Frustrated Students Reveal The Worst Teachers They've Ever Had

Frustrated Students Reveal The Worst Teachers They've Ever Had

Frustrated Students Reveal The Worst Teachers They've Ever Had

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Being a teacher is difficult, we'll admit. So we can understand the occasional melt down or bad day. We all seem to have had that ONE teacher, though. The one who was an absolute mess from beginning to end, or who just couldn't seem to figure out how to not be a terrible person. We all have that one teacher who just gets under our skin and stays there. One Reddit user asked:

Students of Reddit, what's the story of the worst teacher you've ever had?

Sand Is A Liquid?

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A teacher once told me that sand was a liquid, because you could pour it. I then raised my hand and told her that if you had a big enough container, you could pour bowling balls. The class laughed, and about 10 minutes later I sneezed. She thought I said b.s. and sent me to the principal's office.

Theory Of Gravity

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I once had a teacher berate me in front of the class for asking why gravity is a theory and not a law.

Stupid people shouldn't teach.

Fighting Back

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This was a gym teacher. The other kids would often bully me and sometimes beat me up. She would only intervene if I fought back and that was to punish me and me alone. I went to the guidance counselor one time after getting kicked out and told him what happened. He called her and she said that I was attacking them and they did nothing. Since she was the teacher and I was the student, you can guess who the guidance counselor believed.

Bloody Test

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One time while taking an exam in my Calculus ll class, i got a random bloody nose that dripped right on to the test. After explaining what happened, she said if I leave the room to go clean up I wouldn't be able to retake. My options were to grab another test and start over halfway through, without being able to copy my previous answers, or leave and fail the exam. I walked out of the classroom and withdrew before I got to my car.

Substitutes and Bathroom Breaks

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When I was in kindergarten, my first teacher, she got pregnant so she had to take maternity leave. Then she got replaced with a substitute teacher to teach my class for the rest of the school year. She was very strict and she was not very nice. I had issues with her. But I was a very good student, quiet and kept to myself. One day I asked her that I had to use the bathroom but she refused to let me go. I really had to go but ended up peeing on myself. I remember going to the nurse and then they called my mom. My mom went up to the school and had a meeting with the teacher, the principal and someone else.

2 Days Later that teacher was fired.

Pre-Recorded Reading Sessions

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When I was in 9th grade, the school I went to could not afford enough books for everyone in the English classes to have a copy to take home. (They only had like 30 copies and they had like 4 classes of 25 students.)

So what they did was have us read in class. But rather than have each of us read to ourselves, the teacher read to us. I think it was because they wanted the entire class at the same place in the book? This was 9th grade. It was a little insulting, IMO, to have a teacher read to us.

But it got worse. The teacher quickly realized that it's no fun reading the same chapter to 25 students four times a day, so she brought in a tape recorder and would record herself reading to the first class. The three other classes got to sit there and listen to a recording of her reading the chapter while she sat at her desk and did who knows what.

I've never been one who liked wasting time, so I went to the library and checked out a copy of whatever book we were reading and would read it at home, finishing it in a couple nights whereas it would take a week or more to have it read to us in class. The English class was my second to last class of the day, so I'd use that time to do homework from my other classes that day and, ideally, not have any work to do after school.

No Time For Allergic Reactions

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My high-school aged son has severe peanut and eggs allergies. His school wasn't nut or egg free and served both for breakfast and lunch. They had a tiny nut free table but only kids with allergies could eat there and my son is incredibly social and never sat there because he wanted to eat with his friends. I told him it was dumb but it wasn't my decision. He's the one who has to live with his allergies. He ended up accidentally consuming something containing his allergen and started feeling like he was going to go in anaphylaxis so he got up and went to tell the teacher so he could get his epipen. She told him to sit down because it was 5 minutes before they had to leave and no one was allowed to get up in that time for some reason that I don't understand.

He ended up going into anaphylaxis.

She fortunately had the epipen on hand and was able to treat him but he still had to go to the hospital. That wasn't a fun call. The teacher wasn't fired but we ended up transferring our kids out of that school for unrelated reasons. It was a good decision.

"Learning This Material Together"

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I had a computer science teacher who didn't really even teach the class. First day of school he stood up and said, "I'm going to be honest with you guys, we're going to be learning this material together" he then pushed us all onto online code camps. The beginning of every class he also spent the first 20 minutes going over anything under the sun except for programming. If your phone went off at any point during the class he said that you had to buy the entire class donuts, but he was exempt from the rule.

That's Gonna Be Tested

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I am not sure this qualifies. I like reading from an early age and was excited to learn literature in junior high. I had a teacher who just completed her post grad diploma and for an entire year in literature class she would just flip pages and say things such as 'Turn to page 88. Highlight paragraph 3. That's gonna be tested'

One day she had to make up a class on Saturday and started telling us how much she hated her job and she couldn't go get wasted on Friday night because she had to show up on a Saturday morning and teach a bunch of stinking kids. She then proceeded to ask us to turn to some page and yell 'Just highlight everything. The entire page will be tested!'

She got fired because she got caught having sex with the IT instructor in the computer lab.

Not Cheating

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I remember having this awful English teacher in 5th grade. First of all in my country no one speaks English properly so we had 2 English books-Literature and grammar. I used to love reading a lot and my grammar was pretty good so when she would be solving a particular page with us, I would be on the other 3 pages and waited for the teacher to come to my page to check my answers.

One day she saw me not writing and asked me why was I not writing to which I replied I had already finished so she asked me to erase all of the 3 pages and solve with her pace. Not only that but the worst part was we had a very difficult lesson in literature once and we had questions on that the next day. When I submitted my book, she outright said that my parents had done it for me. It kept on going like this until once during a test she accused me of copying and when I told her that I would be happy to take the test again in front of her she told me I was arguing.

When she took me to the principal's room to take another test, she gave me the toughest paper for a fifth grader but any how I got 18/20 on my test and finally believed that I didn't cheat.

Drugs And Matted Hair

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My English lit professor was late to class everyday. She was clearly on drugs. On top of that she didn't shower, her hair was matted, and she was SO rude. She gave us homework and never took it up or graded it and then would show up and say it's test day with no warning. I had to drop that class after I failed the first test. I believe most of the class dropped after that exam and she didn't come back the next semester.

"Future Squeegee Kid"

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Oh, let's see. This teacher

  • threw a chair at a student
  • nearly threw a desk at a student
  • threw his keys at a student
  • threw chalk at students... hard
  • didn't believe that I could read chapter books... in grade five (as a 10-year-old)
  • we were learning about ph values and tested bleach. It came out as a base because it is a base. He was surprised and told us it must have changed from being an acid because it had been sitting on the shelf for so long
  • made a kid do detention in the hall with a sign that said "future squeegee kid"

He was all-round a pretty poor teacher with a terrible temper. Maybe he would have done better in high school when classroom management is a little easier. Middle school? Not so much.

Women Do Not Have Eggs

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When I was at primary school (for ages I think around 7 or 8 till 11 in the UK) we had a class on sexual education. A kid asked a teacher about female eggs and how that works, only for her to scream at him that women do not have eggs and not to be stupid. Wtf?

By The End Of The Year, I Was In A Mental Hospital

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An English teacher I had in high school asked the class to spend half of the class in the library, finding a love poem. I chose Sonnet 130 by Shakespeare. It's not a standard love poem; it says nothing nice about the lady until the very end. She failed me on the project. The very next project was to choose a poem that described our general feelings around that time. I chose a poem from the existentialists. I don't recall exactly which one, but it was about suicide. Again, I failed the project. I'll never forget her response after I read it aloud, "Why would you choose something so awful and sad??" A girl in the class said, "maybe that's how he feels?" She sent me to the principal's office for punishment. By the end of that year, I was in a mental hospital for attempted suicide. I was there for 3 months.

The Whole Class Fell Silent

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Second grade

Had a cool girl named Deja in my class. Our class made a joke where we'd say "Deja" and then "VOOOO" in a loud and deep voice

Teacher was super ticked and took Deja's bag (the rectangular ones with the two metal bars on the back) and slammed it against her back. I heard the most blood curdling scream of all time and the whole class fell silent.

Idk what happened to the teacher since this was near the end of the year and I moved away after school ended (for unrelated purposes)

Single Line Syllabus

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My Welsh professor. She assigned textbooks that were out of print, couldn't explain anything, responded to questions by repeating herself, and her syllabus was just header info and a single line that said, "the purpose of this class is to learn Welsh."

Pratt Daddy

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Mr. Pratt. He was a subsitute teacher I had in high school in the 90's. Inner city school, he was an older black dude with a loud mouth. There were a lot of ahole students though, who always mouthed back to every teacher which made learning difficult.

Mr. Pratt had an odd choice when responding to these kids. Imagine a well dressed, but definitely ghetto sounding substitute who when a student tried to act out, would pull a fucking puppet, obviously custom made and looked just like him, suit and all out of his desk. He would then start berating the student via the puppet. The puppet was called Pratt Daddy by the way. He would make the student talk to the puppet, and apologize. Most didn't, they were laughing and tried to talk over Pratt Daddy... in which case Pratt Daddy, the puppet, would kick them out of the class and lock the door.

Then the puppet went back into the desk drawer, and Mr. Pratt continued....

It was odd.

RuPaul's Drag Race

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My professor skipped about a third of our classes so he could be on RuPaul's Drag Race. Mind you, I was in two of his courses at the time. I have significant gaps in my knowledge because of this and HE DIDN'T EVEN WIN.

Especially By A Woman

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I was studying Architecture a few years ago. I was taking a class which was in charge of this renowned, elderly teacher/architect.

So we were having a debate of form vs. function, and I made a point the teacher didn't agree with. Most of my class agreed with me and a few classmates made similar points. Right after class, the teacher pulled me aside and told me he didn't enjoy being embarrassed in front of his students, especially by a woman, and then said I wasn't welcomed to his classroom anymore.

I ended up "failing" the subject and had to take it again with a different teacher the following semester.

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