I'm sorry. They are such simple words. And in their simplicity, they can heal deep and burning wounds. To be bullied is to be hated. That's what it feels like in the soul. When I was in high school I was overweight and closeted, so of course, I was easy prey. They would call me names with such abandon and violence then they'd laugh like they were participating in a comedy show.

The worst day was when glass bottles were torpedoed at my head for sport. And to this day, not one apology. But I carry it. I often wonder if they (and they know who they are) wonder about me and the fact that they may have gone a bit overboard.

Redditor u/Ronnybeans was hoping all the people out there who know they did another human dirty are willing to sit and discuss when they realized they had some apologies to make. They asked... Former bullies of Reddit, when did you realize that you went too far?

Most bullies never have a problem permeating their ignorance and rage until it hits them close to home. This is why parents need to be brought into the conversation much sooner. No parent wants to raise a little sociopath that will bring shame to the family. And bullies sometimes need to see for themselves through the eyes of a loved one the damage they can cause.

Mama Said...

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When I bragged about it to my mother, and she hit me.


You're the dumb one...

Similar thing happened to me. I was complaining to my family about kids in my class who couldn't read and did an impression of their terrible reading, sounding out "the" with a stutter. I said they were dumb as rocks. I thought I was being funny, and my parents were like "that is actually really horrible, don't ever say crap like that again."


Sins of the past...

One day, after school, I was watching two bullies chasing their usual victim, and I had this weird moment of clarity. I could see everything that was about to happen, and that, if I moved to stand in a certain position, he'd have nowhere to run and they'd catch him. It was like some sort of weird pack instinct. So I cut him off, they caught him, and... I got this weird euphoric feeling. Didn't involve myself any further. Just walked away, felt like I was floating the whole way home.

And, when I got home, I was so stoked that I just excitedly spilled the whole thing to my mother. Turned out she was bullied at school. Thing is, I knew that. If I'd been thinking, I'd have known she'd be pissed, but I was just... Out of it. I was so damn pleased with myself that it didn't even occur to me that somebody might have a problem with what I did.



When I realized I was becoming my father whom I loathe. I realized that I was taking my pain out on the person closest to me to feel in control. When I realized people were leaving my life, that is when I began to make the changes through mostly therapy AND analyzing what I need to feel in control (a better financial situation in my case and discontinuing a relationship with my father). I feel great now and treat everyone as best I can with respect.


Just like the saying says... "it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt." And in these situations, someone will always be hurt. And a bully won't understand what they inflict until they themselves are inflicted.

"this girl"

I've said this story before but back in Secondary School, a group of us would bully this one kid anyways one day a we decided we would catfish him via MSN after a while he and "this girl" decided to meet up, it gets to that day and obviously we are waiting for him at the local cinema and as we are going down the escalator to the meeting point I spot him with some flowers and chocolate just waiting.

I have never felt so awful about anything in my life so I went and came clean to him about everything and apologised, spent the rest of the day talking to him and now about 20 years later he is one of my oldest and closest friends and I've not seen or heard from the other group since we left school.



He hit me with a surprise left.


I imagine that left your jaw hurting.


There are always specific people that will haunt us all, even those people who taunted and traumatized others. Everybody has a somebody that somehow left a mark on their person or their soul. It maybe the person you scorched the most or the one who brought karma full circle. Either way you can't out run an impact. The next group know this all too well.


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This is dumb, but watching Glee and relating too much to Santana. It would be like: "Wow, what a horrible person, how can she say... oh, I've said that... I've said and done WORSE than that. Damn."


For me it was kind of opposite. Watching Glee and relating too much to Rachel. That was more like "oh, so that's why everyone in school hated me."


I'm Awful

There was a friend of mine, we talk a lot on discord. Then one time he vented up to me and said that he was harassing one of his neighbors, stuff like blackmailing, and verbal bullying. He said that he was just having fun. After some time, he haven't seeing him around. He just got the news that his neighbor committed suicide.

The parent doesn't know why, it was only my friend who knows.

When I was talking to him that time, I was getting some red flags that he might also harm himself. I told him to go to a psychiatrist or some professional who can help. A year had past and he seemed like he have changed a lot.


A kid named Charles...

When I was in the 5th grade (mid 70's), I was an Army brat. A kid named Charles used to try to frequently beat me up. Once even kicked me in the nuts in Sunday school. One day, said he was gonna beat me up after school. I tried to hide, but he "escorted" me off school property.

Another kid named Herman bodily picked Charles up and said "Run aecarol1, I can't hold him long." I managed to evade him that day.

One day a few weeks later he came to my door and asked if I could come out. Very warily I did, but we just hung out. Things changed with him, but I have no idea what. We were never close, but he never bothered me again.

I suspect my dad spoke with his dad, but I'll never know as my dad passed more than 20 years ago. I hope he turned out okay. The fact he sought me out and we just hung out for a couple hours did a lot for me and restored a bit of my faith in the idea people can improve.

I will forever be grateful to Herman, he literally saved my butt that day.


The Bigger Fish

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Not me but in my old middle school when I was a seventh grader I had P.E. class which was all mixed up with boys from different grades.

So while we were in the locker room an 8th grader took a crap inside this 6th grader's backpack while he took a shower. I'm talking both clothes and school materials were in the backpack. Apparently the 6th grader had bullied the 8th grader's sister who was in 6th as well, so he did it for revenge. Many guys, including myself saw as he took the backpack to the bathroom to poop on it.

I thought the guy was just joking but minutes later sum kid comes out telling the coach that there is a backpack with poop in the bathroom. Poor Chap had to stand around in the towel for his mom to bring him new clothes and school materials. Ig the lesson here is for bullies, that there is always a Bigger Fish.


Be kind y'all. It literally costs absolutely nothing to smile politely at a stranger. Hold open a door for the elderly. Compliment someone who is struggling and trying. In the long run being a hateful, mean spirited blowhard costs your soul more than anything else. Everyone is just trying to survive, so help them.


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First up, what better people to hear ridiculous claims from than children? Here are some people that even teachers couldn’t help.

Well, that’s awkward.

I was in 5th grade like 20 years ago, and I am a male which is important later. My school changed an extra girls locker room into a computer lab. When my class got to go check it out, I say "wow, it looks so different!".

Everyone looks at me like I'm a creep. What I meant to say was "wow it looks so different that the boys locker room!" I still think about this when trying to fall asleep more often than I'm comfortable with.

Xeeke No it’s not.

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In my Spanish class where they were talking about Spanish countries

"What about Syria...isn't Syria Spanish?"

Worst part... NOBODY called her out on it to the point I was questioning myself. The professor had good English but it wasn't her first language and she dodged her question saying she's only going over countries in south america. I had to literally write myself a note that she literally asked that question. Then I got paired up with her like 10 minutes later for a group activity and I still wasn't over this question lol


Fake but also real but also demonic?

A kid in high school tried to convince me that men had an extra rib and that the earth is only a few thousand years old. Same kid said that ouija boards were full of magnets and gears which made them fake, yet they were simultaneously completely real and needed to be burned on sight to prevent demonic possession.


But sometimes it’s the parents of children who say the dumb stuff.

Back in 2014 I still vividly remember we were eating dinner, and my brother is chewing with his mouth open while my sister is talking. My dad, still thinking about her talking but talking to my brother said "Talk with your mouth closed." and my sister just went silent immediately.


Stupid can turn into ignorant really quickly. Here are a few examples of the not-so-harmless kind of dumb statements.​

Fun fact: they don’t use the US Constitution in New Zealand. Who knew?

angela rye guns GIF by Third Rail with OZY Giphy

After the church shooting in New Zealand, they banned guns. My coworker said that they can't do that since it violates the second amendment. We live in California.


Everyone knows New Zealand is the state below New Canada.


Uhhhhh that’s racist af.

Not to me but my husband.

He had to take an uber home from the Naval Base in San Diego (car was getting fixed) and the guy who picked my husband up was from Pakistan and they had small talk, telling him how he moved over here etc, dude was pretty cool.

My dumbass half sister whom we were staying with for a bit told him straight to his face, "Oh since you're military he probably wanted to like... murder you."

...What a f*cking ignorant, racist thing to say.


Just gonna leave this one here....

"And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside, because you see it gets in the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that out."


Well that’s a new one.

A trans friend got "You're registered as a man here, so I need to hear a male voice to complete the verification of your acount."

Not the first time the cable company pulled this 'female' account 'female' voice / 'male' account 'male' voice crap. But that one time was on a whole other level.


But most of the time, dumb statements are harmless, and make for a good story down the line.​

I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face either.

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A few questions I've heard come to mind, I'm not sure which is the best/worst.

A few years ago my mom, in her 60s at the time, asked me if chipmunks grow up to be squirrels. Have you ever tried to keep a straight face while explaining to the grown-ass woman who was responsible for keeping you alive for ~18 years that chipmunks and squirrels are different animals?

In high school during a Spanish class as student asked "Do Spanish-speaking people think in Spanish?" After being told yes, her follow-up question was "Are they born speaking Spanish?" The teacher kept a straight face explaining that foreign language speakers learn their language the same as the student learned English, but there were a lot of other students laughing and brutally mocking her.


Ah yes, the two types of guitars.

Dumbest thing I ever asked was, "do you prefer playing electric or air guitar?" I really meant to say acoustic, like my dad's.


Air guitar. I don't know how to play the acoustic or electric guitars, but I never get a wrong note on the air guitar.


Did you change your birthday?

At the bank.

Teller: Is your phone number still 123-4567?

Me: Yes

T: Is your address still 123 Easy st?

M: Yes

T: Is your birthday still 01/01/2000?

M: laughing I sure as hell hope so


I can't even make fun of these. One time I asked my husband where the Newport Ferry sailed to.

Newport, obviously.

I think we all have slip-ups in our brains sometimes. It's part of being human, and hey, they stay alive as inside jokes for generations to come