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It's so helpful to have an interesting personal fact in your arsenal.

That little tidbit of information might save a lull at a party, come in handy during a job interview, or keep things flowing during a date.

And some interesting facts are made even more interesting by how unbelievable they are. Sure, it often gets annoying to provide a backstory or context every time you share, but at the very least it's a great conversation starter.

Some Redditors shared the personal facts that nobody ever seems to believe.

MrAntiquity47 asked, "What is a fact about yourself that nobody ever believes?"

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Multiple Times

"I've been on fire, twice. As a child. I f***ing hate fireworks" -- IDontHave20Letters

"Let me guess, you didn't light it." -- Ganondorf66

"And fireworks seem to hate you" -- yournanna

A Lot Going On Here

"White guy, born in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and spent most of my childhood in Kingston, Jamaica."

"People didn't believe me in high school, but these days this fact mostly elicits raised eyebrows and a 'oh really'?!"

-- drkesi88

Almost Sounds Impressive

"Banned from China for life"

"My father is a listed as a political refugee and apparently because of that our family is blacklisted from ever entering."

"I tried to go when I was younger and was turned away at the border. I ended up seeing Bhutan and Nepal instead."

-- AceValentine

Grade School Must've Been Tough 

"My first name is very unique. People always ask where it's from and if it's foreign."

"I have to explain that no, my dads just dyslexic and misread my name in the baby book so changed the spelling to suit his pronunciation."

"No one ever believes me."

-- Myneckmyguac

A Unique Entry Point 

"I got vaccinated as a baby, like any normal person. BUT the nurse who did it thought it would be a good idea to not put the syringe in my arm, but in my forehead."

"I have a scar on my forehead because of that. People never believe it, but my mom has a picture of me with the syringe in my forehead."

-- minjaeiii

If It Works, It Works 

"I wake up at the stroke of 3am seven days a week with no alarm."

"What people have a hard time believing is that I enjoy it greatly."

"I've worked early shift six days a week for about a decade now. I used to sleep in on Sunday, then I couldn't fall asleep on time Sunday night and I'd be sleep deprived and feel like sh** on Monday."

"I resolved to keeping the same hours every day, and within a week I didn't need an alarm anymore."

"Before the pandemic, 24h businesses afforded me great convenience, and a socially distant laundromat and shopping experience."

"On my day off, I was a 4am regular at the deserted laundromat, hit the grocery store around 5:15, and would have all my sh!t done by sunrise."

-- Washjockey


"Both of my parents have a twin sister named Jenny" -- ParwasHately

"Is... Is it the same twin sister?" -- Gosenco

"I'm a twin, and married to a twin" -- Sd022pe

Basically Tom Cruise 

"I had sex with a girl who had sex with a guy who had sex with a girl who had sex with Tom Cruises former publicist." -- Bucket_O_Beef

"Sex Telephone" -- Yoylecake2100

A Good Excuse for Lazy Sundays

"I'm allergic to sunlight, like, actually, not in a 'haha i like to play video games' way - it doesn't matter how I say it, it's always understood the other way" -- Signal-Presence8867


"There's a girl I went to high school with who's allergic to sunlight. That, combined with her fashion sense (very goth) and the field she went into (mortician/funeral director), makes her seem a lot like a vampire." -- probprocrastinating1

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