Fishermen Reveal The Weirdest Thing They've Seen Out At Sea


Oh the secrets of the water....

The ocean is vast, frightening, exotic, glorious place. The world is 70% ocean, we can only know but so much about it. So many secrets and forms of life lie beneath and await discovery. And only a handful of men and women have firsthand account of there is to know.

Redditor u/TheCrummyShoe wanted to hear what secrets the fishermen of the world have been keeping hush hush about by asking.... Fishermen or Deep sea divers of reddit, what is the creepiest thing you've seen while in the ocean?

Too Australia and beyond....


Whenever on sea, I always felt the silence was the worst but I have seen a great whites fin while on a fishing boat in Australia. Honestly probably is one of the scariest thing in my life I've ever seen in my life. Meanwhile the fisherman I was there with acted completely relaxed. Free-Journalist

The brutality of it all! 

Not a deep sea dive but I was diving and watching this enormous jelly fish effortlessly swimming along when a huge sea turtle came from behind and over me and ate the jelly's body in almost one gulp. Never even saw him until the open mouth devoured the jelly. The sea is brutal. TheFirstNard

So far below....

I was Salmon fishing in Alaska. The boat was maybe 14 feet from shore and I took a look at the depth finder and the water was over 1000 feet deep. I found that kind of unnerving. marshmallowserial

Grew up on the Yukon. I can't believe I used to have the guts to swim in it. There were countless times I could have been dragged down under by eddies.

My big brother threw me into the river once, I hit something and freaked out. I hope it was just some unsuspecting lush.. I hope. xTheReVerie

In the Equinox....


I was walking on a beach in the Pacific Northwest with a relative several years ago. It was during the equinox so the tide was way out and we went out maybe 150 yards looking at polychaetes and stuff. Eventually we figured the tide would be coming back in soon so we headed back toward the regular beach.

On the way we hit a patch where this little current had kicked up the sand so we couldn't see the bottom. Everything seemed fine until we were about a third of the way across and all of the sudden there just wasn't any ground under our feet anymore. It was so cloudy we hadn't been able to tell that there was a dropoff right there, and it was just empty water for maybe 8 feet. I just grabbed her shoulder and ran and somehow we made it to the other side. I still don't know how we made it. I can't even swim.

Never went out that far again, and always kept my feet where I could see them. YellNoSnow

Beneath the surface.... 


Watching a submarine go by underneath. It's absolutely eerie seeing something that massive making no sound or other disturbances, you wouldn't even know it was there if you weren't looking. GrandProduct

It's rude to stare.... 

Went scuba diving in Mexico once. Was following our instructor when all of a sudden, I peer out into the distance and see these glowing silver eyes. DAMN barracuda. I was horrified. The thing just stared back at me hovering in the water. DeSnared

In the Black....

Surfcasting at night. You have to crawl/swim out into the surf in pitch black. There really isn't anything to hurt you but the dark, the water, and your imagination make you absolutely convinced that the seaweed that brushed against you is some monster hunting you. nhlms81


My dad pulled the pilot out of an F-14 that he rode down into the ocean off Cornado (after ejecting his backseater), evidently when they went to grab him his hand de-gloved and it was generally gross as hell. All the skin popped off in one big soggy piece, like pulling off a glove. De-gloved is the term, don't google it unless you're up for some yuck.


Deadly Snails? 

Seeing my mother reach down into the water and pick up a Conus textile without knowing what it was. (It's the snail that shoots a neurotoxic dart to kill fish, and occasionally, people who pick it up.)

The snail didn't like being picked up. I saw it stick its tentacle out of the shell and start waving it around feeling for a target. Fortunately even at 14 I knew my natural history and screamed at her to throw it away, which she did. ThadisJones

Secrets in the Atlantic....



I'm in the Atlantic. Depth is about 30-50 feet with a lot of pocket reefs around. I swim away from a reef to see what is in that direction. Visibility is about 40 feet.

In front of me, at the surface, right at the edge of visibility, I see a massive body. What I can see is around 2-3 feet thick, and about 6-10 feet long. I can only see a body, I can't see a tail or head. It is a light silver with somewhat darker golden or brown stripes. It was only there for a second, it must have been turning to go the other direction and I only saw a part of its body.

I had never seen anything like that. I was curious and intrigued. I started to swim towards it to see what it was.

I got about 12 feet in that direction when a fright came through my body. It was a primal, undeniable feeling of absolute dread and horror. My body was telling me that whatever that thing was, I needed to get the hell out of the water as fast as I could. I stopped swimming towards it and immediately pivoted back to the boat. I swam on my back so I could keep looking behind me, in the direction that that thing had been.

I don't know what that thing was. But it was massive. It was a giant and I was a fly. Some part of my animal brain knew what it was. And it knew that it was a danger. AAAWorkAccount


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