Considering how much money these films make, I understand that I am in the minority when I say that Marvel films have absolutely overstayed their welcome. What once seemed fairly innovative—the current generation of the MCU really took off when Iron Man proved to be a tremendous hit—now feels stale.

I accept it, though. These films are not for me and never have been. That's okay. But it'd be great if we could have more room for other great blockbuster films other than yet another superhero movie.

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor Ziggi28 asked the online community,

"What franchise has been milked to death?"

Teen Mom

"MTVs Teen Mom. Although they still act like teenagers, the moms are in their 30s."


Part of me thinks the only reason it's still on is because MTV knows several of the cast members have no other way to make money and they're waiting to see if any of the kids become teen parents.

All of Them

"A better question would be what franchise HASN'T been milked to death. Something like 9 out of 10 "blockbusters" these days are remakes/sequels/rehashes etc."


If we have to have nonstop remakes, I wish they’d at least make good remakes of bad movies/shows that had potential but were poorly executed for whatever reason, instead of mediocre at best remakes of classics.

It's a "No" for Netflix

"Certainly nothing netflix has created. Get hooked on a show with solid potential and bam....its canceled."


Netflix’s Dark Crystal amazingly resurrected a Jim Henson masterpiece, set up an entire world to explore, and cancelled it after one season.

So frustrating.


"Is the next Halloween really going to be the last one or no?"


Don't forget, guys: Evil dies tonight!

We'll repeat it 10,000 times just so you know for sure.

Friday the 13th

"When Jason started killing in Manhattan, possessing people’s bodies, and killing on a futuristic spaceship in outer space, I felt the Friday the 13th series was getting a bit ridiculous. Although Jason X wasn’t that bad."


Honestly, the franchise died with Jason X. The remake of the first—which actually combined the plots of the first four films—was actually pretty good but didn't go anywhere after that.

Ben 10

"Ben 10. I enjoyed the first 3 shows, 4th one is mixed for me, but that 5th show which is that reboot that came after was unnecessary and just shows that Cartoon Network is reliant on making money from toy sales rather than telling a good story from that reboot."


There were more than two? This is news to me.

The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead. I stopped watching when I found myself actively hoping the protagonists would be killed in gruesome ways."


I stopped after Beth died, didn't watch it for a long time, went back to it—though I started from the beginning—and gave up right when Glen was killed. It was exhausting and a meandering mess all in all.

Jurassic World

"I just got an ad for the Jurassic World: Dominion extended edition. Pretty sure nobody has been asking for more runtime of that movie."


That movie had no reason to be as long as it is and Laura Dern and Sam Neil are really slumming it.

90 Day Fiancé

"90 Day Fiancé."

"There must be like 20 spinoffs from that show, including Pillow Talk (which has former cast members commenting on episodes) and then a Pillow Talk for the Pillow Talk episodes. Not to mention the individual spin offs like The Family Chantel and Darcey & Stacey."


I can't believe this is still on. I must be dreaming.

Grey's Anatomy

"Grey's Anatomy. It’s so repetitive and just ridiculous now. I gave up in season 10, then tried again and caught up a few seasons but it’s just kind of relentless, ruins good characters and rapidly churns out new, forgettable ones."


This should is the definition of a soap opera. And to think it was once a big Emmy contender for a few years!

Admit it: You're so over these too, aren't you? We might as well be living in a time loop because some of these franchises keep coming back over... and over... and over...

Have some thoughts of your own? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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