Frustrated People Share The Most Pathetic Attention-Seeking Behavior They've Seen

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"Any publicity is good publicity," the saying goes. Our president banked on this concept during the election in 2016, but can the desire for attention really become overwhelming? If so, where is the line? How far would you go for attention?

readycent asked, What was the most pathetic attention-seeking behavior you've ever witnessed?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Ah the old threaten suicide then burn your own house down tactic. Sashay ALL the way away.

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My best friend was in a train-wreck of a relationship with a woman who had some serious issues due to a former partner's infidelity. When he finally broke up with her she would text him endlessly about how she was going to kill herself. I wouldn't normally recommend this tactic, but he just ignored her and eventually the texts stopped.

Maybe two or three weeks after she seemed to have accepted that it was really over, a mysterious fire started in her condo leaving her without a place to live. And despite being insanely wealthy, she really felt like the best place for her and her dog would be my friend's tiny apartment. They just needed something "familiar" after the trauma. He wisely refused.

You will never, ever convince me she didn't start that fire herself.

You can't just "puke up cancer." Busted.

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My mom has custody of my sister's daughters because my sister abandoned them. My sister doesn't ask about them. Doesn't try to visit them. Doesn't call them.

Surprisingly my mom got a call from my sister on the oldest daughter's 5th birthday. Unfortunately, it wasn't to wish happy birthday... it was to announce she had stage 4 duodenum cancer. Which was upsetting, obviously.

Only my sister didn't act sick. She acted excited about all the concern. She never went to the doctors. And people started to catch on. About a year later after people started calling her out on her inconsistencies, she put on her Facebook that she had been feeling sick all week. She puked twice that morning and went to the hospital. And the doctor declared her cancer to be gone. She...puked up... her cancer...

Of course, some dumbasses commented on her status congratulating her for being cancer free. My comment was deleted though. Something to the effect of "really?? You puked up cancer? Why the hell would you take attention away from your daughter's bday with this?"

If you're gonna fake brain cancer, at least be consistent.

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I knew a girl in high school who pretended to have brain cancer. She had terrible theatrics where she would keel over in pain, and other days she would forget to keep up the act and be perfectly fine.

About a month later there was never any mention of it again.

At least practice being fake drunk before you try to act fake drunk.

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Dude at a party has 3 sips of a drink, pretends to be drunk (doing a fairly good impression of a person who's never been drunk pretending to be drunk), falls down. We all knew he was pretending for whatever reason and ignored him. So he stood up and did it again, this time with a comedic yell. We still ignored him.

The struggles of being white.

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Classmate: "My Nigerian boyfriend committed suicide after his parents rejected me for being white! My life is the worst!" Everyone eats that sh*t up and starts gathering around her like a flock of hens at feeding time.

Find out not long ago the Nigerian fella is very much alive, was only ever an acquaintance and they went out for a drink once and only once. He's in a different program at our university but avoids her like the plague now.

She needs a show on TLC - Terrible Life Choices.

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This one girl I know constantly posts on social media about her pathetic ass drama and life. CPS took her kids, when she was "fighting" to get them back, she was posting public pictures of her doing drugs with her bf. She then cried and bitched bc her CPS caseworker saw & made a ton of "poor me" posts about how life isn't fair. Literally the only reason people follow her is that she is such a mess.

The same goes for people who mark themselves "safe" when they're nowhere near what happened.

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People who check themselves into the hospital on Facebook without an explanation of why they're there.

We're approaching peak desperation.

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One of my friends used to take selfies while crying in public and post them on FB, talking about how lonely she was.

But my symptoms! LOOK AT MY SYMPTO...

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My ex was a hypochondriac and addicted to going to the hospital. She would pick symptoms of conditions that my close family members were affected by to try and make me feel that much more sorry for her. One time she called me crying saying the dr said she was "pre-diabetic" because my father was diabetic. So I rush to see her and she's acting like nothing happens, then I bring it up a few days later and she said "oh haha! I just drank a coke before having my blood drawn it must have messed up the test hehe"


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I know a woman in her late 30s who vaguebooks like a middle school student all the f_cking time. Posts like "This day has been the worst. Remind me never to trust you again."

Yeah celebrating one month with a promise ring is nothing like high school. Nailed it.

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I have a friend's mom on Facebook (she's also a grandma) who does this, and she's in her 50s. She posted a flurry of vaguebook statuses after she (presumably) divorced her husband, and she now has a 33-year old "perfect boyfriend". He got her a promise ring for their 1 month anniversary and of course, they both made a bunch of posts on Facebook saying "our love is eternal, it's not like high school with all the drama".


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One woman I know always posts the stuff like....'let's see who my true friends are....if you care about wounded soldiers, share this. If you don't care about wounded soldiers, just ignore it.'

The dog is more important. LOOK AT HIM.

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My dog barking and dragging his anus across the floor in a family meeting.

Sounds like kink shaming but ok. And acting normal at Walmart? Never.

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In high school, a group of us were at Walmart. A friend got down on all fours and was crawling around and meowing at strangers. She even rubbed up on a dude.

This is like people who COUGH DURING PERFORMANCES.

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A girl in HS would fake sneeze because she could not go more than a minute without saying something. I suppose she got off on the attention when people said: "bless you."

Faking a pregnancy is pretty desperate. Really desperate actually.

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One of my coworkers just faked a pregnancy. Shopped an ultrasound and everything. Then she told me it wasn't true. She thinks she's ok and doesn't need counseling after I told her she should probably go talk to a professional. I started distancing myself from that point on.

And I thought I was obsessed with politics...

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The prime minister of my country died. A celeb posted a video of her driving to work, crying, with the voice-over of one of his speeches.

Speeches that are posted... on Facebook.

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The speeches people give about how they're taking a break from Facebook.

As if people care, or even notice.