People Share The 'Fun Facts' No One Asked For
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Off the wall, random information can be of great use at parties.

Now there is also the info we'd be better off not knowing.

But we gotta take the good with the bad.

Redditor SoggyCereal12 wanted to hear about information everybody would rather not know, or have no use to know. (So cover your eyes).They asked:

"What's a 'fun fact' that nobody asked for?"

I do love good facts. You never know when you'll end up on 'Jeopardy.'

Come and Knock on Our Door

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"Between 1913 and 1914, Sigmund Freud, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Emperor Franz Joseph, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Leon Trotsky lived in Vienna within 4km of each other. Talk about sitcom idea!"



"Baby kittens and puppies can’t urinate and defecate on their own. Their mothers lick their genitals to prompt them to do so and then also cleans it up. Most people don’t know this if they happen to be taking care of an orphaned young kitten or puppy so this it ends up being a cause of death for a lot of them."

"If you ever take care of an orphaned kitten/puppy or know someone who is you must use a damp paper towel or wash rag to wipe their bottoms until they urinate or defecate. 🌈 The More You Know ⭐️."



"German submarine U-215. Sank during WW2. Didn’t decompress though. It’s still sealed on the bottom of the ocean with 49 people inside. I’ve always wondered what went down in there…"


"Death by asphyxiation most likely."


The Water Buried

"Lake Superior does not give up her dead. The waters of Lake Superior are so cold that the bodies and the majority of stuff from shipwrecks is preserved. The Great Lakes (all of them) are basically just giant ship graveyards."


"It’s true, in fact people training to dive for sunken ships and other items come from around The world to train in the Great Lakes. I love this about Michigan, I live here and hear about it from time to time. I desperately want to get into one of those programs. But they are $$$$."


H20 Shots

Summer GIF by krima&isaGiphy

"Dragonflies suck water up their butts and shoot it out like jets when they get tired."


Dragonflies are weird. I run from them.


Good Morning GIF by Taco BellGiphy

"When a rooster crows it partially pinches shut its ear canals so it won't deafen itself."


So Many Parts

"Kangaroos have three vaginas. I forgot how I learned that."


"And two uteri! They can be perpetually pregnant. That’s why sometimes you might see a mother kangaroo ditch her young Joey when in danger because she’s almost got two more on the way already."


"They can also halt pregnancy until the time is right."


Unsinkable Sam

"On 1939, February 14th a German battleship was launched and was sank with only 118 of the 2,200 crew members surviving. Among them was a black and white cat named Oscar which was found floating on a board and was picked up from the water by a British ship."

"On October 27th, 1941, the ship sank to the west of Gibraltar and Oscar was found clinging to a piece of plank and was later brought to the shore establishment in Gibraltar. When British officers learned what happened they named him 'Unsinkable Sam.'"

"After that he was adopted by the crew of the HMS Ark Royal and in 1941, November 14th, a torpedo hit the ship. Sam was AGAIN found clinging to a piece of plank and was described as 'angry but unharmed.' By this time it was enough for the por cat and remained its days on land hunting mice in Gibraltar and then being transferred to the UK where he lived his final days."

"And this was the story of 'Unsinkable Sam.'"


The Binge

"There was a Finnish soldier named Aimo Koivunen who got separated from his unit. He had no food or weapons, and to avoid dying, took enough methamphetamine for 30 men. During his insane drug binge, he skied about 250 miles, passed over a landmine and survived, and caught and ate a bird raw. That's just a few details, I recommend actually reading about this absolute legend yourself."


Good Ole Abe

abraham lincoln animation GIF by weinventyouGiphy

"Before he became president, Abraham Lincoln was an elite wrestling champion. In 300 matches, he only lost one. Bonus fun fact: He was also a licensed bartender."


Well those aren't so bad. Good Abe sounds cool.

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