People Explain Which Foods They Continue To Hate Well Into Adulthood
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When we were children, there were certain foods that even the mention of made us gag more than a little bit.

Broccoli, anchovies, mushrooms, you name it!

But then, as adults, we might discover that these foods are not revolting as we remembered them to be.

In fact, we might discover that we actually like them.

But even after growing out of our picky eating habits, there are likely still some foods that we still try to avoid eating whenever possible.

Redditor ohwowwhatfun was curious to hear all the foods the Reddit community never developed a taste for, leading them to ask:

"Which food item do you continue to hate even as an adult?"

There's a limit to what part of the animal I will eat...

"When we were kids, my mom said we could each choose one main dish that we didn't like, and if she served that she'd make something else for us."

"Mine was liver, which was one of my dad's favorites."

"I thought it was so gross."

"Recently my wife said she wanted to try it, so we made some."

"Nope, still exactly as gross as I thought it was when I was 8."- Fleaslayer

There's a reason they don't offer it at Starbucks.


"AKA fermented horse milk."

"I mean - growing up in Kazakhstan, it was okay as a child, but I didn't take to it like the other kids and it just doesn't stack up to a good PB&J with the crusts cut off."- YouPeopleHaveNoSense

No cassoulet for me!

"Lima beans."

"Nasty little chalk pellets - NO, MOM, I’M NOT EATING THEM!!!"- OldBob10

Never trust blue, or 'bleu', food...

"Blue cheese once almost made me throw up from nearly the smell alone."

"I had it in a burger and the first bite I took i immediately lost my appetite."

"To top it off i had covid , I wasn’t supposed to taste or smell anything but blue cheese doesn’t seem to obey that rule ."- Noirrr_

It's crunchy, but not much else...


"I understand why it's important in soups and stuff, but god I hate it."- some-girl-online

Some people are literally born to hate it!

"Cilantro even tho it’s genetic."- AccomplishedWaltz802

They should be banned from all salads!


"Raw in a salad or baked with cheese."

"It's still an abomination."- Serge_Karamazov

People really eat this as a treat?

"Black Licorice flavor."

"How the hell does anyone under the age of 80 enjoy this hell spawn poison?"- Anjelikka

Who actually wants to eat a type of fungus?


"I'm fascinated by them but I won't eat them."

"Unless they're magic."- GhettoSauce

psilocybin mushrooms shrooms GIFGiphy

No vegetable should be purple...

"Eggplant."- Suitable_Brain7650

Everyone has their preferences, and no one should have to eat any food that they don't like.

And more than likely, when you're out with a group of people, there's bound to be someone who will gladly eat your side of mushrooms.

As long as you'll eat their lima beans...

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