People Confess The Food They Can't Buy Because They'll Eat The Whole Thing In One Sitting
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I cannot be trusted with chocolate marshmallow cookies.

I don't even like marshmallows, but something happens in my brain when I bite into it and I no longer have an ability to say no. It doesn't even matter what brand - could be Mallomars, or pinwheels, or whatever your local store brand is.

Doesn't matter, just put it in the freezer and walk away. It's best you forget about it, because you'll never see the box again.

Reddit user ts_13_ asked:

"What’s a food you can’t buy because you will literally eat the entire thing in one sitting?"

Never. See. The. Cookies. Again.

But I don't feel bad about it, cause I'm absolutely not the only one out here with self control issues. Here are Reddit's snack confessions.

Serving Size

Tortilla Chips GIF by Salsarita's Fresh Mexican GrillGiphy


"The larger size bags are a better value, but I almost always get a small bag. Why? Self-preservation."

"Regardless of how big the bag is, for me the serving size for chips is one bag."

- GrumpyCatStevens

"Same, can’t open a bag of chips/chip-like things (Doritos, Cheetos, etc.) without it being gone and me being full of shame."

"Crunchy, salty, and savory is a deadly combo for me."

- [Reddit]


"The routine is eat half the bag, lie to myself and save the other half for another day…an hour later eat the rest of the bag."

- Ill-Marionberry-9071

Literally Heaven

"Fresh warm French bread that just came out of the bakery"

- Original-Area-8739

"Dude fresh bread straight out the oven is literally heaven. I will eat an entire loaf, I’ve done it before and I'll do it again."

- ts_13_

"I bought a breadmaker at the beginning of the pandemic and man it is dangerous."

"The loaves aren't huge so you can just... eat one. Like a snack loaf."

- bartnet

Addictive Personalities

"Literally anything I slightly like"

"Yes, if I think 'damn these pickles are pretty good' there goes the whole jar PoP jut like that."

"Same with cookies, chips, anything."

- IReallyLiveCorn729

"This is me too."

"Not just cookies and chips and treats, but regular meals too. It's gotten to the point where I only cook bland things because if I make something that tastes good I'll want to eat 3 or 4 helpings that night."

- sedimentary-j

"Most snacks really. I don't have a sensible relationship with food."

- [Reddit]

The Brown Dragon

Happy Get Down GIF by ABC NetworkGiphy

"Cereal! Omg it’s bad. Specifically Cinnamon Toast Crunch (regular or the churro kind)"

- StreetNext5958

"Someone brought in popcorn at work the other day. All sorts of 'gourmet' versions. One was Cinnamon and Sugar."

"It tasted EXACTLY like Cinnamon Toast Crunch."

"I killed the whole bag. Now I'm shaking. I need more. I'm chasing the brown dragon."

- Element1977

"Omg here in Texas, HEB sells horchata-flavored Rice Krispies. First it was Cinnamon Toast Crunch then it was the it's these."

"Canela es vida"

- MephistoTheHater

A Fascination With The Frozen


"Not the fancy ones, that 3 dollar bag of 24 twin pops. Had my girlfriend come home and see the side table by the couch full of sticks and just shake her head in disappointment at me."

"It's a childhood addiction I'll never shake, I guess."

- kira7setsuna

"One day an old roommate bought a 48 box of ice cream sandwiches then went to the gym."

"By the time he got home I only managed to save him two."

- amplesamurai

"I like to eat all the colors and leave the grape ones , then eat the grape ones repeatedly until my entire mouth has frost bite."

"I've had to go to ER three times because of it and have given myself nerve damage."

- abitheshark

An Animal

"White cheddar popcorn... I turn into an animal"

- Legitimate_Duck6090

"Same. My sister has a video tucked away of me emptying a bag of white cheddar popcorn into my mouth at a stop light while driving. She made sure my husband saw it before we got married."

- Signal-Block-1797

"The amount of SmartFood family-sized bags that I have singlehandedly torn to shreds…"

- SnekBills

More Animals

Hungry John Krasinski GIF by The Animal Crackers MovieGiphy

"Circus Animal cookies with the pink and white frosting."

- FecusTPeekusberg

"If surveyed, I wouldn't even say I liked them and it never occurs to me to buy them. But if they're around, get out of my way!"

- LordPizzaParty

"Have you tried them frozen? Discovered it by accident when I was staying in a place with no AC, and haven’t looked back since"

- HalloIchBinToad

ADHD Obsessions

"Anything I like. I have ADHD and no self control"

- goyourownwayy

"I have ADHD and I obsess over food too! Will eat the same thing for days until I don't like it anymore."

- jellie_99

"The lack of self control is actually the worst."

"I binge food, alcohol, people, until I’ve f*cked up my body, my relationship, my job, or whatever else."

- PinealPunch

Hidden In The Toilet

"Peanut Butter."

"If it's in the house, it CALLS to me, and I am drawn to it like a Siren from Greek mythology."

"When my partner wants to have PB in the house, she literally has to hide it from me. And I've found it a few times, so she has to get REALLY CLEVER every time she gets a new container."

"Last time she hid it in the toilet tank, and I found it because I had to repair the flapper device and found it in there."

- whomp1970

"I found my people. Can’t have it in the house. I will throw it away to save myself from myself."

"Everyone close to me knows it too, cuz I’ll announce it."

"No, no, no, get it out. I won’t stop eating it until it’s gone."

- mach1130

Easter Emergencies

crab GIF by OriginalsGiphy

"I made myself sick on Easter because I ate what turned out to be 11 crab rangoons in one sitting."

"I'm lactose intolerant. They're full of cream cheese."

"Worth it."

- graccha

"I'm allergic to seafood and I am addicted to them. Luckily they're usually made with fake crab..."

- alexopaedia

Alright foodies, you're up.

Go ahead and confess your snack sins. You're clearly among friends here.

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