fear was priceless."

"One guy wasn’t even hiding he was just sprawled up against the wall."

"Our 'security guard' walked around, said 'hmmph everything seems good' and placed the item down on the desk."

"It was legendary that they didn’t suspect anything."- PM-ME-YOUR-VAN

So Many Questions...

"I did an escape room with my family and the workers have to tell you not to lick the light bulb."

"This is because some guy thought if he licked the light bulb the answer would be revealed on the light bulb."

"The only answer he found was light bulbs are hot and can burn you."- chazminor6

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Locked In With Bad Company...

"Attended a 'Saw' series' themed escape room with my SO and some randoms since the room required 4-6."

"We get locked in to start, chained to fixtures like the dark room scene from the movie - lights are off."

"As soon as the thing starts one of the randos says, 'I have a gun in case we need to shoot someone'."

"I thought he was joking."

"We all did."

"Eventually the lights turn on and he pulls out a real gun and sits it in the sink and says, 'I'm leaving the gun in the sink in case something happens to me'."

"It's for everyone'."- JokerSix

It Always Happens When You Need It The Most...

"I did an escape room with a group of friends."

"At the end, you found a flash drive which was supposed to be plugged into a computer."

"We opened the document and there were instructions to print."

"We got print, and the printer gave us an 'out of ink' error."

"We assumed this was part of the game and started looking for a magenta cartridge."

"Then an employee slipped in the room, replaced the cartridge, and told us to hit print again."

"Apparently it was not part of the game."

"They just ran out of ink."- mizboring

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I Could Go On Singing...

"I went to one where there were three identical rooms which teams competed in at the same time."

"If you finished, you then got to watch and listen to the other teams."

"Our team did pretty well and we got to watch the other two teams try to complete it."

"Anyway, there was this one lock which was a number combination and you solved it by finding some sheet music in a book, with five notes on it, which corresponded to numbers."

"The piece was entitled 'The Key' or something similar so you knew you needed it for the lock."

"Anyway this other team instead of converting to numbers and putting in the combination chanted this five note tune at the lock."

"When it did not work they tried again, then again, then someone else tried. "

"This went on for 10 minutes and got louder and louder."

"Eventually the game master stepped in and told them it was not going to work."

"Apparently they were the only team ever to do that."- staticman1

Less Than Graceful Seduction...

"I one had a group of drunk guys go in and they ran through their allotted hints pretty quickly."

"They asked for another hint and we said over the speakers that they were out of hints."

"One of the guys threatened to start taking off his clothes until we gave another hint."

"We didn't even have to give him the extra hint."

"His friends chilled him out and ended up finding the next clue pretty shortly after that."- trash_confetti

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Cutting To The Chase...

"My buddy guessed a lock's combo which gave us the final clue, but we had not found the other ones."

"We ending up solving the room backwards."

"When the room administrator came in she had nothing else to say but 'What the f*ck did you guys do?'"- maarten-col

It's easy to get riled up, and succumb to doing ridiculous, usually humiliating, things when you see the clock ticking away above you.

Thankfully, the embarrassment is easily washed away with a few drinks afterwards.

Further down the line, you'll find yourself owning your buffoonery, with a story guaranteed to earn. some belly laughs for years to come.