Being a child is far from easy. It may look cool but it comes with many issues. We just never seem to be able to discuss those issues until we can process them with an adult mind; though sometimes having an adult mind can be overrated. Those first memories of when we learn life is a mess stay with us forever.

Redditor u/Cisqoe wanted to hear from the adults about what they can't stand out their youth by asking...

What was your first encounter with utter bullshit during your childhood?

Your Thoughts?


My mom would ask my opinion on things constantly. I would say it didn't matter to me, or whatever she thought was best, but she would force the issue until I finally answered. Then she would scream at me about how I didn't understand or I was an idiot or I never thought of her needs. I still panic a little when people ask for my opinion on something. themissingsister

Not the B-word. 

In second grade a friend said the b-word, and didn't realize that it was a curse word. I tried to explain to him it was a bad word and he shouldn't say it. The teacher heard me spell it (because I didn't want to say it out loud) during my explanation, wrote a note to my parents saying I used this word and sent me home for the day. RansackedFish

11 Years Ago.

This was back before classrooms were super tech savvy. One afternoon, the teacher was trying a new system and wanted the class to participate. She couldn't get it to work and called the tech support guy. Well, this took a long time. We were just sitting there quietly,'waiting impatiently and the time for recess came.

The teacher didn't let us go to recess because she couldn't figure out the computer program.'

This happened 11 years go and I am still angry. MarchKick


Turned in 2 papers in third grade that were not facing the right way. Got held in 10 minutes from recess because (they won't let you do that in college or in business)

Never had an issue with it in college. Worked a retail job with daily paperwork. They didn't care what the paper looked like as long as they could read it and as long as it was done. pherring

And. So.


Learning that you can start a sentence with 'and.' Despite, you know, me being fed that information since Year 3. gli1tch_unkn0wn

Eye Contact. 

Not the first but one that sticks out strongly in my mind: me laying in a hospital bed after an overdose when I was thirteen, and my mother and father were standing on opposite sides of the bed screaming and yelling at each other over me. I recall making eye contact with a nurse for a notable length of time. SupineEuphoric

Shut Up!

Being told I could not use the restroom in class. I was not a cut up and really had to go. It was dehumanizing. BellatrixLenormal

I had this issue with teachers several times in my childhood. I eventually learned to just get up and leave without asking. Most of the time they didn't notice or didn't want to interrupt their lecture to protest.

Any time that they had a problem with it, I simply threatened to pee on the floor right there in front of them. Usually got them to shut up, and then I'd leave. LegoStax

Thanks Mom.


My mom: informs everyone dinner is ready by yelling from the bottom of the stairs and expects me to hear her despite my room being on the other side of the house, my door being closed, and my TV being on.

Also my mom: "Don't yell from the top of the stairs, you need to ask me in person or else I can't hear you. I'm not made of ears you know." odWorkLetsReddit

 Forget you Ms. Smith.

In first grade getting my yellow card flipped to red while I was in the bathroom. The teacher flipped everyone in the class one card while I was away because I guess she had it with us. Forget you Ms. Smith. saucecat2

My buddy busted a window at his house. I was completely innocent and didn't do anything to help. Yet his mother told my parents it was my fault, so that my dad would pay to fix it.

Of course, I got grounded and had to pay dad back (it would be justified if I actually broke the window). I lost a whole summer, unable to go hang out with friends or do anything fun, all because that woman was a cheapskate.

I'm not friends with him anymore. But I did get to see his mom later on. She was the kind of person who would wear clothes once and return them. So I knew what she was doing. I told her we couldn't accept the returns because she washed the receipt and I couldn't verify it was legitimate (even though I could). So I screwed her out of money too. I'm a terrible person for doing it, but she was a nasty. DM-Hollens-117

It's Not Me....


My little sister pushed me down the stairs and I got in trouble for "antagonizing" her. "She wouldn't do that for no reason." You did not know your daughter mom and dad. To my knowledge it was for no reason it was the morning so I hadn't even gotten the chance to piss her off. Also it wasn't the first time she had done it just the first time my parents got involved. frankenstein_73


I remember this one girl in elementary school who had some demented pleasure in getting me in trouble. One of the lunch items we would get (trust me, this is important) was a chicken patty. Sometimes we got it with hamburger buns, while other times we got it with a roll. Every time I got it with a roll, I would use my fork to cut through it and make my own hamburger buns to eat the chicken patty with.

One day, when I was doing this, this fool snitches on me for it. There aren't even any rules on playing with your food! Luckily, the staff she told had common sense, and explained to her that innovation wasn't illegal. After reading some responses to this question, it doesn't seem too far-fetched for me to get in trouble for that. Luckily, my school had nice teachers and staff. IlluminachoXD

My reward was a hug.

In preschool, my mom gave me a book of math problems and said if I got them all done by the end of the day, I'd get a reward. I did the crap out of those math problems.

My reward was a hug. I felt like Patrick from the Valentine's episode of SpongeBob.

EDIT: I feel I should clarify my mom and I love each other very much, it's just when you're 5 and you hear the word "reward", you tend to have high expectations. kemosabi4

Being 9....

My mom finding a cigarette in the backyard, accusing me of having stolen a friend's mom's cigarettes to secretly smoke there and grounding me for it despite me not having done any such thing. I was like 9 at that time. Avocado_3492

Boxed Right.


When I was in kindergarten we had to that thing where you had a grid of boxes, and in each box was a word. You would have to cut out each box individually, then arrange the words in some order. After a few months of cutting out each box like we had been shown, I figured that cutting out the rows and putting them on top of each other so the boxes lined up, and cutting them out like that, would take a lot less time. My teacher saw me do this. I had to stay in at recess to cut them out the 'right' way. awoodchuckcanchuck2

"watch the rectory"

Was asked to "watch the rectory" on Friday nights so the priests could have a night off. I was 12 years old. My job basically was to accept food that was brought by parishioners for the priests and find a place for it in their jammed packed double glass door refrigerator that was as wide as two refrigerators (there were 4 priests at our tiny parish). I accepted fully cooked roasts, hams, casseroles and cakes. I was told NOT to eat anything!

A few months later I was made to clean the convent with a couple of the nuns as a punishment for talking too much in class (there were 23 nuns who lived on site and taught school). Their kitchen had a tiny refrigerator and when it was lunch time they opened a cupboard of expired canned goods. We had very old tomato soup for lunch with stale bread and milk made from powder. I asked them if they knew about the food over at the rectory and they said no.... femsci-nerd

Too Slow?

I was around 7-8. It was sports day in my school and i participated in pass the baton. I was enjoying myself and trying my hardest, but at the end of it my class teacher told my mum (in front of me) that i was too slow. Not sure why i took it to heart but i just felt disappointed and it made me lose confidence in sports. emptydumpling

so I started running again.

I was bullied a lot in elementary school. To be fair, I was a pretty easy target for the bullying, r/RoastMe would have a melt down not knowing where to start. So every day at lunch and recess I would get chased and harassed by 4 other boys. One day the teacher assigned to keep order on the playground grabbed me and told me to quit running. But of course, as soon as I did the 4 boys began pushing and taunting me... so I started running again.

Next thing I know the teacher grabs me by the arm and starts to paddle me (teachers could do that back then). She missed my butt and caught me in the back again, so I cussed at her. She sent me to the principle's office, and when I told him what had happened he just shook his head, then had me stand up to take 3 licks from his paddle. Fifth grade is when I learned the world was utter bull. billified

Teacher Yells....


When our teacher would yell at us if we asked to go to the bathroom at the beginning of class because we should've gone earlier, and then yell at us if we asked to go in the middle of class because we were interrupting, and then yell at us if we wanted to go at the end because we were trying to ditch since the class was almost over. eylc2

I was 12.

The first time I was followed by a couple of guys in a car. I was 12.

I ran to the nearest house for help. And I asked them if we should call the police.. and they said no. Looking back, I think they were wrong.

Edit: This happened in rural Illinois. Billie_needs_a_Mop