The 2016 election left many families divided. For many people, the election, which saw business tycoon Donald Trump ascend to the nation's highest office, signaled a further decline of democratic ideals.

By 2020, as Trump embraced conspiracy theories about the integrity of the 2020 election—a development many analysts had predicted would happen years prior—those concerns metastisized.

And by January 6, 2021, the day a mob of Trump's supporters stormed the United States Capitol on the false premise the election had been stolen, many had reached their breaking point, including supporters of the ex-President. Oh, and we haven't even touched the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or the Trump administration's response (or lack thereof).

Trump is more than just a leader for a particular faction within the Republican Party. He is dogma. And after some Trump supporters decided to walk back their support, things got interesting.

People shared their stories with us after Redditor rickandtwocrows asked the online community,

"Former Trump supporters, what were your experiences when you stopped being a Trump supporter?"

"My entire family..."

"My entire family on both sides of my parents are unwavering Republicans. I’ve grown up under their influence and would repeat the things they told me to people at school and curse them for thinking anything different. In fact, if I dig deep enough into my closet I’ll be able to find my Trump socks and bright red hat to match."

"Since I moved out I started to experience the world firsthand instead of secondhand and realized that my previous views were a huge slap in the face to myself. It’s difficult to be around my family for long periods of time because no matter where we are, they make everything political and poke at me for thinking otherwise."

"Feel free to believe anything you want, but I hope more people open their eyes and see that our current situation benefits very few people."


I think it speaks a lot to your character that you were willing to reevaluate your views.

"My 17-year-old son..."

"I used to be a very conservative guy. My 17 year old son passed away in early 2020. The parents of my best friend who passed away 10 years prior showed up to our house to offer comfort. When I answered the door, she was wearing a button that said “Trump Chick” and he was wearing a camouflage hat with the word “Trump” across the front."

"Rather than a simple I’m sorry for your loss, they spent the next 30 minutes complaining about illegal immigration, abortion and homosexuals. Our friends, largely conservative Christians but generally good people spent more time preaching the gospel of Trump during that time than offering any comfort, not that should have felt obligated to."

"It was my very liberal cousins who showed up out of nowhere to help set up his service. I received more love from my gay boss, a few of my lesbian friends, and one of my co workers who may or may not be an undocumented immigrant than I did from my right wing friends and family."

"It was the teen trans couple who my son made friends with who offered me a hug and shared about the wonderful time they had with him. It was the experiences that moved me more to the middle and realize that the far right people in this country are bananas."

"My son was a Christian who truely loved everyone. He would’ve been repulsed by Trumps actions. I try to follow his example."


You have our condolences.

What has always astounded me about the Christian conservative right is how much time they spend focusing negatively on others.

"It all started in 2020."

"It all started in 2020. Started wearing a mask because of Covid. I didn’t want to die and wanted to keep my family safe. I also work around the public and my mom had just been diagnosed with cancer."

"I live in a very red state. So red that our governor held a day of prayer to rid our state of Covid. So going to the store and wearing a mask was like walking into a trap. People would try to ram me with their shopping carts, give me dirty looks, treat me like I’m second class because I have a mask on. So that started my journey into changing the way I thought."

"Once my mom passed I connected with family that I hadn’t been in contact with since childhood. Huge Trump supporters. January 6th happened and my world crumbled. How could any American stand behind these traitors? I decided at this time that I was done with the Republicans and changed my political party the very next day."

"Family that I connected with since my moms funeral deleted me off Facebook, family stopped inviting my family to birthday parties, lost friends, my life changed. But I do not regret my choice one bit."


People tried to ram you with their shopping carts... this is a mentality I can never understand.

"My views changed..."

"My views changed during the pandemic. More so during the 2020 election. After Biden won, many people that I know went on rants about vaccines and how Biden is somehow the supreme commander of gas prices. It hurts me to see that those I know are convinced Trump is a hero when he is very much the opposite."

January 6th was the last straw, and I was completely done with the conservatives. They have lost my respect. I feel ashamed for having called myself a conservative for so long, but at least I’m done with them now."


I still don’t understand why people believe one man is responsible for gas prices. Look at supply, demand and corporate. The economy needs more factors to work.

"I was an avid Trump supporter..."

"I was an avid Trump supporter all the way up until Jan 6th, it was like a switch in my head. Then after that I started to realize how bad of a person he is. I remember defending all the stupid/immoral/racist things he did because I thought he was going to save the U.S. God I felt so dumb after I came to my senses."


At least you came to your senses. That there are millions out there who back what happened on January 6 is terrifying.

"I realized..."

"I realized that “owning the libs” isn’t a valid political outlook. I really stopped supporting Trump, and later stopped being conservative once I started caring about actual issues like healthcare, and wages and stuff, not about crap like “forced diversity” or “cultural marxism” or “emasculation.""


"When he made fun..."

"When he made fun of captured war vets, that’s when it crossed the line for me personally."


You and a lot of other people. Don't mess with the veterans.

"Trump was one of the worst offenders..."

"I became a Christian and began like, actually reading the Bible. The more I became in touch with faith, the easier I could see Republican politicians parading the Bible around and using God’s name for their own gain without actually living by the Word."

"Trump was one of the worst offenders, and I wondered why I ever put any faith in him that could have been used to help the poor, the needy and the sick exactly as Jesus would."


What would Jesus do?

Answer: Not any of that.

"I expected Trump..."

"I expected Trump to lead the country in a productive manner in 2016. He led the country into chaos in 2020. Then when the Republican Party decided to back Trump after the January 6 Insurrection, I decided I'd never vote for another Republican cause again."


For many who believed he could lead the country after 2016, COVID-19 was a total wake-up call.

"It was equally mind blowing..."

"I mainly supported Trump way back in 2016 because I liked McCain, and figured they would have similar values. But it was quickly lost when he started disrespecting his advisors, especially disrespecting Mattis."

"As someone who was in the military I remember people loved Mattis and for his 44 years in the military to be discounted by someone with no military experience showed me that Trump was more about power than actually caring about the welfare of others."

"It was equally mind blowing seeing people suddenly switch and then denouncing the general I saw them praising literally months prior. For me that was an eye opener, and everything else just was icing on the sh*t cake."


My, how quickly people turned! Unsettling, isn't it?

Although Trump has not officially declared that he will run in 2024, he is very much the favorite to win the GOP nomination. How many followers will he have gained or lost by then? Only time will tell.

Have a story of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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