People Who Forgave A Cheating Partner Explain The Reason Why

People in relationships have, at one point or other, made a huge mistake that jeopardized their future together as a couple.

Some grievances like infidelity are so beyond the pale that it's not worth continuing the relationship based on the ole' "once a cheater, always a cheater" adage.

But depending on the situation, do untrustworthy significant others deserve a second chance?

Strangers online gave their take on the issue when Redditor ChildhoodPersonal225 asked:

"People who forgave their cheating partner, what was the reason you let it go?"

Forgiveness doesn't always lead to a favorable outcome.

Moving On

"I forgave my cheating partner, but it was also the reason we got divorced. You can forgive someone and still not want to be with them anymore."

– thunder2132


"I forgave her after leaving."

– Any-Comfortable5682

No Regrets

"Me too. I spent a year or two upset about it, because she was in a happy relationship with the guy she cheated with. I spent that time hoping that she would do the same to him, almost certain that she would. Figured the other shoe would drop eventually and I could watch with great satisfaction from afar."

"That day never came. They stayed in love, they got married, they’ve got two daughters now. From everything I’ve heard, they have a wonderful life together. And I’m really glad that they do. What she did hurt at the time, and it was sh**ty, but we were a couple of 21 year olds who thought a three year college relationship was going to last forever. She didn’t deserve to spend her life paying for one time that she harmed me, and I didn’t deserve to waste my days waiting for karma to come back around and ruin her life."

"She got married to him the same day that I moved into an awesome apartment in my local city to live out my 20s in the most fun way possible. In a way, it felt poetic. Because of what she did, she found the person she was meant to be with and I was given the opportunity to seize life in a way I hadn’t before that."

"I wouldn’t change a thing about what happened and I have no doubt that she wouldn’t either."

– TwoForHawat

Forgiving and trusting someone again is a risk many people, who are still in love, take.

Understanding Why

"Because I was trying to understand why it is she made that decision, and I wanted to try and make the marriage work. My mistake."


Repeat Offender

"It almost always happens again. Give someone an inch, they take a mile. Next time they'll get better at hiding it."

– Celestial-Adventures

Unhealthy Cycle

"Not me but a friend. He didn’t want to be single again and go through the dating process. So he forgave. She cheated couple of times more and he still forgave. Ended up married. I stopped keeping up with the story because it’s always the same cheating sh*t again."

– realbobbygli

Alone For The Right Reason

"I thought that if I left her then I'd be alone forever."

"3 years after leaving her and that turned out to not be true and I also learned that being single is much better than being in a sh**ty relationship."

– TheNameless00

Things Didn't Compute

"Because I couldn't do math."

"We were dating for two months, but things got serious pretty fast. Met each other's families - this was around the holidays - and were having the talks about where we saw things going. One weekend, I come down with a really bad flu. Couldn't move out of bed, and told her I could not see her, but would be happy to talk on the phone. She tells me, 'hey, if its all the same, do you mind if I pick up another shift at the "piano bar" waitressing and make some money for the night?' I tell her, sure, I'd rather rest and try to kick this bug, go for it."

"Three months later, we're sitting on my couch and she seems distant. She tells me we need to talk, starts crying and tells me she thinks she has an STD. She tells me the night she picked up that extra shift at the bar, she stayed until closing and fucked her married boss in his car. But - and here's the kicker - she tells me, 'you and I had only been on a couple of dates up to that point and weren't exclusive,' so it wasn't like she was cheating on me, in her mind. For some reason, I couldn't put the math together to figure out which weekend it was that she took that extra shift, so I dismissed it. It wasn't until months later that the math hit me like an epiphany and, by that time, we had developed so much more as a couple that I figured it was a one-off indiscretion. (PS: She didn't have an STD, she had a yeast infection.)"

"In the end, I called things off. She was a pretty terrible person in the end, and may have cheated on me at least two more times by the time things were over. I wasted three and a half years of my life with her, but I never married her or had kids with her, which would have been way worse."


The Fear Of Nothing Being Better Than The Alternative

"I was pregnant with my second child and terrified of doing it alone. I didn't think I was capable. I was also beaten down enough to feel like I'd never have anything better. Thankfully I wised up, it's been years now and I'm still single and may be that way for the rest of my days but it doesn't scare me like it did. I'm happy and that's all that really matters."

– Ambitious_Beat3549

Some people are suckers for emotional breakdowns.

Emotionally Influence

"I'm a sucker for crying. One year into our relationship she confessed in tears that she cheated on me two weeks into our relationship by having sex with her ex. I forgave her and was proud of her for being honest. Two months prior to our wedding and I find out she's been screwing her boss."

– gil_beard

Guilt-Ridden Husband

"My wife's first husband slept with a sex worker on a business trip to South Korea. He used to travel there several times a year, and it became a running joke with his co-workers that he never took part in the company-provided hook ups. So, he finally gave in on one trip, and felt utterly horrible about it."

"A lot of factors went into her forgiving him over this: He'd only been with my wife (since he was 17 an she was 15,) sexually, he felt absolutely horrible about it. What's amusing is that their two kids were very young, like 10 and 6, and my wife had a feeling that something was going on and had arranged for the kids to sing a little 'YAY! DAD'S HOME!' skit when he walked in the door..."

"They divorced about 10 years later for other reasons."

– dramboxf

Here's the thing about cheating.

Thrill Of Getting Away With It

"It is like an addiction issue. Junkies are junkies. The poison doesn't make a difference in behavior."

"Cheaters literally seek out all the time the thrill of flirting, secrecy, and yes, having power over someone else, knowing and doing something wrong and getting away with it."

"That is why most cheating couples just fizzle out when they get together after the original SO drops out. Having the poor sap / sappess getting duped is what kept them entertained, not the humping."

"Cheating doesn't just 'happen', people make it happen actively. That is why only rarely -if ever- a change actually occurs, because change doesn't happen unless the person wills it."

– gordito_delgado

Accidentally On Purpose

"My favorite is when people say 'it was an accident.'"

"You accidentally sent hundreds of texts, drove to their house, spent money on them and bounced up and down on them a few hundred times?"

"Yeah, sending a mixed signal is an accident not getting down with the whole act."

– musicalrssnroulette

It's Mind-Boggling

"It's still hard to wrap my head around how some people can be so emotionally unaware of what their actions do to others."

– MumrikDK

People deserve a second chance.

But based on the comments above, how do you know if the person you're trusting after they broke your heart aren't prone to making the same mistake again?

As they say, "fool me once..."

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