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I admit that I am not a picky eater by any stretch of the imagination. I eat just about anything. I also consider myself pretty adventurous; when I travel, eating good food and trying the local cuisine is at the top of my list!

But even I would be hard-pressed to eat durian or even balut.

Would I say absolutely not? I'll have to get back to you after a trip to Southeast Asia. The jury's out for now.

People had very strong opinions on the food they want nothing to do with after Redditor KentuckyFriedEel asked the online community,

"What dish/food can f*** right off?"


"The edible KFC nail polish. Imagine you are spending the day touching public door handles and keyboards and stuff and then sucking your fingers for chicken paint."


This... this exists?

I'm so happy I've never actually run into this. I was doing just fine without this knowledge.

"Not sure..."

"Canned whole chickens. Not sure if anyone's seen those, but I want to vomit right now just thinking about it."


I can only think about how slimy it must be from all that congealed fat and it grosses me out.

"The poison..."

"Pufferfish. I mean, you need like 2 to 3 years of training to serve it and if you accidentally eat the wrong part it will kill you. The poison has no known antidote and 1 needle can kill 30 adult humans. Other than that, it's just a fish. There are thousands of fish all over the world, just eat a different one"


Yeah... I love seafood but I'll pass. I don't want to be that person. I'm good, thanks!

"For those who aren't familiar..."

"Gefilte fish. For those who aren't familiar, it's like a ball of fish guts packaged in a jar. It's a common food eaten during Pesach."


"No taste..."

"Shark fin soup. No taste, no nutritional value. Only to be had to show wealth/status in certain countries. Most importantly, it's really f***** up the shark populations."


Environmentalists have done some splendid work getting people to stop eating this––and imitation shark fin soup seems to be more available than the real thing.

"He allowed..."


God created the heavens and the earth, and everything in his creation.

He allowed Satan to create one thing... one at all, and Satan created the durian."


"It's sticky..."

"Natto/fermented soybeans. It's sticky and disgusting. It's like Death and Hell had a sticky baby."


"I'm sick of people..."

"Celery. Useless vegetable, no nutritional value at all and just tastes disgusting. I'm sick of people ruining perfectly good egg/potato salads and soups with freaking celery. It's just unnecessary."


Celery's only crime is how inoffensive it actually is. Does it deserve this hate? Probably not.

"I mean..."

"Liver. I mean... it's a filter. Why would anyone want to eat a filter?"


You can pry my liver out of my cold, dead hands. I'll have yours if you don't want it!

"I thought I hated..."

"Canned Spinach. I thought I hated spinach for half my life. Nope, I love it, just not that snot in a can. Why did you feed me that mother? Why?"


Okay, what I've learned today is... I could have done without the thought of canned whole chicken. My stomach wants to reject it and it's not even in my stomach. That should tell you something.

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us all about them in the comments below!

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