You thought the USA had weird conspiracy theories? Well buckle up, because it's about to get weird in here.

And that's because people are weird worldwide. The human race is varied, wildly, but the one constant across all of humanity is that we are weirdos who make up stories. And sometimes those stories are so out of left field that they merit an investigation.

u/Night-Sky-Rebel asked:

Non-Americans of Reddit, what do your country's conspiracy theorists believe?

Here are some of those conspiracies.

Ah, My Knee Fluid

Mexican here. Bringing you gems like:

  • Covid hospitals secretly kill you to extract your knee fluid, worth thousands per liter in the black market.
  • Infrared thermometers emit radiation that causes brain damage.
  • Oxymeters are used to steal your fingerprints and commit fraud.

Really stupid things compared to what is sadly not a conspiracy theory...


Oh America

Russia. All the problems in Russia come from the evil American (sometimes "world", but mostly American) goverment. All of them. At some point it got so ridiculous that people created a joke that Obama personally sh*ts in our elevators of apartment blocks every night. But when it's something stupid as anti-vaxxers that comes from the west, that's not the "evil government", that's "western people fighting for freedom from their evil government" so they are welcome.


Let's Just Sell This Part Of The Country

Aussie here.

When Victoria was in lockdown, there was a conspiracy where the state premier created the virus to put Victoria into lockdown so the lockdown would cripple Victoria's economy so it could be sold to China.


Ah, Bigfoot Gets Out Of Control Sometimes

Not widespread but a friend of mine here in Canada told me that national parks were created by the government to keep most of humanity out of Bigfoot territory. I think his logic was, they are not open for development now so we won't accidentally infringe on their land and start the Homosapien-Bigfoot civil war.


Sweden Raking In The Thoughts

A phenomenon found only in Sweden, some people are convinced they are allergic to electricity flying in the face of science. Nobody has been able to demonstrate that this allergy exists other than as a delusion.

During the 1980s, a Soviet submarine ran aground in the Stockholm archipelago. The Soviets claimed it just lost its way, but in Sweden this began the period of the "periscope sickness", where scores of people reported seeing submarines deep into the archipelago (similar to the UFO phenomena). In spite of the Swedish Navy being beefed up year after year, not a single Soviet submarine was captured or destroyed. It was later revealed that the navy had been dropping depth charges on wrecks on the ocean floor and had been chasing sonar contacts that turned out to be made by animals and schools of fish. Not even the US thinks there's anything to this obsession.

Also during the 80s, the prime minister of Sweden, Olof Palme, was murdered by an unknown assailant. The investigation went off the rails almost immediately, going after Swedish Kurds on the theory that the PKK was behind the prime minister's death. There were also various shady private investigators making fools of themselves. After the police gave up on the Kurdish trail, they arrested a junkie named Christer Petterson.

He was put on trial and found guilty, but on appeal he was found not guilty, mainly due to botched police procedures. In the meantime, another conspiracy theory started to take hold: Palme was assassinated by South Africa because of his support for the ANC, maybe by Swedish police officers. Much like the JFK conspiracy theories there's not much to this and it probably was Christer Petterson acting alone who did it. Doesn't stop a few stalwarts to keep looking for the murder weapon though, although by this point it is probably just a smear of rust on the bottom of some lake.

During the 1990s, a cruiseferry named Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea leading to the death of over 1000 people. Various colorful theories about the cause of the sinking has sprouted, I don't know too much about them, but I've heard some believe Estonia collided with a Swedish submarine or that the Ruskies bombed her because Sweden was smuggling stolen military equipment from the Baltic states on her.


Rewriting History

I used to own a Turkish restaurant with a Turkish born and raised chef; between him and some Turkish customers, I found out that pretty much everything I knew about world history, since WWII, was wrong, and that the CIA had actually been behind everything, up to and including the World Trade center attacks. And the Islamic stuff was a bit much: Neil Armstrong heard the voice of Allah on the moon, salt water and fresh water can't mix, etc.

This sounds like I'm piling on, so I'll add this caveat: great-GREAT- people. So generous and nice. And the food! OMG


Oh Here Are The Aliens!

Oh I got one! Hope it doesn't get buried. I'm from Mexico, and there is a state in the north called Tamaulipas. Its capital, Tampico, is next to the apptly named Sea of Tampico. There, several people FIRMLY believe that aliens live underwater and protect the city with their brain powers. Apparently there have been several hurricanes that have gotten really close to hitting Tampico but they always calm down before touching land.

So the only explanation is that aliens are happily living in the Sea of Tampico, chatting about how beautiful it is compared to maybe Cancun, the Mayan Riviera or Los Cabos, and saving the city from certain catastrophe with their powers. Ricardo O'Farril, a comedian, makes a funny point about this in one of his shows.


Q Is Everywhere

That 1080 poison used to control Aotearoa (New Zealand)'s hugely destructive invasive mammal population (bloody possums, stoats and cats) is actually being used to kill our native birds in order to keep making the Department of Conservation powerful and stop hunters from being able to hunt.

Utter nonsense. 1080 is a horrible poison, which I hate, but it's the only effective solution we have that doesn't do more harm than good. Most of our die hard greenies/conservationists start off despising it, but once the see the actual results, change their minds. Can't convince a lot of people, though.

That and all the usual imported Q nonsense.


The Royal Lie


I heard one where Princess Diana was killed because she discovered the royal family weren't human (some kind of lizard aliens) and was planning to expose it. Thats why she was dating that guy, because he was rich enough to protect her while she blew the whistle.


The Devil Went Down To Zambia

Here in Zambia, if you were poor and after a while you become rich they call you a satanist. They really believe the devil is real and most rich men sell their souls to the devil and become satanists. Effects of poverty and iliteracy.


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