Remember when iPhones ditched the headphone jack? The world lots its mind. Other industries have made comparable decisions, and consumers have to make do - like having to pay for checked baggage on planes, or not being able to swap out car radios anymore.

skiskate asked, What was the "removing the headphone jack" of another industry?

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Right? We can form our own opinions.

Taking the blurbs off the backs of books and replacing them with review quotes.


There's some unforunate truth here.

The park systems removing trash cans from recreational areas replacing them with "leave no trace" signs. Yeah I agree people should carry out their own trash, but in my experience, they won't.


There was nothing like it.

Removing home multiplayer in the Video Game industry.


To be fair, most new cars don't have traditional keys.

Removing the exterior key lock on the passenger side door of almost every new car made.


Looking at you, NYC apartments.

Removing the bathroom fan from newer hotel rooms. (Yes, I totally want to hear my family members poop in the name of efficiency).


This blew my mind too. 

Those motion sensors on every public sink in existence these days. At least half the time they don't work, so you end up feeling like an idiot going from sink to sink waving your hands around. And when they do work, the faucet is usually way too short and you have to have your hands up against the back of the sink to get them washed. Wouldn't foot controls be 1000x better?


The struggle is so very real.

Not being able to listen to music via YouTube anymore while still using other apps on your iPhone.


What dipstick thought this was a good idea?

Removing the transmission dipstick in the auto industry.


Ah the good old days.

Free checked luggage on plane travel.


"Sorry, I didn't catch that."

Removing the human from customer service phone lines.


Honestly? Yeah.

Messing with the Windows Start Menu!

I didn't ask for this app-oriented crap, Microsoft.


Just like luxury cars.

John Deere's new tractor firmware won't allow anyone but a John Deere technician work on the machine.

Farmers are notoriously practical when it comes to repairs because tractors inevitably fail when you are up at 5 A.M. during harvest season, live miles away from civilization never mind a registered John Deere repair center, and absolutely cannot afford any downtime.

It's so bad that people have been illegally modifying and sharing firmware from eastern Europe because it doesn't have the limitation.

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Disposable tech has its downsides.

Planned obselesence. Every industry.


Expensive razor blades.

Switching from safety razors to proprietary cartridges that cost literally 50X more. I've been using de safety razors for a couple years now and they work great and it costs like ten cents per blade. I think the main reason they switched was so they could jack up prices.


Floppies are still the most secure way to store data (like the nuclear codes).

I remember thinking my Dad was crazy when I crashed my computer and he replaced it with one that didn't have a drive for my floppy disks. He kept telling me it was going to be the wave of the future! One day no one would use floppy disks! I just kept saying, "Let's just assume you're correct. How am I supposed to turn in my homework TODAY Dad?!" Surprisingly, I was somehow able to manage the storm without failing out of high school. Lol


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