Frustrated People Share Technological Advancements They're Surprised We Haven't Made Yet


We've come a long way in fifty years, but we haven't even come close to the potential that has been conceptualized in fiction. What SHOULD society look like? Are we destined to be The Jetsons, flying our cars and living several thousand miles above earth?

u/GiantCrayfish28 asked:

With all the recent advancements in technology, what are you surprised isn't a thing already?

Here were some of those answers.

The Splitting Feeling


A cure for migraines. Sometimes it seems more like voodoo rather than a scientific discipline. They can't even tell us why my wife gets them. She just does, and these two medicines that normally treat totally different conditions, when taken together, seem to help for some reason.


The Cost Of Travel

Why is there not a toll calculator implemented into online maps? It seems like it shouldn't be hard for Google or whoever to get the toll data and just display it when you have tolls on your route.


I wonder if there's a specific reason for this. Maybe Google doesn't want to be liable if the price of the toll changes and they get calls from angry customers?

Also don't some tolls depend on the kind of car you're driving, or whether you have one of those electronic fast pay things? Maybe it's too much of a hassle to account for that while keeping the user interface clean.


A Blast Chiller

Reverse microwaves so we can cool sodas and beers really fast.


Take a kitchen towel, get it wet under the kitchen tap, wrap it around your beer/soda/wine, and put it in the freezer. Check back in like 10 minutes, perhaps a little longer.

No, it's not as fast as a microwave, but it is highly effective.


Tooth Hurty

I can't believe no one has figured out how to get rid of cavities without drilling out your teeth. It's so primitive.


My dentist has a laser for surface cavities that is nearly painless. He prefers the drill because it's easier to be exact controlling the speed and pressure.


Air abrasion is a thing. It's basically sandblasting.

First time I went to a dentist after almost a decade of not going, I had 6 cavities that needed to be filled. All of them were taken care of via air abrasion. I didn't even need numbing. I go to the dentist every 6 months now.


Bluetooth Itself Needs Advancement


My biggest thing I want advanced is our monitors on ambulance. Doing a chest pain call you have ten wires for the ECG, a blood pressure cuff, spO2 monitor and maybe a capno. It's a hell of a wire mess that gets caught and rips off the sensors and it's super frustrating. Make them all Bluetooth! If my furnace filter can alert me that it's at 75% capacity I'm sure we can fix this.


I can actually answer this one. I'm a final year Medical Engineer student.

Short answer: All those wires are sadly needed. Bluetooth is a hell to work with. It is very sensitive to interference. I have worked with bluetooth medical equipment, but none of them worked well (lots of interference, unreliable readings, troubles with connecting ect). Wires will give a way more accurate and reliable value/reading. Especially with an ECG, which is already with wire sensitive to the smallest changes .



Some kind of film/treatment on windshields that completely eliminates sun glare. there have been so many times where I've been momentarily blinded and had to let Jesus take the wheel and just hope for the best for a few seconds.

Also whipped cream caps that don't fall off if you even think in their direction. how is this still a problem??



Glow in the dark or light up lines on the road for when it is difficult to see in the rain at night.


I guess that technically they don't light up, but cat's eyes and markings with glass beads in them have been around for decades.


Planned Obsolescence 

Improving technology has actually probably been the cause of shorter battery life. These days smartphones are mini computers, and their processors are more powerful than any computer 10 years ago (probably even more recently than that, I'm just being conservative). A lot of that is due to the rapidly increasing amount of transistors we can fit in a given area. More transistors running means more power consumption, so despite the fact that battery technology has actually improved over the years, it has kept up with the rate the power consumption has increased to allow us to do all the cool shit we can do with our phones now. The reason old phone batteries lasted longer is not because those batteries were better, but because those phones didn't do shit.


Just Figure It Out, Tech

I drive for a living. GPS tech, including Google Maps and Waze, is amazing and works beautifully the majority of the time. But why in the HELL does it not know which way I'm facing when I take off? In a big truck, it is a MASSIVE pain in the ass when I don't know which way to turn when I take off because the GPS doesn't know which way I'm facing. Making a wrong turn in a big truck costs a lot of time and trouble, and sometimes causes very unsafe situations.


The Final Frontier


A cure for baldness. I can remember watching Captain Picard on 'Star Trek The Next Generation' back in the day and thinking "they haven't cured baldness hundreds of years in the future yet?!?"


"At a press conference about Star Trek: The Next Generation, a reporter asked Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry about casting Patrick Stewart, commenting that 'Surely by the 24th century, they would have found a cure for male pattern baldness.' Gene Roddenberry had the perfect response, 'No, by the 24th century, no one will care.'"


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