Why do some people always need to pick a fight?

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Truly there are some things not worth arguing about. And yet in every corner of the world there is somebody, somewhere, waiting to argue with you about the colors of the sky, or about what two plus two equals. Will we ever get away from these people?

u/Ryiien asked Reddit: What's the stupidest thing someone has argued with you about?

Here were some of the answers.

That's Not How It Works...

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Someone started an argument claiming that if identical twins are separated at birth and raised by different families, then they're not twins anymore.

The Ants Have Wings

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I got an argument when I was around 8 that some ants have wings and some don't. That was the whole argument. This kid absolutely refused to believe that some ants have wings.

It ended with him headbutting me.

The Fabrics In The Storm Cellar

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My ex girlfriend and I got into a pretty heated argument about where the bed sheets should be stored. Personally I just thought that her putting them down with the canned foods in the kitchen didn't seem to make as much sense as putting them with the curtains and towels in the bathroom. But apparently that makes me an idiot.

One Minute Mile...?

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Someone tried to convince me that they could run a mile in 3 minutes. After I called her out saying the fastest was 3 minutes and 43 seconds she then argued that the fastest mile was actually 1 minute .

Hint: We Are

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My mother has argued with me over if we are currently arguing.

A Good Summary Of 4th Grade

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Around fourth grade I was at lunch, and I SAW my friend take my butterfinger out of my lunchbox and she spent the entire 20 minutes trying to convince me it was hers

I Think I Would Know

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My mother argued with me about the hours of operation for the retail chain I've been working at for 10 years at the time. She thought they were closed on a particular holiday, but in reality they only close on Christmas. Half days on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Not that particular day.

Eventually I turned to my father and told him to ignore mom and go to the store to get chips or carrots or whatever it was the party was low on. Which was the catalyst for the argument.

They were open, dad got the snacks, and I was left feeling like my mom had no idea what I do for a living.

Nope We Sadly Have Alaska

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Back in highschool my friend was trying to tell me Alaska was it's own country and Guam was a state.

Sounds Like Trump

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That Vatican City wasn't a country after multiple google searches, the whole class agreeing that it was and even a geography teacher telling him it was

His response?

"I still don't think it is because I can have my own opinion"

Fish Kingdom: Animalia

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My mother insists that fish aren't animals- that they are their own Kingdom like fungi or plants. We were out to dinner and I insisted that we ask our waitress what she thought (to get some support). She said "Oh this is perfect! I'm a bio major actually, so I know she's right. You'll learn about it in college." And 8 years later here I am on the other end of college, my mother still pridefully reminding me how she beat me at that argument.

My cousin also believes that if her parents never met she would still be alive, just in two different bodies. I didn't want to touch that one though. This family is a can of worms

Oh Grace

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Whether or not Timbuktu is a real place. My kids insist I made it up. I've shown them maps and websites to prove its real but they still think I made it up.

In A Pickle

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I was eating a pickle at lunch, in high school. I referred to my pickle for some reason in the conversation. My friend said, "That's not a pickle."

It was a pickle. A normal, big crunchy dill pickle. It looked exactly like the pickle you're picturing right now.

I asked her what she thought it was, and she said it was a cucumber. I said that she was right, but that it was also a pickle. She disagreed. I asked her what she thought a pickle was, then, if not the thing in my hand. She couldn't answer.

It was the weirdest argument ever.

National Ring

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Someone once tried to convince me that Nicholas Cage was in The Fellowship Of the Ring. I was like, "Do you know what the Lord of the Rings is... Elves, Hobbits, Gandalf? Are you sure that you know who Nicholas Cage is? Like, are you confusing him with Viggo Mortenson? No?"

When Adults Are Wrong

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In elementary school, getting off the morning bus, a girl told me that a day is 12 hours long. i informed her, no, in fact, it's 24 hours. this went on for probably 10 minutes straight until I asked the bus driver, to which he agreed that one day is 12 hours. i wanted to scream.

It Goes On Water Though

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I had a 30 minute argument with a roommate once because he didn't believe a canoe was a boat.

Get Ross Geller In Here

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I told a coworker that I was taking a class in archaeology, and was pretty interested in majoring in it. He insisted archaeologists dug up dinosaurs. I explained, no, that's a really common mistake. Paleontologists dig up dinosaurs, archaeologists deal with human stuff.

Dude got really defensive and doubled down, quizzing me on random dinosaurs facts (that he probably didn't know either) and said I would never make it as an archaeologist if I didn't know those things. His final statement was "Well, what if you're digging up a building and you find a dinosaur skull? Huh? What are you going to do then?" before walking out.

Like dude, you would call someone else who knows about said dinosaur? Also, if I'm digging up a building and a f-cking fossil from the mesozoic era is there we've dug too deep.

Dude just couldn't accept he had made a mistake.

History Is Linear....

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Got into an argument that meeses is not the plural of moose.

In high school we were playing a jeopardy game and one of the questions was "The treaty of Versailles ended this war to end all wars". I said ww1 everybody else said ww2...it culminated when my friend asked me "Tupiekit" why would they call ww1 the "war to end all wars" if ww2 happened?" I just responded with "because they didn't know ww2 was going to happen!". We missed that question and the other team got it....

Accept You're Wrong

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I had a neighbor kid who argued with me about a car part I had replaced in my car TWICE so I knew what I was talking about. He is a few years younger than me, so at the time I was probably 20 and he was 16 and I had just replaced the Catalytic Converter on my car. He INSISTED it was called a Catalyst Converter and NOT a Catalytic Converter... We argued for probably 15 minutes about it and it was infuriating how dumb he was. I even showed him proof that the part is called a Catalytic Converter and when we searched it with his terminology it suggested ~Catalytic~ instead of Catalyst.. He still argued and it just made me so angry..

Where Did You Even GET This?

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A girl tried to convince me that hiccups are caused by the gallbladder. Her argument points:

  1. Then why do people with no gallbladder, never get hiccups?
  2. Why can you google gallbladder hiccups and get results
  3. Can you explain exactly how hiccups and gallbladders work? No? Then that means I'm right
  4. Can I explain either of those? No, but I know I'm right

Truly Trivial Pursuit

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In Trivial Pursuit game I answered "USS Eisenhower" or some such in response to a question about ships, and the fool reading the questions insisted I was wrong because the card said "THE USS Eisenhower". This was early in the game. I told her definite articles and conjunctions didn't matter, but she held firm. Other players, including her husband, were afraid to oppose her. I gave ridiculous made-up answers for the rest of the game.

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